5 reason the scientist wants you to reconsider before taking Probiotics


Once upon a time, we used to be scared of bacteria. Then a time came when we started to use probiotics for better gut health. At some point, we all believed probiotics are all good for us. But some new research says that there can be some serious side effects of probiotics in our body. So here is some important reason you might want to reconsider while you decide to take probiotics.

Bacterial overgrowth

Our main aim of taking probiotics is to let good bacteria stay in our body and kill the bad ones. We hope that those will kill harmful bacteria and yeast and this will ensure the right balance in the atmosphere. But the problem arises when there is a risk of bacterial overgrowth in our small intestine. As too much of a good thing is a bad thing, you should reconsider taking probiotics.

If you see bloating, diarrhea or constipation often in your stomach even after waking up with a normal belly, then this might be a sign of bacterial overgrowth. By all these symptoms, your body is giving you warning about probiotics that it does not like it.

Confusion or difficulty in concentrating

There are patients with having gas, bloating or other symptoms of having bacterial overgrowth complains about a difficulty in concentrating. They have large colonies of bacteria living in their guts. Their intestine produces a high level of D-lactic acids by fermenting sugar in their food. D-lactic acid is toxic for our brain cells, and this causes confusion or problem in concentration.

As your small bowel is filled with a big colony of bacteria and producing d-lactic acidosis environment, it causes the brain fogginess. Doctors have given the warning about probiotics to the patients like this to reconsider taking probiotics.

Risk of breeding in other organs

Probiotic pills consist of a lot of bacteria which will go to your colon. And then it is supposed to do all the right things we usually hear. Probiotics are bacteria that work to kill harmful bacteria and make an acidic environment that harmful bacteria do not like.

But there is a chance that these bacteria can somehow end up in your bowels or other organs. It should work in the only colon, not in your stomach or small intestine. If they start breeding there and make a colony, then there can be a fatal problem. The consequence of this situation is serious.

Causes health problems to people with short bowels

There are several pieces of research on probiotics. If you are someone with a short bowel, then you should not dare to try it without a doctor’s supervision. The small intestine already does not function properly for this kind of people. You will get a severe problem of gas or brain fogginess if you are someone with smaller bowel. You better try natural probiotics like yogurt, kombucha or any naturally fermented food.

Risk of having parasites

There was a study once which was done to mice. The study says that the mice who had probiotics had more parasites in their body than the others. The study was published in a journal called Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

The study also claimed that probiotics made those mice’s intestine resilient to infection. They had a more severe intestine infection than the other mice who did not take probiotics.


If you have consumed a lot of probiotics before reading this, do not panic. If you seem all the symptoms of having gas, bloating or all then talk to the doctor. Most of the times you can have a smooth recovery. Try to learn more about probiotic-rich foods like kimchi, yogurt or any other kinds of fermented food. Those are tasty and beneficial more than the probiotic supplements.