Be Bold, Be Beige

Be Bold, Be Beige

Beige is the most elegant shade in neutral palette. Just in case you are looking for some feminine shade to look more chic in, go pick some beige! Beige can enhance your womanly qualities at its best. Nude shades brighten up better when colored in beige. Short mini dress in beige is all you need to shine up your elegant evening dinner date. Beige dresses look better in every material you can think of.

Regular Wear

Your regular wear can also be worn in beige. You can have your summer maxi dress in beige so can the winter sweater and shirts in beige. Shirts in beige look the most womanly and elegant. You can keep it simple and classy in beige. You can wear a long skirt in beige with another nude white shirt to complement this look in the summer. Wear beige sweater on top of it during winter and you are ready to rock the world!

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Date-perfect Beige

Girls with mini beige dresses make the cutest appearance in their dates. Beige is such date-perfect that every girl has at least once in their lifetime worn this dress to awe their men at dates. Get yourself a nice cute beige dress with stripes at the back and you are no doubt to turn heads at you with every move! Wear a deep neckline to kill the opponents when going out for evening parties!

Sophisticatedly Beige

Wear your laced gown in beige for the wedding of your friend or for evening party. You must have noticed the bridesmaids choosing Beige over other shades to rock the wedding frame. Beige has replaced all other nude shades later this year. Be it Laced gowns or long flowy robes, every girl has ended up having at least one piece of beige dress in their wardrobe. Remember, simplicity is the key to looking gorgeous, so keep calm and trust in beige!

Be Bold, Be Bride, Be Beige

It’s been in the style lately to look bold and eccentric wearing bridal attire in beige. Not only the bridesmaid but also the brides now have been exploring the versatility of this nude shade! Brides on the Instagram and Pinterest have all worn beige dress on their big days! Your can wear your headbands in Jasmine to look bold and beautiful wearing bridal dress in beige.

Accessories to Go Along!

Pair up your stilettos and glam goggles to shine up this nude shade. Your summer will never feel any cooler without wearing beige! Beige gives you this shooting appearance and radiates calmness through its dusty shade. You can have beige colored pump heels or stilettos or even wear gladiator heels in beige. Amal Alamuddin has had 50 shades of beige in her wardrobe! Wear crystal studded neck pieces to go with your evening gown in beige to steal the show! And don’t forget to wear your nude lipsticks to look bolder with beige lips!