Design tips to make your house a home

Some houses just have it – that warm and inviting feeling the moment you walk through the door. It’s a good idea to invest some money, time and effort into your house to make it feel like a home, but it can take some time. We’ve put together some design inspiration tips to help make your space feel a proper home.

Set an inviting tone with your front door and entryway

Curb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated. Having a clean, bright front door and a welcome mat makes all the difference. A great trick for a truly inviting hallway is a plant – add a big leafy green plant inside your front door, it’ll be what guests see as soon as the door is open.

Use colours

Colours will pull your eyes through your space. Consider painting the wall that is opposite your front door. Make it a bold colour that really stands out and then add some artwork or lighting to catch the eye. Instantly this will pull people throughout your home creating a warming feeling, making them and you want to stay.

Add soft textiles and lots of them

Soft textiles are an obvious yet highly effective way to make your house feel like a home. Go for deep coloured furniture, lots of scatter cushions, soft ottomans and plush rugs for that warm homely feel. Don’t forget to add textiles to the wall too using art.

Buy your own furniture

If, when you first moved home, family and friends helped you out with second hand furniture, maybe now it’s time you brought some brand new items. If your house is full of furniture that you didn’t buy yourself, it can feel a little bit like a jumble sale and not your home. Just something as simple as a new sofa, or bed can really help. Consider Zip and Link Beds from Divan Beds Centre – they’re perfect for having people over to stay as they can be used as one double or separated into two single beds.


This is a great tip if you have bought lots of furniture from the same retailer. Personalise them either by reupholstering them using a favourite fabric of yours or, paint them. This way it will not only stop your home looking like something out of a catalogue, but it will really feel your own because you’ve added a personal touch. It also makes for a good conversation starter with guests.

Add photos

This is a little similar to personalising your items. Add photos of family and friends around the house – this way it will really feel like yours because you’re adding your own personal touch and will be reminded of fun memories every time you look around.

Have a nice scent in the air

There’s nothing homelier than a welcoming and refreshing smell. Grab some plug in air fresheners and a candle to really make a statement with your scent. Or, if you were preferring something a little more different, go for some fragrant plants for that naturally good smelling home.

Attack the clutter

If you have stacks of letters, magazines or just a ton of unused clutter around your house – get rid of it all. There’s nothing more stressful than having unsightly mess all round the house. You’ll want to spend so much more time in your home if it looks tidy and clutter free. Spend a day, or two days, going through everything. Chuck away what you no longer need and organise everything else you want to keep.

Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, you can always find ways to make your house feel like a home. Use these tips and see your house transformed into a home in no time.


Personalised Sportwear for Your Team

Personalised sportwear products are increasingly used by companies that conduct sporting events, sports associations or gyms, among others. GarmentPrinting is a leading supplier in the UK personalised sportswear market offering a comprehensive range of customised sportswear for whatever sport you play. Our range of personalised sportswear includes Nike Football kits, Canterbury Rugby Kits, Canterbury netball kits, Canterbury cricket clothing, Canterbury hockey kits. All sportswear can be personalised and customised with your logo and sponsors details.

A unified appearance is very important for every sports team. The players feel very much together when united with personalised sportswear to give the team identity. Therefore, are looking to enhance their event, their brand and their business to make themselves known or to have greater visibility within their sector. You can create your own custom sportswear at GarmentPrinting to make the team kit look perfect for the whole squad. Just use the designer tool to create custom sports clothing online. Creating sports gear with a logo and text has never been easier.

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What Are the Ways to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring?

There is no specific season for proposing someone; there is no exact month for expressing your desire to get committed in a relationship. When you are getting down on your knees and about to propose your beloved, all you need a diamond ring, which would be reflecting your love, also what does she mean to you.

