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Beach Fashion Swimwear Men Trends 2020

Acing fashion trends in regular clothes can be troublesome enough, yet when you think about that it’s only one square foot of texture covering your unobtrusiveness, swimwear needs to say more regarding you per inch than some other piece of clothing.

To exacerbate the situation, redesigning your trunks from obligation free bit of hindsight to a top of the line fit isn’t as simple as it appears. In the event that each road’s a catwalk, each beach is a minefield.

Action Man

The military-motivated look has been one of the most pervasive trends of late decades, and it’s currently completed the cycle to storm the beaches. Impeccable if stripping down to your shorts makes them feel somewhat defenseless, enrolling the military can add some rough manliness to even the skimpiest of swimwear.

The White Stripes

An easy decision for summer garms, nautical-roused swimwear offers an exemplary method to channel some easy Parisian cool. That doesn’t mean you can uncover that pair from your 2008 outing to Decent and be finished with it. This current season’s sea look sees Breton stripes get an overhaul: whether they’re being tilted, stacked, layered or re-shaded, these next-level lines balance insouciance and style as just the French can.


Two is superior to one, they state, and that is decisively what’s on offer with one of this present season’s greatest resortwear trends. Fashion represent ‘co-ordinated outfit’, a beach-prepared co-ord is comprised of swim shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in a similar shading or print.

Block Party

The most ideal approach to guarantee that every one of your snaps are on point is to abstain from conflicting prints with your mates. Not exclusively will pictures including basic block-shading swimwear not date as fast, you’re additionally bound to locate a solitary shade that compliments you than an entire example.

Flower Power

Natural prints have made the hop from female most loved to ordinary fundamental for men, and there’s no better time to plunge your toe in the water than when on vacation.

Flower shirts worn under a late spring suit add a feeling of enjoyable to an otherwise staid look. The equivalent can be said for when you’re in your birthday suit. “For the most flattering look, scale the size of the florals to your casing: in the event that you have a little casing go for a littler measured flower and on the off chance that you have a bigger edge you can take a greater print,” says Gilfillan.


The intrigue of retro sportswear is as present as ever, and now nostalgic swimwear trends are making a plunge as well. This season, creators have taken their lead from the old-school vibe and refreshed it, to enable you to abstain from looking like your old exercise center educator on swimming exercise day.

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Why you should buy these hippy underwears for men

Men used to live without underwear for ages until science sprouted the notion that wearing underwear is a better way to live. It may be, but do you know why? Do you know which underwear suits you best? Should you pounce at the traditional, simple one or choose something that is hippy and classy and makes you feel at ease?

Well, you do not have to worry about a thing. Because we are going to talk all about your underwear needs. Men, get your reading glasses out because you are going to learn a lot about underwear today.

First off, buying underwear may be difficult. As you view thousands of options with numerous varieties, it can get quite confusing. There are various options. You could go for classic boxers, mens pouch brief or maybe trunks but before that question pops up should not we ponder over why wearing underwear is important and a crucial ingredient for a healthy lifestyle?

Some men believe that it is best to let them free without hassling with underwear, but why do the rest of the men wear it?

Less chafing, more breathing

Chafing is a term used to describe an irritation that your skin can have if it is constantly in contact with a cloth. So, for example, a guy goes to a party in his jeans without any underwear. For a short while he will stay comfortable but after a few hours or so he will experience chafing.

Chafing is reported as being annoying and can cause you to become uncomfortable. You do not want to sit by the sides with your head lowered down regretting about not wearing underwear at a party, right? It may just kill your sense of enjoyment. So men, be careful!

The fabric and material that touches your skin and your groin may make it irritable and cause pain. In extreme cases, you may even face a severe irritation that can last for weeks, and it can be severe. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear underwear. First, it will protect your skin and second, it will protect your groin from developing any issue.

Enjoy your parties with ease!

Crotch rots, goodbye

The scientific term for crotch rot is tinea cruris. It is a skin infection that is caused when you wear tight or wet clothes for prolonged periods. Men, we have been there. I am sure you realize how hurtful it is to deal through the excruciating pain of tinea cruris. The name is classy, but the damage it causes is not classy at all.

