Best Trampoline For Six Foot Adults: A Buying Guide


In this era of technology and chaotic work schedules, the lives of most people include being glued to the screens of their electronic gadgets or toil crazy hours in the workplace behind their desks. This leaves people with very little or no time for any outdoor activities or physical exercises. Trampolines are great for your health as well.

As is the popular saying, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! With little or no physical exercises, people are bound to become lazy and sluggish with a myriad of health problems. Thus, it is extremely important to stay fit to keep these impending ailments at bay. People today, despite the limited time, resort to gyms and dance classes to stay in shape. However, these places charge exorbitantly which may not be affordable for everybody. Also, when tiredness overpowers you at the end of a long day, you tend to give the gym a miss.

Here’s some good news. There are some, rather better and healthier alternatives that ensure your daily dose of physical exercise at the comfort of your home.

Trampoline is one such alternative that is both fun and gives you the required daily exercise. Contrary to the popular notion, trampolining isn’t exclusively for the fun of your kids- adult trampolines exists too! Jumping on a trampoline can be both exhilarating as well as a great cardio workout to burn those extra calories. It also increases your bone density and relieves stress.

Now if it sounds fun to you and you are thinking of buying some best trampoline for your home, read on to know all the information that you need before you get home your very own rebounding wonderland!

What to look for in a trampoline for a six feet adult?

Following is a list of what you should be looking for while buying a trampoline:

The frame- superior quality and durable frame are extremely important, as it is this frame that will support and hold your trampoline together. The best material is galvanized steel as it is very sturdy and rust proof.

Springs- the springs give trampoline its characteristic bounce. The trampoline can pose a safety hazard if poor quality or rusted springs are used.

Jumping mat- to determine the quality of the most abused part of your trampoline, you need to carefully look into the number of stitches present and labels reading ‘waterproof.’

Weight limit- this should be determined by the user’s weight and how many people are going to jump at the same time. The usual trampolines available in market support 200 pounds, however, there are jumbo trampolines that have higher weight limits.

Safety enclosure- a must have in your trampoline, these prevent one from flying off of a trampoline or accidentally landing on the springs or the frame.

Padding- inadequate padding of the spring in a trampoline can lead to serious injuries by causing the arms or legs of the jumper to be caught in between the springs.

What type of trampoline to buy?

While there are various types of trampoline available in the market, it is important to choose the right one for yourself depending on your purpose.

Classic- these are the most popular kind of trampolines. They can be round or rectangular and is recommended for all-purpose usage.

Rebounder- ideal for exercise, this is small and crafted only for light bouncing. If you’re looking for a trampoline purely to boost your fitness, this is your lifeline!

Children’s- these are the best models for kids. They’re small with the low weight limit and can be conveniently placed in one’s living room.

Water trampoline- wrapped in an inflatable vinyl casing, this trampoline can float on water. It should be anchored to a spot that gives an adequate depth for jumping, and you’re good to have all the fun you want.

Springfree trampoline- a relatively new addition to the world of trampolines, this Springfree trampoline is devised with pliable composite rod beneath the surface of the frames. This prevents users from any injuries that may result from falling on the tough metal frame of a conventional trampoline.

What size of the trampoline to buy?

The size of your trampoline depends entirely on whether you are going to place it indoors or outdoors. Mini trampolines are for indoors and are excellent for rebound exercises, while outdoor trampolines require a large backyard and are mainly for entertainment.

What shape of the trampoline to buy?

The different shapes of trampoline come with distinct features that make it suitable for specific purposes.

Round- this is the favorite one for use at home. It is known to be safer than the rectangular shape as the bounce produced by the circular trampoline isn’t as strong, and it directs the jumper towards the center of the mat, reducing the chances of injury.

Oval- the oval shape is a mixture of both round and rectangular trampolines. Ideal for usage by multiple jumpers, it offers a greater surface area without the jumpers bumping into each other.

Rectangular- this is the most common shape in professional gymnastics and competitions. They have a large surface area and produce the most powerful bounce that gives the jumper a great height and length.

Square- this provides benefits of both the circular as well as the rectangular trampolines. With a large surface area, it gives strong bounce but takes lesser space than a rectangular one. These are perfect for backyards, which are mostly rectangular. Though the square and rectangular trampolines are easier to assemble and store, these are heavier because of their sturdier frames.

How much space will be needed?

This will depend on the shape of the trampoline you buy. Each shape comes with its pros about fitting into the available space. However, a  24 feet overhead clearance and 2-6 feet of ground clearance are recommended for outdoor trampolines to ensure the safety of the jumper especially for adults over 6ft. A rebound trampoline for home is mostly circular and gives a lesser bounce, thus eliminating the need for a larger space. However, adequate space should be reserved for installing a trampoline, regardless of the spot.

Trampoline safety

Though trampolines are much safer now, yet one cannot completely ignore the fact that it may pose a serious threat to the safety of the jumper. Therefore, it’s essential to abide by the instruction manual that comes with the product and to have someone watch over while trampolining.

If you’re looking for a fun way to distress and burn some calories in the process, invest in a trampoline today! However, read through the guidelines carefully and purchase the one that meets your needs.