Now while counting down the sweetest proposal options, we sometimes heard of, how puppies and kittens are positioned underneath a Christmas tree and there would be a diamond ring attached to its collars with the words gleaming “Will you marry my new daddy?” now it can be well imaginable how romantic it could be when rings are offered with puppies. Can anybody say no to it?

Now choosing time is not that hard, what is hard is choosing the right engagement ring. There are people who become confused when they are to choose the ring. Now, how to select this single piece of jewelry, which would be representing your love and emotion for your special one. Now fortunately there are sellers like AC Silver and they are proficient in advising the perfect diamond rings along with the antique engagement rings.

What to Buy: Gemstone or Plain diamond ring

Now practically ladyloves are wise enough in hinting their partners what they really need or looking for. Understanding the hints, it’s time to move forward so when your girl is showing penchant for sapphire rings, it should be best to go for the sapphire cluster ring. If she wants to see the traditional in you, do not be hesitant in becoming one. Today traditions have transformed but you are out and out liberal to do what she or you like. Now what is so vital, some stones are comparatively softer so you need to give some extra care to those stones. Diamonds are stronger than any other gemstone and on the Mohs scale it is rated 10.

Diamond is for Whole Life

It would be a timeless classic, when you are giving your better half the diamond solitaire ring you can always select the style on your own. Engagement ring is something to be worn on day-to-day basis. No matter what you are wearing, what clothe you have chosen for the night party, diamond ring will certainly be complementing you. There is nothing to replace diamond as it is always in fashion.

When Its about Choosing the Perfect Diamond

Now the four Cs are to understand before buying the ring the Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat-Weight.


Diamonds are available in varying colors, however one of the most popular one is white. It comes with highest grade. Diamonds are graded in coloring rating from D to Z now D being the colorless. Usually higher than I, this color would be concluded as extremely high color graded.


However the clarity is decided by the size, number along with the location of the natural inclusions that the stone has. The range however fluctuates from an IF which implies no inclusions to I3, which is an included stone. Now the stone higher than an SI1 or SI2 will certainly be showing wonderful brilliance and the inclusions will never be visible to bare eyes.


Carat is the measuring unit of diamond. The more increase in carat weight the rarity will increase as well. However it will be reflected in the price. The price increases with the volume of the diamond.


Modern Brilliant round cut:

While focusing on the diamond shapes, the modern brilliant round cut diamond is by and large the popular choice. However, the solitaire ring does not need to be a single stone. The diamond can be embellished on the shoulders can easily be arranged around the gemstone like a halo like structure.

Old European round cut:

Antique adaptation of the modern brilliant round cut, dating back to pre-Circa 1920s. This design is hand cut instead of machine. Unlike modern cut, it won’t be that neat. However, it will be having one of the best idiosyncratic, classic antique and exceptional designs. Such gemstone would be representing the better value for money.

Transitional modern brilliant round cut:

Dating back to 1930s-60s transitional modern brilliant round cut diamonds belong between the modern brilliant round one and Old European round cut. This diamond is having queer similarity with brilliant round cut ones.

Princess cut:

This is one non-round diamond cut, it could be square or rectangular cut with pointed corners.

Emerald cut:

With tapered corners, emerald cut diamonds is also available in square or rectangular. Pavilion faceted cut it is also known for its stylishness, this cut goes well in a classy manner.

Asscher cut:

Having similarity with the Emerald cut, The Asscher cut diamond is square with utmost depth.

However these are one of the most popular diamond cuts but there are some lesser known options. These are marquise cuts, cushion cuts, old Dutch cuts, pear cuts and many more.

What to choose, platinum, white gold or yellow gold

Now there is no hard and fast rule and depends largely upon the personal preference. What your beloved would be preferring, should be your prime consideration also what other jewelry items she is having should be considered as well. Now white gold and platinum are the most popular alternatives. Now platinum is undoubtedly hardwearing and durable. The moment you will be taking a look into your partner’s jewelry collection you will understand exactly what she prefers. Whether she is having fondness for white gold or yellow, you may also pay attention to her newly added gold preference if she is looking at platinum with love, its better to go for that.