It is a serious concern to think about carefully. So if you are remotely concerned about your health and your groin’s health, then you will be wise to wear underwear starting from today. By wearing it, you will protect yourself from harmful skin infections.

Sweat stains create embarrassing situations

All of us sweat daily. In summers, it gets worse. If your forehead is sweating you may dry your face with a cloth but what about down there? What should you do if your pants or jeans start to absorb the sweat that your legs are leaking out profusely?

You wear underwear, as simple as that. When you wear underwear, it will absorb the sweat and pretend to be superman for the day. It will undoubtedly save you from extreme embarrassment in possibly serious and extremely important situations. Men, take notes because leg sweat is a problem. But if you are equipped with the underwear, you may not have to stress about getting sweat patches on your jeans, pants or shorts ever.

It can become a source of embarrassment, and you may lose your vital shot that you are trying to make or mess up the first impressions. We all get nervous in stressful situations, and this causes your body to produce sweat. But it should not ruin your perfect day and make you look unappealing or dirty. Make a decision today and wear underwear.

Embarrassing situations, part 2

Let us say that you are dressing for your first day in your college, university or office. In the heat of the moment, you try to make everything perfect but forget to zip your fly. That is quite embarrassing. Certainly, but not as embarrassing as leaving your groin stick out from under there.

We all want to avoid such situations, rest assured. It may just ruin your first day, and people may begin to conceive wrong impressions about you. How would a man safeguard himself from such a situation? Easy, by wearing underwear, he can stay safe. If your fly is open, but your underwear is all they can see, then that is not as bad as the other situation we discussed above.

In a second scenario, your pants or shorts may have a loose cloth. Do you want to flash someone unknowingly with your cotton shorts? I am sure you do not. So take precautions and wear underwear to tick one embarrassing situation out of your life.

They are comfortable

Imagine sitting on your couch after a long, tiring day of work. Would you rather wear clothes that make you feel hotter or would you like to ease off in underwear? The answer is underwear. Throughout the day, you may experience different types of stresses and work situations that can tire your mind. What do you need after such a day? Comfort and relaxation, and what can provide you with that? Underwear is a healthy, safe and terrific option to choose if you are looking for extreme comfort.

On the contrary, not wearing underwear has its fair share of disadvantages.

It makes you look more appealing

Let us throw the fact out there: underwear makes men look more appealing. This is a well-accepted fact that when men wear underwear, they pose off as more attractive. You may score some good impressions if you are wearing underwear. People who bear, without underwear can turn out to be disgusting, and this may annoy others.


Now that we have discussed why you should wear underwear, should not we get to the next step? Do you go for the boring, old one or a classy, hippy underwear?

Hippy underwear may land you male and female friendships both. Let us say you are a married man who wants to enjoy some time with his wife tonight. You may want to wear a hippy, trendy underwear that makes it more enjoyable and eye-catching. So abandon those boring underwear and go for the hippy, classier ones that are available with ease.

Generally, boys and men prefer wearing stylish or underwear that has some pattern on it. It is proven that this makes them more interesting and can even lead to potential benefits. So men, choose wisely, and you may land in favorable situations!

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20 trendy casual shoes for men style in 2020

Choosing the right shoes which you can wear for different occasions is often the hardest task, especially for men. I am sure that you will be taking out your dress shoes for the formal events that you have to attend while you will be putting on your boots for walking in the cold weather. It is an accepted fact that you have to wear different shoes for different events and you need to choose one which is not only comfortable to wear but is fashionable enough so that you do not look out of place when you find yourself in a social gathering. Shoes are an important part of the fashion world, and a man’s choice of shoes would often tell you about his dressing sense, so it is better to pick shoes that will compliment you. Wearing casual shoes is popular in the present time and are wearable with different outfits. Many stores such as Bstore are now selling comfortable shoes that are trending in the market today. Following are some of the casual shoes;

  1. Suede Derby:

These pair of shoes provide great comfort to the user. The undone laces flap results into opening them. The best part about this shoe is that can be worn for different occasions due to its simple design which gives it the smart look that you always desired.

  1. Minimalist Sneakers:

Sneakers have changed a lot over the last few years. A person can wear them in both casual and formal type of sense. The advantage of these sneakers is that they have a sober look as well as an office look. The shoes have laces with them which also gives the shoes a neat finish along with its rounded tip, and you can complement the shoes by wearing them with a white polo shirt.

