10 Questions That Can Determine The Fate Of Your Relationship


Being in love is an amazing feeling that takes you to the top of the world. The world suddenly seems more beautiful and there are more reasons to smile. However, there are fears and apprehensions at the back of your mind even if you are into the most perfect-looking relationship. The biggest one is whether your bond will stand the tests of time and last for life. Probably, you would want it to if you have found your soulmate in your partner.

But there is no guarantee that even the best things in life will last forever. So you need to be realistic in your relationship and clearly know what to expect from them. You can ask some questions to evaluate it and determine whether it is likely to last or not. Here are the major relationship questions that can help you in understanding its fate and preparing for what lies ahead.

Does your Significant Other make you a better person?

A true relationship is one that brings out the best in you. Your SO can help you to understand the shortcomings you have without being critical and suggest all that can be done to overcome If you want to assess the value of your bond with your partner, ask if they make you a better person.

How comfortable are you with your partner?

Comfort is the most significant aspect of a lasting relationship with a person. If you feel that you share an immense comfort level with them, can share your deepest feelings and rely on each other, this is probably going to last for a lifetime.

Do you accept each other the way you are?

True soulmates are able to accept each other as they are, with their shortcomings, oddities and eccentricities. Yes, you may try to change each other for better but acceptance is the measure of lasting love and understanding.

Are you able to communicate effectively? 

Effective communication is the mainstay of a healthy and successful relationship. If you are able to speak up your feelings without the fear of losing what you have, it is an indication that you have one that will grow only stronger with time.

Does “we” matter more than “I”?

The relationship between two people is strong and lasting if they think and act as a team rather than two different people. Ask whether “we” matters more than “I” with the other person; if the answer is yes, this person is there to stay.

Do you really trust each other?

A relationship needs to be founded on trust for being a lasting one. If you feel that there are no secrets between you and your partner, love will come naturally and stay forever too. However, if you need to think twice about their fidelity, the fate of your relationship is probably doomed.

Are the two of you equal in relationship?

True relationships are based on equality and the ones in which one partner tries to control the other are neither healthy and nor likely to survive. Both of you should be equal and take decisions jointly to be together.

Are you physically and emotionally compatible?

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is compatibility, physical and emotional. Evaluate the compatibility that you have with the other on all levels because being physically attracted to each other keeps the spark alive. At the same time, someone who is a true friend makes a great lover as well.

Do you share the same values?

Couples that share the same values and come from similar backgrounds are more likely to be in steadfast relationships. Consider your perspectives related to marriage, parenting, religion and more. Of course, opposites do attract but attraction may not last forever while bonding stays for a lifetime.

How much time and effort are you willing to invest?

Another question that determines the fate of your relationship is about the time and effort that you are willing to invest into it. Whether you would want to change and make sacrifices for the other says a lot about how deeply you feel for them.

While asking these questions can be a good way to evaluate relationships, you can also seek divine guidance to know more about their fate. For instance, horoscopes and tarot cards can tell you a lot. Finding answers to these questions can be life changing as they help you to understand whether a relationship is truly worth putting your time and efforts. It can also save you the pain and distress of failed relationships.