Internal Information

If you are confused, perplexed, doubtful and hesitant, where you have no idea how to surprise your beloved, it is better to go with someone while buying the ring. You must consider who would be worth taking, its better to take someone who knows your beloved perfectly, such as her best friend, her mother, her sister. It would certainly be a good call. When you want to keep everything a secret, taking someone would certainly be worth it.

You are to Decide Finally

If you love her from the bottom of your heart, you should be paying attention to your instinct. You are the one she is going to choose for the rest of her life. Hence, it would be better to give yourself more credit. You will be knowing her taste also her choice.


Everything You Need to Get Started with Cycling

There are several benefits associated with cycling. It’s a great form of exercise. Just as running, it’s a form of cardio, but it’s softer on the joints. This because of the pedalling motion that you do when cycling. When you run, your knees take a lot of the impact. Cycling is considered a low-impact form of cardio and while a lot of people think that it only works out your leg muscles, it’s a great form of exercise for your entire body. Cycling is also great for stress relief. As you probably already know, when the body gets enough exercise, it releases endorphins that make the brain feel good and relaxed afterwards.

By cycling, you can simultaneously get exercise, have fun, and relieve stress at the same time. But if you’re not used to cycling, you might have trouble really enjoying it right away. This is because cycling requires a bit more preparation than running. But don’t worry; once you know about everything that you need to get started with cycling, you’ll be having a great time on the road or trail.

Gear Required

Obviously, to start cycling, you need a bicycle. There are, however, several different types of bicycles to choose from. Racing bikes, for instance, are extremely light, portable, and fast. They come with a few different gears to use and can be ridden on the road. Mountain bikes are used for trails but are also great for beginners who don’t want to spend money on racing bikes.

Once you have your bicycle, you can start looking into the other gear required. While some places don’t require you to wear a helmet, it’s always a good idea to wear one. Helmets can protect your skull in the event of a crash and while bike crashes don’t happen every day, they happen more frequently than you might think.

Next, you’ll need some cycling clothes. Cycling clothing is designed to keep you cool and relaxed while you work out. You can find a cycling jersey online as they come in several different sizes and styles. A jersey will help keep your torso ventilated so you can ride for longer periods of time without getting overheated. Cycling shorts are great because they’re tight and they won’t get caught on your bike chain.

Prepping for a Ride

You might be eager to start riding now but you need to know how to prep for a long ride. Start by hydrating prior to the ride. Coffee is fine but it can dehydrate you so be sure to drink extra water if you have coffee. Eat a breakfast that is high in carbohydrates so you can boost your stamina. Oatmeal is always a great option and you can eat some eggs for protein.

Remember that while cycling is fun, it’s still a lot of exercise. Be sure to bring a water bottle and plan on filling it up a few times during your ride. It’s really important to stay hydrated while cycling.

Now that you know how to prep for a ride, you should be ready to go. Always remember to be safe, smart, and hydrated and enjoy your ride.


Finding Artificial Jewelry That Is In Trend

Jewelries have been a part of the lifestyle among both men and women across the globe from time immemorial. These do help to enhance the individual’s looks, beauty and personality. By wearing them, it does create a huge difference to the appearance of the individual. The presence of different types of jewelry in the market provides people of all ages with plenty of choices. Some people are of the wrong notion that jewelries would mean huge investments. What they are not aware is the fact that one can also avail artificial jewelries that are not only affordable, but also have become hot fashion trend in current times. Besides it, these are available in different ranges, styles, designs, patterns, colors, etc. The choice is simply limitless.

Why Artificial Jewelry?