  1. Contrast Sole Brogues:

These are a type of casual shoes which will give you a perfect look that you want when attending a business meeting. You can easily identify a brogue by its ornamental patterns and the leather lining on the shoe. The best part about brogue is that it is a highly popular shoe since it is noticeable while also giving you a smart look.

  1. Penny Loafers:

The Penny Loafers are an extremely popular shoe worldwide. What separates these shoes from other loafers is the strip of leather on the front with a diamond cut out detail. You can wear these shoes for multiple events and should go for a tailored version if you want to master a casual look.

  1. Oxford Boots:

These are the type of shoes for multiple occasions. These boots have leather which can provide you comfort, especially in winters and can be a substitute for your normal winter boots. The rounded will give you a suitable look that is required to give you the right look, which you want when you are walking down the street.

  1. Chukka Boots:

These are another type of shoes which were famous before but have returned to the market due to their quality and the level of comfort that they provide to the average user. The main feature of the shoe also includes three pieces of leather which are tied up by two or three eyelids. The shoes are for multiple events, usually depending upon the color while you should wear them with turned-up hems to get the best results and look nice when you walk down the street wearing them.

  1. Chelsea Boots:

The name of these boots is after the West London area where they got worn for the first time at a party in the 1960s. Since then they have been worn as casual shoes in the business world and are extremely popular among the people. The main feature of these shoes is the soft curve which is from head to toe and gives the shoes its beautiful look. The leather is also of the highest quality.

  1. Monk Strap Shoes:

As you may have guessed by the name, the shoes were associated with monks since they were created as a substitute to sandals when the monks had to do manual labor. The shoe has a casual look due to having a slip-on while a pointed toe and a polished look will also make it wearable in a formal setting. The benefit of these shoes is that they are the best fit for various events and all you have to do is to change your outfit according to the situation simply.

  1. Ankle Boots:

A major benefit of these boots is that they are in fashion throughout all the seasons. You would not find this usually with casual shoes as they are easy to wear if used roughly; this is not the case with Ankle boots which makes them useful as far as your winter shopping is concerned. You can put them on with your blazer and trousers, and that will give you a smart look that you wanted.

  1. Classic Boots:

These shoes which are Italian designed and have been the trendsetter for 2020. These shoes look elegant and feel comfortable when worn, which is what you asked for when you were looking for casual shoes. Colors such as Brown or Black will give you an official look while other options are also available if you want to experiment.

  1. Beatle Boots:

These boots have also become highly popular in the latest years. Although you can confuse them with a Chelsea boot, the easiest way to differentiate is that these boots have zippers instead of laces.

  1. Desert Boots:

These boots are designed for everyday wear as well as for casual purposes. They come with either a leather or rubber sole and have laces. Another thing to know is that they are designed from suede and have a height that reaches to the ankle.

  1. APL TechLoom Bliss Knit:

These shoes have been introduced recently and are trending in the fashion world for 2020. Many people who have worn it so far are praising its features which include the shoes being light, stretchable and comfortable to wear. Another advantage is that it is available in several colors such as black, navy blue and white, among others present in the markets.

  1. Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit:

The best part about these shoes is that they can be described as both casual wears apart from being running shoes. The main feature of these shoes is that they are super light to wear and also give a bouncy feel when you are walking or running while wearing these shoes.

  1. New Balance 990v5:

These are the type of shoes which have been available for many years now, and yet people still love them and continue to wear them. These shoes are also very trendy as far as 2020 is concerned since they are comfortable to wear and are also available in different colors.

  1. Classic Vans Slip-Ons:

Vans are highly popular, and people have been wearing their shoes for a long time. One of the reasons behind this is that they are very comfortable to wear due to the padded footbeds. You can wear them with jeans, shorts and enjoy your day out without worrying about looking out of place.

  1. Veja ‘Rio Branco’:

There are several reasons why you should opt for these shoes. Not only do they perfect the casual look but are made from recycled bottles which makes them sustainable to the environment. You can contribute to the environment while looking stylish at the same time when you pair up these shoes with your favorite jeans.

