Are You Tired of Your Curly or Frizzy Hair


If you are tired of looking at your out-of-control curly or frizzy hair, you can find a solution through straightening or relaxing your hair. Today, salons feature a keratin treatment that relaxes curls as well as de-frizzes the hair. Keratin is advised for hair straightening, as it makes the hair easier to work with and therefore more manageable.

Maintaining Your New Look

When you have a keratin relaxer applied at a salon, it lasts for approximately four to six months. It just depends on how you normally take care of your hair. For example, if you shampoo your hair often, the treatment will last for a shorter duration than if you only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. In order to extend the length of a keratin treatment, a special shampoo is recommended: one that is free of sulphates and sodium chloride.

If you currently use a flat iron to straighten your curly hair, a keratin treatment will enhance your hair’s health. Once you achieve the straight and smooth look you have always wanted, you do not have to resort to heat treatments any more.

You may want to know more about the permanent hair straightening in Perth cost. Because this type of treatment lasts a long time, the treatment will cost somewhere in the range of several hundred dollars. However, you can always make payments for the service and have the expense paid off by the time you need a new treatment.

Using a Chemical Relaxer

If you are sick of your frizzy or curly hair, you cannot afford to bypass this type of salon service. In addition to keratin, hair can be also straightened by a chemical relaxer. A relaxer breaks bonds in the hair, thereby modifying the shape of the stands so that your hair is smoother and shinier. However, when this method is used, you still need to support the process by blow drying or ironing the hair.

Using a chemical relaxer is advised for people whose curly hair is untamed or hard to control. Once this type of relaxer is used, you can expect the results to last about six months before a touchup is needed. At that time, the chemical will be applied to the roots to smooth out the hair and maintain its manageability.

In order to find out more about straightening or relaxing, you can conveniently book an appointment and consultation online. In order to book an appointment for a specific service, choose the category first. For instance, if you are interested in straightening, you would select that category. If you want to schedule a perm, you would make that selection. If you choose straightening, a service, such as “consultation,” will appear. Therefore, you can improve the looks of your wild and curly hair. Start by booking an appointment today.