3 Classic Items Every Man Should Have in His Closet


As men continue to become more fashion-conscious, the rules regarding basic wardrobe necessities continue to evolve as well. Certain pieces of fashion are timeless and help to enhance any outfit. If you are a man who is looking to improve his wardrobe, or if you are a woman trying to improve a man’s wardrobe, here are three classic items that every man should have in his closet.

A Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is both a fashionable accessory and a useful item. Messenger bags are usually made of leather and come in various darker colors, which makes them perfect with any type of outfit. The only thing that you need to take into consideration is that messenger bags match formal outfits better. They won’t work as well if you try to match them with more casual outfits.

Plenty of amazing messenger bags on the market will suit your needs. If you plan to use your messenger bag more for looks than for carrying around things, try to find a bag that is smaller and won’t be a pain to carry. If you’re looking for a messenger bag that you’ll use daily, look for one that is durable and will hold all of the things you tote around.

If you’re looking for some direction with finding a messenger bag that is right for you, start with a Fossil messenger bag.

A Watch

Watches will always be among the best accessories for almost any outfit. No matter what type of attire you are wearing, you can find a watch that will match it. Much like the messenger bag, the watch is also a useful piece of equipment wherever you go, provided that it’s made for reading time and not just for aesthetics.

When you begin looking to purchase a watch, make sure that you stick with neutral colors on the face of the watch and on the band. Although watches with large amounts of gold and crystals can be impressive, these types of watches might not match everything in your wardrobe. With watches, you don’t need to take too many things into consideration. As long as it works well and looks nice with your outfits, you will have no problem.

A Pair of Sneakers

Sneakers are great footwear because you can use them in almost any situation. You can jog in them, you can wear them with casual outfits, and now people are starting to wear them with more formal wear. You need to consider two things when you are looking for sneakers. The first thing is support. Some sneakers are made solely for fashion while others have comfort and support in mind. If you have foot issues, you should look into sneakers with added support. The second thing is style. Some sneakers are designed to work with formal wear while others are obviously made for casual wear. Keep an eye out for this.

Sneakers are sold in a wide range of styles, and you could spend days looking through all of the sneakers that you might like. If you need some guidance with finding the right pair with a high-end stylistic flair, take a look at the sneakers at Reign.

Use these key components to go out and build a wardrobe that will make you look timeless forever.