Avoid Cracks in your Black Pearl by Keeping them Safe from Chemicals


Tahitian pearls are also called as black pearls. Although there are other pearls black available that are dyed with chemicals, but Tahitian pearls are authentic black pearls. They are prepared by the black oyster named Pinctada Margaritifera. Although there are many colour available in this range, but black pearl is considered the rarest and the most beautiful of its kind.

Tahiti is the biggest island in French Polynesia where you get maximum growth of Tahitian pearls, and that’s how the name has been derived. It takes at least two years for the oyster to develop so that it can start producing black pearls. There are varieties of shapes, colours, sizes of Tahitian pearls available which is why, it fits in any pearl jewelry set. Since black pearls are created from calcium crystals, hence they are sensitive to acids and other chemicals. Also, black pearls contain water and protein which requires extra care otherwise pearls start drying leaving behind cracks on surface.

Hence, if you have purchased a black pearl set, you will have to take extra precaution –

  • Black pearls should be cleaned with damp cloth which is dipped in salted water; this helps in maintaining the lustre and prevents dryness. Also, while wrapping it after use, ensure that they aren’t wrapped in cotton or wool which can heat it inside and dry them out.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals like perfume and cosmetics if you’re wearing a black pearl set, this wear after you apply your makeup as well as perfume.
  • Many ladies have acidic skin which means when they perspire, their sweat changes to acid which is again can fade the lustre of any pearl. Hence, after you remove your set, ensure to clean with a tender cloth or tissue.
  • When you take off your ring, bracelet or pendant, ensure you don’t hold the pearl, but metal otherwise scratches can be seen later on.
  • Don’t mix your delicate pearl set with other jewelry because other metals are harsh which can scratch your pearls.

Remember to take your set to a jewellery store once in a year for inspection and cleaning. They are professional who know the best way of maintaining it. Also, ensure that strands for your necklace and bracelet are changed once in a year to avoid any broken piece and scattered pearls.