Are Fashion Favourite Shoes Causing your Foot Pain


Do you suffer from foot pain? If you do, it is likely that the shoes you wear could be the main culprit for this pain. Our feet carry our weight, and they can be subjected to plenty of pressure with every step we take. Wearing uncomfortable footwear or even shoes that aren’t the correct size for your feet can cause a number of different foot complaints. Here are just a few common foot health conditions caused by uncomfortable or poorly fitting footwear, and what you can do to remedy these conditions…

Plantar Fasciitis  
Generally dismissed as mere foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot complaint that can be worsened through wearing unsupportive shoes such as ballet shoes and flip flops. When the arch of the foot is not supported, the Plantar Fascia (the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot) becomes inflamed and there is a sharp pain when you walk, run or even place pressure on the foot. If you are experiencing pain in the arch of your foot, it is advisable to choose footwear that features innovative Vionic Foot Motion Technology (FMT). The benefits of using Vionic FMT is that the shoes follow a biomechanical design to ensure targeted support to the arch, reducing and treating the pain of Plantar Fasciitis.

Achilles Tendonitis  
Unsupportive shoes as well as stiletto heels can cause foot issues such as Achilles Tendonitis. A sharp pain felt at the back of the foot, Achilles Tendonitis is irritated after wearing stiletto heels all day and then taking them off – this causes increased stretching of the Achilles tendon. Orthaheel technology in shoes such as Vionic footwear can assist with reducing tension and supporting the heel area. Cushioning gel inserts are also advised to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.

Although the cause of bunions is not very clear, many podiatrists advise that stiletto heels can play a part in whether your feet develop bunions or not. The tight and restricted fit of stilettos can see an increase of pressure on the forefront of the foot, causing the big toe to move towards the other toes – this can then, over time, create a bunion on the side of the foot. As bunions cause your foot to become wider, it is best to choose wide fit shoes. It is also of great importance that you make sure that your shoes are the correct size as wearing tight shoes can intensify the condition.

Caused by rubbing and friction of the foot against your shoes or socks, blisters are very uncomfortable. They can be caused by tight fitting shoes, while runners can also find that running shoes that are too small can also cause blisters. Treating blisters can be easily done, primarily through removing the source of the problem such as tight shoes – correct fitting shoes and using blister patches can help to speed up the treatment of blisters.