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Three Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Winter

Winter is now well and truly underway and so dressing for warmth has become a definite necessity. But dressing warmly for the winter while still looking cute and fashionable is sometimes a daunting task, with many of us feeling like we’ve managed to resemble a marshmallow instead. We love these tips on looking stylish in winter from Just The Design, but another thing we come back to year after year is faux fur.

Faux fur lends itself perfectly to the cold winter months, as it can help to keep us nice and snuggly and warm, makes a statement in the fashion department, while also being ethical and kind to animals. Faux fur itself dates back to the early 20th century, and thankfully these days this tactile fabric is popular all over the world. You can read more about the history of faux fur here!

We’ve put together this post to show you how you can go about adding faux fur into your wardrobe for this winter if it’s something you’ve not dabbled with before in years gone by, or a couple of different ways you can wear it, should you wish to give your wardrobe an update this year.

The faux fur coat

This one is a classic, and most definitely something of a fashion statement. The faithful faux fur jacket has been around for a very long time and is a staple in the wardrobe of anyone who loves to be super snuggly and warm for the winter.

These days there isn’t much of a limit when it comes to the colours and styles available, and you can bag yourself anything from a bright pink crop to a faux leopard coat that reaches your ankles. There’s something to suit every individual’s personal style when it comes to the faux fur jacket!

Faux fur headband

If you’re looking to incorporate faux fur into your outfits in a more minimal way, then a faux fur headband is a perfect solution. Keep your ears warm and rock the faux fur trend in a way that is both stylish and extremely practical.


For something completely different, why not opt for faux fur accents? You can achieve this by opting for faux fur accessories, such as a faux fur bag, or even garments that incorporate faux fur in an original way.

We absolutely love this faux fur detail jumper dress from Missy Empire, as it’s just such a unique way to incorporate faux fur into a look, and it just looks like the most comfortable thing to wear in the world but without being boring!

You could also look out for items of clothing with a faux fur trim, such as dresses and footwear! Or simply carry around a faux fur pom pom key ring if you want to go for super subtle.

We hope this has given you a couple of ideas of how you can wear faux fur this winter and incorporate it into your own wardrobe in a way that suits your own personal style!

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What Are the Most Popular Types of Indian Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is a must to complete the look of an Indian bride. The right selection of the jewellery will not just improve the beauty of the wearer, but also matches to her bridal costume. Before picking your bridal jewellery, you must learn about them in advance. With better preparation, you can choose the right ornaments for your wedding day that will make you shine throughout your ceremony.


Kundan is the most important form of gold jewellery. It is a very expensive jewellery that is available in 24 carat gold. Semi-precious and precious types of stones and gems are both used in giving you a stunning look.

This is one of the jewellery items that must be worn on your grand occasion. Wearing this mesmerizing jewellery, is surely going to make you feel royal on your BIG day.


Jadau is one of the different diamond jewellery designs that is very popular among people in Gujrat and Rajasthan. Besides diamond, you can also find different types of other gems such as sapphire, pearl, ruby, emerald, etc. embedded in the melted form of gold. Meenakari work at the back side makes it look even more gorgeous and appealing.


If you are a lover of colourful and bright jewellery, then you are definitely going to love meenakari jewellery. This kind of enamelled jewellery became popular in Rajasthan before being introduced to the world. With passing time, it gained reputation and popularity all across the world.

In this type of jewellery piece, valuable stones are embedded first before enamelling them using heatproof colours such as red, blue, yellow, green and white. This jewellery is present in the designs of peacock, fish, flower, or paisley on its sides.


Gold is a very common and less expensive than diamond ornaments. This is the second most important choice for several would be brides. Gold is considered to be favourable for divine reasons as well. It is considered to be a sign of Goddess Lakshmi.

Its durability and amazing shine make people love it the most to wear on any significant occasion. Gold jewellery is available in several different forms such as necklace, bangles, earrings, and any other wedding jewellery. You can pick any of these ornaments to dress for your most awaited day.


Every woman knows how beautiful a diamond jewellery is. There would be no woman who would not consider it for their wedding day. It makes one look elegant, classy and sophisticated. Whether it is an earring, necklace, bangles or any other piece of jewellery, diamonds look best with traditional and western attire.

Whether the jewellery has a single stone or several small diamonds, it has its own charm and grandeur. You will get newest and fresh collection of diamond jewellery online in several exciting and captivating designs and styles.


Diamond occupies the heart of every woman. Everyone wants to be the centre of attraction on the most important occasion in their life. These different types of ornaments can help you decide the right type of jewellery for yourself.