A Beauty Pillow: Woman’s Best Friend


Skin care is one of the primary beauty concerns for most women.  After our children, our face receives more love and attention than anything else.  Why?  Our face is the first thing people see.  And naturally, we want our first impression to be a good one.

While we might give all we’ve got to our face, our skin doesn’t always reciprocate the love.  Most of us are tortured with unsightly, difficult-to-combat plights – like acne and wrinkles.  So what is a girl to do?!

Invest in a Beauty Pillow

If you truly want to get to the bottom of wrinkles and acne, you must invest in a beauty pillow.  This anti-acne, anti-wrinkle product is an all-natural solution to two of life’s most confusing skin ailments.

You can toss out all your potentially toxic creams.  You can ditch the harsh medicines.  You can stop all those ineffective treatments.  For less than the cost of a month’s supply of goop, you can have yourself a long-lasting, effective acne and wrinkle treatment.

What is a Beauty Pillow?!

A beauty pillow – sometimes referred to as an acne pillow or wrinkle pillow – is a unique solution to a hidden problem.  Few people know that a traditional pillow is a bad thing when it comes to the health of our skin.

Doctors recommend people sleep on their back at night.  This is the safest position for the face.  Sleeping on your side or stomach causes harmful pressure on the skin.  For several hours each night, you grind your face into your pillow.  This does two things.

  • It further aggravates the irritation and breakouts happening on the surface of your skin.  It also spreads the bacteria on your face and increases the likelihood of future outbreaks.
  • It damages the underlying tissues of the skin, which can be irreversible.  It also creates sleep lines – wrinkles that become etched into the skin and don’t disappear once you’re awake – on the surface.

It is all fine and good that doctors say to sleep on our backs.  However, it’s easier said than done!  We might start on our backs when we go to bed, but where do we wake up in the morning?!

A beauty pillow helps keep the head stationary while sleeping.  It comfortably keeps the body in the safe zone while blissfully slumbering.

Perhaps one of the best things about a beauty pillow is the quick results.  You don’t have to wait months for your acne medication or your wrinkle cream to kick in.  With a pillow that saves your face, you’ll see almost instant results.  Additionally, the beauty pillow helps reverse the previous damage you’ve inflicted on your skin.

Where Do I Get One?!

There are several different beauty pillows on the market.  Some are more effective than others.  When purchasing an anti-wrinkle pillow or a pillow to treat acne naturally, make sure you find a model that protects all the facial skin.  Also, look for a pillow that is hypoallergenic and uses natural, organic materials.  Some brands even offer a money back guarantee!

If you are ready to ditch your ineffective acne treatments and costly wrinkle creams, you need to consider a beauty pillow.  It can help save your face before it is too late!

Guest author Eva Garcia is a fashion and beauty writer.  She recently invested in one of these save my face pillows from MyFacePillow.  She instantly became a huge fan and happily shares her opinions on the product with anyone who will listen!  She truly believes this product saved her face from unnecessary wrinkles and has virtually eliminated her acne.