  1. Nike React Element 55:

Another brand of shoes which are highly popular right now. They are very comfortable to wear and come in different colors. They are lightweight and have a flashy look. S

  1. Adidas ‘Advantage’ Lace-Ups:

A very popular product of Adidas, these shoes are very comfortable to wear and are ideal for wearing like running shoes although they can also go for a casual look.

  1. New Balance 574 ‘Sport Decon’ Sneaker:

There are different features for these shoes, but the main objective is to take care of the comfort of the user. One difference is that the color is subtle, which gives it the perfect casual look when you are walking down the street.


In short, shoes are one of the fundamental parts of the dressing style of a man. Many fashion designers have even claimed that the shoes tell the entire dressing sense of a person so you should carefully select your shoes according to different occasions. As you can see above, some of the shoes which you can wear for casual looks and are fashionable in 2020, so there is no harm in trying some of them out since they cater to your needs and provide you with some of the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear. It’s time to update your shoe collection fashionistas!

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Tips to Choose Engagement Rings for Men

An engagement ring holds an abundant source of memories, so select one with care. The classic ring style for male style attributes a diamond at the centre or it could be sapphire. Both these stones are the strongest on the scale of sturdiness. Sapphires are relatively cheap and they come in shades such as deep blue, pink and yellow. Diamonds have ten famous shapes, but round is the most well known. Selecting a non-round diamond rings for men are cheap since a majority of buys are depend on the round diamond shape. The square and cushion cut are famous non-round options. So when it comes to tungsten engagement rings for men, there is an abundance of options for that beautiful occasion. Here, the best tips for making this great buy.

Don’t get charmed in a Trend: An engagement ring should be a classic, vintage sign of your love that will endure, so the main aim should be to search the stone that is the apt match for your future spouse. Look at their present jewellery to observe what would best look attractive in his or her style. Take signs from their present style to notify how you select the piece they’ll want to wear regularly for the rest of their lives.

Size Matters only if you think it Matters: Go big or go home shouldn’t be the chant; unless you ponder it’s the very notable thing to your future soul mate. In that case, weigh your alternatives. Maybe placing more of a focus on size and less on shade and clearness is worth bearing in mind.

Don’t be fearsome to ponder outside the box and select a completely Classic Ring: The generation Gap desires everything they purchase to feel special, and for a ring’s sign for the couple to match up with their own wedding rings. It’s becoming more usual for women to give up diamonds and traditional settings completely and go for something personal, classic and unpredicted.

Think about Working straightaway with a Jeweller: In the long run, plenty of people now desire something that adheres to rules between classic and modern. It’s not so much about a big diamond anymore; they want quality oversize, or classiness in shape, like a rose cut. And plenty of people are getting rid of diamonds wholly.

Different from the matrimonial commitment you’re wishing to make, try to keep away entering into a binding contract with the jeweller. Worst-case outline, if the fiancée hates what you’ve arisen with, you should be able to interchange it for something else. You desire your future spouse to adore both you and the jewellery you purchase forever.

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Acquire winter innerwear for mens online quickly

Most of us are usually want to protect during winter season. Some of the inner wears are really awesome which is used to provide good protection for anytime. This is however best solutions when you buy those innerwear online. Of course, it saves time as well as money when you grab the most amazing collections at single place. Thus, you could even wear most attractive innerwear which has long lasting and smooth surface. Each and everyone find winter innerwear for mens online that has exclusive collections forever. It served with most anticipated arrivals to bring forth attention on customers. Therefore, it usually lies with best option so that you could purchase liked one. Most of them are so attractive and able to find best things to undergo it wisely without any hassles. So, it has fabulous models and brands allow picking anytime anywhere. Therefore, men are supposed to find their huge colors because they like to wear comfortable inners.

Colorful innerwear online

Furthermore, winter arrivals are almost wonderful due to its colorful design patterns. This usually considers biggest platforms in which it adds supportive results for acquiring strong connections. It is made with 100% satisfaction and it allows everyone grab it without any hassles. These innerwears have excellent designs that have been consider as the best one for your desires. At affordable price, you can get most collections at single click without waiting a lot. As a result, you can pick extreme arrivals at single destination which suppose to wear during winter season. It grabs only positive results after finding marvelous arrivals for your requirements. Thus, it often provides excellent results by grabbing almost collections capable for buying thermal designs. It is suitable for innerwear for mens who undergo fashionable look for your need and desires. This delivers outstanding reference on picking amazing solution by utilizing its changes. It then follows familiar patterns on selecting wonderful arrivals without any risks. You could buy your familiar design applicable for buying it via online.