This is a question that is asked by many. The days of heavier and expensive earrings, bangles and chains seem to be a passé. It is a fact that precious jewelry does have its own charm, however, due to lack of fashion and versatility, diamonds and gold are fast becoming grandma’s items or being kept as keepsakes inside jewelry boxes. Another reason is the increasing rates of crime that is associated with preciously jewelry that has prompted people to go for artificial jewelries, which can be worn to any occasion. It allows the individual to wear it at all times and for all seasons and reasons. Being inexpensive in nature, it is possible for the individual to buy new ones regularly, without having to fear the cost. Moreover, if you use shopping coupons like to get discount , you have reasons to buy it!

This type of jewelry also is quite fun to be worn. The different varieties available help the person to choose one that would suit the particular taste, moods, preferences, style, budget and occasion. One can find artificial jewelries to be created from different materials such as stones, acrylic, shells, metals, wood and anything that is imaginable. Also, there are styles such as antique, traditional, contemporary, chic and modern, while several types are present like sleek, opulent, elaborate, simple and much more. The different designs and colors to be chosen for, makes the purchase interesting and to complement with the clothes worn. And when you get the opportunity to use freecultr discount coupons, you can save even more for a good product.

Things to Purchase

There are several essentials that every woman needs to include like oversized hoops, stackable metal bangles, cocktail rings, sleek nose ring, pendants and earrings to match every armlet, anklet and dress. Although the trends keep on changing, such jewelry articles do come quite handy, irrespective of the prevailing trend.

Most artificial jewelry trend are said to be celebrity inspired. With every person desiring to look like their favorite star, the sales of such jewelries have picked up and prompted designers and manufacturers to come up with ahuge variety of options. One can view celebrities and even great personalities to be sporting such jewelries, which has created a fashion fad among the common people. You can check websites like Save My Pocket that offer coupons for all the popular shopping portals to help you get discount. Women of all economic strata and ages have been influenced by it. From working professionals to college going teenagers and home makers, every individual prefers it, since it can match up to their expectations without any difficulty.


Active Lifestyle: How To Burn More Calories Throughout The Day

It’s obvious to you that one way that to lose weight is by using up more calories than you consume. You already engage in exercise several times a week in order to increase your calorie expenditure. You may even take supplements or vitamins in the morning to ramp up your metabolism throughout the day. Now you want to change your everyday activities just burn more calories throughout the day. The following are a few suggestions

Keep Standing

You probably spend a good part of your day sitting down, whether you’re relaxing at home or busy at the office. Whenever you can, stand up to do your tasks so you burn more calories. For example, when you look at television, try spending five minutes out of every half hour on your feet. Increase the time gradually until you can watch TV program while standing up.

Keep Moving

Whenever you’re forced to wait, such as on the phone while you’re in line, move your body as much as is practical. For example, if you’re waiting in the privacy of your own home, try doing some air squats or push-ups, both of which do not require any equipment outside of your body. If you’re in a public place, the movement can be more minimal, such as by rotating the fist around her wrist, or foot around an ankle.

Do it by Hand

Avoid using machines in favor of using your hands to perform tasks. When you mow the lawn, keep the gas-powered mower in the garage and rely on an old-fashioned manual mower instead. Need to dry a laundry load when the sun’s out? Skip the dryer and hang your clothes outside.

Avoid the Car

When you run errands throughout the day, think about which destinations you can reach without using your car. Could you take public transportation and remain standing throughout the journey? Or could you just walk there? If you do end up taking your vehicle, park it as far away from the entrance as possible. You can then expend calories either walking to the door of the building.

Take the Stairs

An easy way to burn more calories and build your endurance if you live or work above the first floor is to avoid the elevators and take the stairs instead. You can even try running up or down the steps, or jumping upward from one step to the next to use up calories. If you’re only on the second floor and find stair-climbing to be too easy, try climbing from the ground floor to two or three floors above your destination floor before heading back down to the floor you actually want.

Keeping an active lifestyle is a serious change for some of use but it can be done if you are diligent. Remember to supplement your active lifestyle with vitamins and minerals or you can even consider getting a no prescription Phentermine pill to help expedite any weight loss. With these tips you can be sure to burn the calories!


