Are the Eyes the Window to Your Soul


Despite the fact that we are sensory creatures and have a myriad of other senses as recently confirmed by science, vision remains perhaps our key human sense. In so many ways, we are visual creatures. One of our closest animal companions, the humble dog, has olfactory and auditory senses that are hundreds of times more powerful than our own and yet a dog’s own sense of vision is rather poor by contrast to our own as human beings. The dog’s world may be one of pungent scents and noises that are imperceptible to us but the human world is rich in colour, tone, contrast, and luminance.

Why Are Our Eyes So Important?

Apart from the fact that our eyes allow us to see the world in all of its visual glory, they are also one of the most intensely beautiful parts of our body. Just ask yourself this question: when you are talking to someone, what is your primary focus? Most people would say that they focus directly on the eye!

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to our soul; in many ways, they really are. We look into them when we are in love with a partner, we focus on them when we are listening to someone, and we try to read them as if they can tell us something about how another person is feeling.

Really, every single one of us is truly alone with our own thoughts and feelings in this world. We may be able to experience the world through our different senses but our experiences are truly our own. No one else is in our minds and no one else can know how we experience the world. Yet, despite this sobering and rather lonely human reality, the eyes present us with an opportunity to speak to one another, read one another, and peer into the heart and soul of another living being.

Our Eyes through History

Throughout all of human history, the eyes have been accentuated in some way. The ancient Egyptians understood the power of the eye and used it prominently in their artwork. They also understood that accentuating the eye through the use of their own forms of makeup would grant certain social status.

Ranging from red and violet to green and almost black, the human eye continues to hold our interest and attention. Companies such as Hypnotica continue the long tradition of accentuating the human eye through the use of accessories such as mink eyelash extensions. Just as the ancient Egyptians did, businesses such as this understand the importance of the human eye to our relationships, our careers, and the way we feel about ourselves.

While eye accessories such as this don’t allow us to see the world differently, they do make us feel differently about ourselves in the world. They draw attention, accentuate our beauty, and form something of a social magnet. Most of all, eye accessories such as this remind us of just how important and how powerful the human eye is!