Sleek designs

This always provides admiring one where you will have a good pattern of innerwear forever. It serves the best one and it includes vital solution for selecting those designs. Most importantly, winter innerwear for mens are always discovering with a new look and suppose to manage with ease. It now takes place in evaluating with overall results for following with right pattern. This is vital for grabbing almost designs which is necessary for arranging with different colors pick from store. It makes men happy by seeing flat sales and thus grabs it from the official portals. You could also pick almost collections which serves best option to protect accordingly. It is then follow by wonderful design pattern in order to manage by taking appropriate results. Therefore, you have to rely on first class mens arrivals at professional platform. This is necessary for carrying out with exclusive designs so far identified to buy most familiar items forever. It usually plays vital role for accessing with exclusive collections so far identified in unique model.

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Why you should wear your watch on the left wrist?

You’re likely to know that the left wrist is considered the “ right” wrist to wear a watch for men. The discussion of which wrist you should wear your amazing Panerai Luminor watch on has been ever present, particularly over the most recent few years as internet has developed, and more individuals are sharing photographs of them wearing their watch . But how do you know which wrist is the right one for you? Furthermore, wouldn’t you be able to wear your watch on whichever wrist you favor? Let’s look at the reason behind why the left wrist today is viewed as the “right” wrist to wear a watch on, and the explanations behind wearing your wristwatch on the left wrist.

The vast majority wear their wristwatch on their left wrist. All things considered, this implies some left-handed people will in general wear their watch on the right hand. In that capacity, this is likewise the motivation behind why watch brands showcase “left-hand models”, making it progressively agreeable for left-hand individuals to wear the watches. Since a great many people are correct given, it implies that the vast majority additionally wear their wristwatch on the left wrist, however this isn’t generally the situation. Indeed, there are a lot of individuals who are right-handed who wear their watch on the right wrist, much the same as there are left-handed individuals who wear their wristwatch on their left wrist.

In any case, the most vital part about the “standard” for wearing your wristwatch to your left side wrist isn’t that simple. Truth be told, there are genuine, real advantages to wearing your watch on the left hand.

Presently, take note that the pragmatic reasons behind wearing your watch on the left hand that I’ll go into will concentrate on right-handed individuals, as this is the thing that has made the “rule” of wearing your watch on the left hand. Accordingly, in fact, regardless of the way that wearing your watch on the left hand is the standard, so as to profit by these “advantages”, as a left-handed individual, you have to, in principle, wear your watch on your right wrist.

You do most of the work with your right hand

This is the key motivation behind why left-hand watch-wearing is the standard. Since you will in general utilize your right hand more, it’s simpler to inadvertently scratch or break up your watch when wearing it on your right hand. Also, if you are right handed and wear your watch on your right handed, your watch may act as a burden, just as making it harder to bend your wrist. In that capacity, your watch sits awkwardly as you try to open up a screw or are cooking in the kitchen or carrying heavy weights while utilizing your right hand. For instance, if you have a watch, particularly a big one on your right hand wrist, and are endeavoring to type by hand utilizing your right wrist, it turns out to be very awkward and harder to compose.

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3 Classic Items Every Man Should Have in His Closet

As men continue to become more fashion-conscious, the rules regarding basic wardrobe necessities continue to evolve as well. Certain pieces of fashion are timeless and help to enhance any outfit. If you are a man who is looking to improve his wardrobe, or if you are a woman trying to improve a man’s wardrobe, here are three classic items that every man should have in his closet.

A Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is both a fashionable accessory and a useful item. Messenger bags are usually made of leather and come in various darker colors, which makes them perfect with any type of outfit. The only thing that you need to take into consideration is that messenger bags match formal outfits better. They won’t work as well if you try to match them with more casual outfits.

Plenty of amazing messenger bags on the market will suit your needs. If you plan to use your messenger bag more for looks than for carrying around things, try to find a bag that is smaller and won’t be a pain to carry. If you’re looking for a messenger bag that you’ll use daily, look for one that is durable and will hold all of the things you tote around.