From Handbags to Heels: 4 Fashion Rules to Enhance Your Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but there’s a fine line between these two outcomes. Since you spend a lot of time and money finding the perfect clothes, you don’t want to ruin it by clashing your accessories. Although some fashionistas might have the jewelry part down, it can be tough to coordinate an entire look with your handbag as well. For some helpful tips on making these accessory essentials work, check out my four crucial fashion laws for coordinating handbags and jewelry.

1. Choose Versatile Styles

As much as we’d all love to have our own walk-in closet to house hundreds of designer handbags, let’s get real. Most of us have a limited selection of styles to choose from. Because of this harsh reality, you’ll want to make sure your handbags are as versatile as possible. Browns, blacks and whites are always good hues to work with for versatility, while gold accents like studs and other details can make it easy to coordinate your bag with gold jewelry.

2. Customize Your Bags

Handbag scarves are making a comeback for spring 2013, so take advantage of this trend by investing in a collection of colorful scarves to coordinate with any outfit. Pick out some colorful pendant necklaces and bangles to stay on the cutting edge of spring trends, and make sure to tie a matching scarf around your handbag of choice.

3. Go Bold

Even though subtler, more versatile handbag styles are recommended for the bulk of your collection, it’s also important to have a few specialty handbags as well. When you’re feeling like being lazy and throwing on a T-shirt and jeans, you can effortlessly enhance your outfit by rocking a neon handbag with equally bold earrings.

4. Don’t Match

This seems counterintuitive to the fashion laws that have been drilled into your brain since day one, but a matchy-matchy look can sometimes come off as tacky. Instead of matching pink pants with a pink handbag and a pink statement necklace, choose coordinating colors like a turquoise necklace and a white handbag with a turquoise and pink scarf tied around the handle.

Fashion is all about having fun and incorporating your unique tastes and personality into your look. So if you want to break some rules and be yourself, don’t let the fashion police stop you! These tips can help you put together a rockin’ outfit, but don’t be afraid to add your own rules as you go.


Wedding Fashion That Works

Want to upstage the bride? Well maybe this isn’t such a good idea if you value your life. Just kidding of course! I’m sure she will get over it if you look better then her. Besides, you deserve all the attention all of the time right? Well of course you do! Your great! Everyone should know that!

Make sure that you come looking your best for your friend or relatives special day by paying attention to today’s wedding fashion. You want to look better then the bride don’t you. Well you will when you show all of the guest there that you have a better understanding of fashion then they do. Make sure they know that your the hottest thing at this wedding. Who know’s? Their might be some cute guys at this thing. Maybe you will be the next one to find matrimonial bliss?

Always make sure to stay a little conservative when going to a wedding. Make sure to not show to much of yourself. It’s important to stay a little modest when at a wedding because after all they are religious ceremonies. Well most of them are anyway. Make sure that you look respectful enough not to offend g-d or the bride! Even though this is a happy and welcoming occasion they are still not afraid to kick you out! Make sure that you are always dressed in a non offensive way when attending a wedding. No cutout dresses or anything like that.

Always make sure not to dress to brightly. You do not want to make your ploy for attention to obvious to the rest of the wedding guest. This will just come by as obnoxious and no one will want to sit at your table. You need to stay away from neon when attending this type of event. In less there is a theme where this type of dress is appropriate. Then you can feel free to dress however you wish. Make sure to stay with classic colors though if it is a classic wedding. You do not want to ruin the group pictures! The bride will hate you forever!

Part of a good outfit is having a cute date! You never want to come to a wedding alone! This can come across as a little pathetic. Besides, you do not want to show off that your still single while your best friend walks down the isle. Let her know that you are a great catch as well with a piece of arm candy! It is not advised to bring a date if your soul purpose of attending this wedding is to pick up men. This might discourage them.