If you’re looking for some direction with finding a messenger bag that is right for you, start with a Fossil messenger bag.

A Watch

Watches will always be among the best accessories for almost any outfit. No matter what type of attire you are wearing, you can find a watch that will match it. Much like the messenger bag, the watch is also a useful piece of equipment wherever you go, provided that it’s made for reading time and not just for aesthetics.

When you begin looking to purchase a watch, make sure that you stick with neutral colors on the face of the watch and on the band. Although watches with large amounts of gold and crystals can be impressive, these types of watches might not match everything in your wardrobe. With watches, you don’t need to take too many things into consideration. As long as it works well and looks nice with your outfits, you will have no problem.

A Pair of Sneakers

Sneakers are great footwear because you can use them in almost any situation. You can jog in them, you can wear them with casual outfits, and now people are starting to wear them with more formal wear. You need to consider two things when you are looking for sneakers. The first thing is support. Some sneakers are made solely for fashion while others have comfort and support in mind. If you have foot issues, you should look into sneakers with added support. The second thing is style. Some sneakers are designed to work with formal wear while others are obviously made for casual wear. Keep an eye out for this.

Sneakers are sold in a wide range of styles, and you could spend days looking through all of the sneakers that you might like. If you need some guidance with finding the right pair with a high-end stylistic flair, take a look at the sneakers at Reign.

Use these key components to go out and build a wardrobe that will make you look timeless forever.

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Make Most Of Money By Selling Your Old Watch Like Hot Cakes

Many people in this world are so crazy about purchasing new and new things that compels them to fill their racks even by paying higher prices. Few of them intend to sell their old articles. Many of them think of putting their used Rolex for sale.

Those planning to dispose of their old things and make a good buck should plan as under:

  • Wide hunt for sources – First of all, think about the best method how to sell the watch or other items that you retained with you for years. Contact your relatives, friends or other known guys that could be interested to lay hands on your used Rolex for sale. Why not contact a local watch trader and ask him if he or she could purchase the watch. The best source of selling the old pieces is the individual websites of selling agents. They may ask you to pay some commission and sell the piece at a genuine price.

  • Original packing – It is suggested to retain the original packing of the watch or other items that you wish to sell at good price. The potential buyers are always interested to buy the old things that are packed in their original boxes or cases. So it is recommended to offer the piece by packing it nicely in the case that contained it at the time you brought home the watch.

  • Maintenance – It is suggested to maintain the old watch or camera in perfect manner. Regular thorough cleaning is the wise step to sell the item at good price. Do not ever keep the watch at higher racks as it could drop and get damaged.

  • Necessary repairs – It is possible that your watch might have undergone some defect because the kid might have played and dropped it down. So take the piece to the watch repairing shop and get it repaired in full. Do not ever offer the defective piece to the buyer.

  • Trading – Many people sell their old belongings while few trade them cleverly. Watches in good working order can be trade well by offering them at the right time and right place. Many watch selling companies organise watch fairs for the convenience of buyers and sellers. Why not attend such functions and dispose of your old watches at a lucrative price.

  • Check warranty – It is certain that you might have obtained the warranty period from the manufacturer or the vendor from whom you purchased the watch. Check the same as it is certain to fetch you a good price if the piece is still in the warranty period.
  • Ask good price – It is suggested to dispose of your old watch for a good price. But do not ever ask much excessive or much lower price for the watch that you intend to sell. Be wise to demand genuine price for the same

So you have decided to say no to your old watch and made up our mind to put used Rolex for sale! Be wise to grasp the above tips and follow them.

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Top coats for guys this year

Wrapping up from the cold in winter and during the transition to springs needs more than just a denim jacket or Harrington. Men’s coats are the perfect outerwear to ward off the seasons chill. Here is a compilation of some of this season must have coats. These garments give any outfit the right blend of classic and stylish. Any of the coats listed below will be sure to protect you from any elements the season is willing to throw at you

Check out the checkered overcoat

Checks have made a major comeback since last year. It has graced the catwalks since 2017 and fashioned on anything from shoes, trousers, and knitwear. This pattern can turn any ordinary overcoat into a sensation. It is one way of ensuring you never tire of your buy.

Plenty of fashion brands are going for the looser fit but don’t think you will need to sacrifice the pattern due to the bulkiness of the garment. You can certainly work a checkered pattern on a loose fitting coat with a neutral outfit.

The trench is always on trend

The trenchcoat has been a staple men’s coat since World War I. It is a timeless and stylish item that is hardpressed to beat. Whether worn belted or not, this men’s coat is both forms flattering and functional. Some designs make a waterproof version of the coat that is perfect for rainy winter days and nights. The trench coat is a full show of old-school masculinity due to the broad shoulder design and upward lapels.

Burberry made the camel color trench famous. That color and cut is still a firm favorite among fashionistas and trendsetters. Modern-day trench coats can be found in a variety of colors. From midnight blue, black and moss green.

There is nothing peasized about the peacoat

The ultimate smart-casual choice, the peacoat packs in all the requirements. This versatile men’s coatallows for many different looks. It is a rare garment that can be thrown on for an instant pep up to any outfit. Whether you are sporting structured chinos and sneakers or skinny jeans and bold print shirt, the peacoat round off any outfit perfectly. This garment is made by most of the big men’s fashion houses.

It is advisable to not have a form-fittingpeacoat has it is bestworn allowing some room to move. Also, with the coat being slightly oversized, you can wear a chunky sweater or hoodie underneath in the hight of winter.

There are also many short-styled jackets that can take you through the days and nights of winter. The shearling denim jacket, colorful puffer jacket, and bomber jacket are great options should you prefer shorter lengths. However, the longer men’s coat is a great addition to your wardrobe for that sophisticated finish to any outfit. The above mentions are just a few examples of what is available on the market today, there are more to choose from. Be sure you choose one that complements the rest of your wardrobe and personality. There is nothing that ruins an outfit more than looking uncomfortable in what you are wearing.

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The Components of a Tailored Suit

You don’t have to know much about tailoring to know which clothes look good and which don’t. In the same vein, you don’t have to know much about tailoring to finally go and get yourself measured up for a bespoke suit.

With that said, knowledge is power. To get you on your way, we’ve outlined the essential components that make up a suit below, helping you to know your lapels from your sleeves.

What Should I Be looking for?

We would always recommend contemporary designs, even for the older gentleman. Wide lapels and boxy shoulders are last century and will hopefully never make a return. Instead, you should be looking towards a much slimmer profile, from the lapels to the silhouette of the suit itself.

Your choice of colour is entirely up to you but unless you have several suits in your wardrobe, we would suggest sticking with a simple grey or navy. Leave the pinks and Quality Street (chocolate) triangle greens until you have a decent collection built up.

Finally, you’ll be presented with a choice of material. Avoid corduroy and tweed for now and stick with wool or cotton.

The Collar

The section of fabric that sits on your neck. Not really much to choose from here but we have noticed that some people tend to choose a collar that doesn’t match the test of the suit in terms of colour or material. An interesting touch for a purple velvet smoking jacket but not something you want on a normal suit.

The Lapel

As mentioned, keep it slim. You can’t really go wrong here – in fact, we haven’t seen a large, wide flappy lapel suit jacket on sale for a long time now.

As mentioned above, avoid contrasting colours and materials unless you’re really trying to make a statement and can pull it off.


A pocket for a pocket square on your breast is a necessity. Don’t skip this important feature. Some jackets skip this detail altogether or sow it up, not what you want.

The lower pockets that sit on your waist are up to your discretion but we would suggest one on both sides.


A debate that has been raging for centuries. To keep it simple, you never want more than three buttons on the front of your jacket. Two is sometimes even better. If three, only do up the middle button and if two, only do up the top.

The buttons on your sleeves are up to you but we suggest no more than three.

The Trousers

Your trousers should be the right length, no excuses. Shorter is always better than longer. The bottom of your trousers should just sit on the uppers of your shoes.

Needless to say, you want a pair of slim fitting trousers that don’t billow around your legs.

Find a Tailor

That was pretty simple, right? All that’s left is to find a tailor who can take your measurements and turn them into a sartorial masterpiece. Mens tailored suits in Sydney can be crafted by any one of the great tailors you will find around the city. If you need a recommendation, simply head online.

Before you know it, you’ll look good enough to step onto the catwalks of Paris.