Whatever you wear to a wedding make sure that you love the outfit as much as everyone else will. There is nothing more important then you feeling comfortable throughout this very boring event. Make sure that you will stay comfy all day and are willing to wear the crap out of whatever you put on!


Workplace Fashion: How To Look Your Best While On The Clock

Whether you are someone who is on the clock from nine until five or you are always working the craziest swing shifts, you always want to look your best! By being stylish and put together, you can make a real impression on the people who matter the most. Consider these steps for making sure that you look amazing no matter how long you have been working.

Keep a Spare Set of Clothes in the Trunk

Accidents happen, and sometimes, it feels as if they happen just when it is least convenient for them to do so. There are plenty of people out there who keep a spare set of clothes in the trunk, and if you do so, you will never need to worry about looking less than your best on a big day.

Personalize It All

Whether you are someone who wears scrubs or who wears a three piece suit, make sure that each outfit you wear could only belong to you. Things like designer work shoes from Alegria shoe shop come in a variety of patterns and colors, letting you add a touch of yourself to even the most basic uniform.

Consider Tailoring

When you want to make sure that you look amazing, take a tip from the actors and celebrities that spend all of their time in the limelight and get your clothes tailored. Things don’t have to be skin tight on you. Instead, they can simply be fitted a little closer to your body and tailored for your height. This makes a huge difference when you are thinking about how you can create the kind look you most want.

Inspect Your Clothes Regularly

Just because you love a blouse or a pair of trousers does not mean that it is necessarily right for work. Clothes wear out with alarming frequency, and when you wear them all the time, like you do with your favorites, they can wear out even more quickly. Check your hems, especially at your wrists, your ankles and your collar, looking for wear.

Unify Your Style

Remember that the key to any good consistent wardrobe is going to be your basics. Once you have a set of basic pieces to fall back on, you will be able to create a unified look that will carry you through everything.

Take a moment to think about what your options are when you are considering dressing well for work. There are really so many options for you to pursue!


Gym Fashion: How To Raise Your Workout Style

Most everyone, no matter what their personal style might be, tends to look uniform when exercising. But who says your style at the gym has to suffer just because you’re there to work? Getting fit is easier when it’s fun, and when you look great, you’re sure to have a better time. Here are four easy ways to amp up your style game while you’re getting in shape.

Hair Accessories

Most women have enough hair to need to put it up or pin it back in some way while they sweat it out. One easy way to add a little flair to your hair is to wear two thin strap headbands in two contrasting colors instead of just one black or brown one. This looks pretty and takes the weight off just one band, minimizing the crease made in your hair

Transition Pieces

When you’ve got dinner plans right after yoga, your boyfriend’s ratty T-shirt and your mesh shorts just won’t cut it. Try a pullover in a pretty color and some sleek black leggings from places like San Francisco City Lights that focus on sensible but elegant fashion. Look for soft, stretchy but chic pieces that easily go from kettlebell to coffee date.

Foot Focus

Another way to be a fashionista at the gym without making your workout suffer is to let your shoes make a statement. White is usually the go-to color for sneakers, but where’s the fun in that? A black shoe with a nice, bright trim paired with your staple black leggings will actually accentuate your legs, making them look longer. Not concerned about creating height? Try a shoe in a cheerful hot pink, electric blue or lemon yellow.

Minimal Makeup

If you show up for your training session in a fully contoured face, complete with bronzer and a smoky eye, your fitness guide might not take you seriously, and your makeup will just melt off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a natural glow. BB cream will smooth skin and add tint without being cakey. Next, slick on a lip stain in a neutral color. Stains are designed to last all day, so it’s not going anywhere. Finally, if you’re the type of girl who can’t leave the house without mascara, make sure it’s smudge-proof. There are plenty of great water-proof mascaras on the market.

Looking cute may not be your main goal, but with these four simple tricks, you’ll get to look as good as you feel.