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Inspiration For Various Kids T Shirt Designs

T Shirt designs are becoming extremely important in kids present times as they have to wear them almost all the time. T shirts have been worn by individuals for quite a while but over the recent years, it has rather become a fashion trend and tends to be most suitable for children. The inspiration behind t shirts for many kids is the fact that they have to be kept comfortable at all times. Unlike adults, kids don’t like heavy or fancy stuff which is rather important for adults as they have to follow many trends nowadays due to the importance and the effect of fashion has on anyone and everyone. T shirt designs for children can range from friendly quotes to cartoon characters, which is fairly popular amongst the kids. The different sizes and patterns on t shirts for kids can be easily obtained from the market as it caters to all the needs of the people. T shirts with short sleeves are in for kids in summers as they prefer staying cool and this is taken as the main motive and inspiration behind making various t shirts for kids. Designs mainly are plain or a bit childish, which suits their age, and generally the colors are bright and light, unlike adults who go for sobering and dark colors.

Inspiration behind Kids T Shirts These Days

T shirts were basically made for kids as they had to be kept comfortable. Adults started the trend of wearing t shirts and it quickly spread in different parts of the whole world and the people from both genders and any age can be seen wearing t shirts in the present times. It is a stylish way of dressing up children, all the while keeping them from being whiny due to irritation and discomfort. The main inspiration for the t shirts for kids comes from cartoon characters mainly and the designs are rather classic and not contemporary like the other t shirts around. Keep in mind children’s character following, Minecraft kids t shirt are not a bad idea to purchase.

Benefits of Getting T Shirts for Kids
Kids prefer cartoon characters on their t shirts as it pleases them and their parents agree to it since it suits their children and makes them look their age, all the while looking cute and like all the other kids of their ages. Boys mostly prefer action figures and super heroes whereas girls thoroughly prefer princesses and such characters which serves to be the perfect inspiration behind the t shirts for kids as they love them that way. The kids also resemble all the other kids which they hang out or study with since they like to stay equal to everybody else as they can completely relate to the cartoons, therefore parents considering buying the best t shirts for their kids should always know what their kids like in the first place.

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Use Of Stag Promotional T Shirts

T shirts are the easy wear liked by both females and males. The use of t shirts is now essential everywhere especially in summer where everyone likes to take in the heat of the summer sun. T shirts are used widely and there is a huge market section serving the t shirt customers in the garment industry. Most of the garment businesses started with simple t shirts that later on turned into a segment of simple t shirt among that targeting the specific needs of their customers. There are many manufacturers and garment services providing t shirts to the clothing market. Many brands are buying from large scale garment facilities making huge amount of clothing products. Such t shirts are bought from the manufacturers and garment owners and then shaped into the branded products.

Stag party t shirts
Among other product lines of t shirts the stag t shirts are famous. Such shirts are manufactured and designed to get noticed by the audiences. The aim of stag shirts is to wear a mark that discriminates a person from the crowd. The stag t shirts are the best ways for the groups and teams to discriminate themselves from the rest. For example a group serving the cause like cancer cure will wear stag t shirts marking the confidence and saluting the bravery of cancer patients. Such t shirts are also worn by patients themselves to mark their own happiness of cure and hope. Stag party t shirts are famous products used by many youngsters. The stag party t shirts come with printed logos and marks that show the personality of the youth. The designs that are printed on the party t shirts are sometime specific meaning that printed on order but some are not.

How stag t shirts make one stand out
The stag party t shirts make a person look different among the crowd. Since style and fashion awareness is spreading in the customers. The needs of customers regarding clothing and garments have changed. Such changed demands have made many markets within the larger set up dealing with customers. The stag t shirts are worn by different users and for different reasons. All reasons are marketed differently in the market. Since the users are different the market is promoted differently. There are many uses of stag t shirt other than part stag t shirts including organization promotion and media content promotion.

Media and sports
The media also uses stag t shirts to promote characters and movies and dramas among customers. Also the sports goods include printed t shirts among promotional materials in the market. Much profit is earned on such goods and this has proved to be the best way for the customers to present their taste and hobbies.

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Sneaker Style: What to Wear for Fall 2017

For Fall 2017, you’ve got to be bold to be beautiful. The season’s fashions for clothing and footwear incorporate traditional materials like leather with unusual colors like neon yellow. For men and women alike, sneakers this season put the fun in functional. This article will discuss some of the trends for this season’s footwear and help you choose the right style for your look.

Women’s Styles

Women’s styles this fall aim to catch the eye with interesting textures, brazen color combinations and traditional patterns and materials given a fresh turn.

Sneaker stores around the country are stocking shoes that dress up or down, blurring the lines between casual and formal with wedge-heeled sneakers that work as well at the office as they do hanging with the girls. Wedges are on fire for fall 2013, showing up on boots, espadrilles and sneakers. Pair jacked-up denim sneakers with a swishy skirt, or brown suede wedge sneakers with your favorite jeans.

Monochrome looks are hot now, and not just in the traditional fall colors of brown, black and beige. Monochrome sneakers are one tone for all parts of the shoe, including the soles and laces. Emerald green, jewel-tone blue, and slate-colored sneakers look perfect with a long, patterned skirt and matching cropped jacket. While the weather’s still fine, short shorts or mini-minis with same-hue sneakers aren’t too matchy-matchy.

Hate being cold? This season’s boxy outerwear provides warmth and a killer look. But to balance the big shoulders and extra length, you’ll need shoes that complement without distracting. Wedges might work, if they’re slim-lined enough, though remixed classic sneakers with simple lines and a thinner sole will probably balance out your profile better while giving you more versatility in combinations.

If you’ve got a closet needing a splash of color or texture, patterned sneakers are an easy way to update your look in one shopping trip. Camouflage-patterned sneakers, especially wedges, are fun without being flirty, and plaid patterns seem to have made their way to all corners of the wardrobe this season.

Men’s Styles

Sneakers for men in Fall 2013 bring catwalk materials and colors to everyday footwear. Leather is a hot choice for men and boy’s sneakers, especially in black or dark colors, and lets your sneakers edge over to business casual. Shiny, patent leather makes a statement, but more complex textures and suede mix patterns are also available. Go for an edgier style with leather sneakers with chrome studs on the toe and heel.

Where women’s sneakers found height in wedges, men’s sneakers are aiming for the ankle with high-top and mid-height sneakers. The high tops offered by this season’s designers are bold with blocking in hot colors like red and orange, and often with soles in colors that contrast with the upper part of the shoe.

Men’s sneakers this autumn come accented with highlights in an array of nontraditional colors like mint green, neon orange, lemon yellow and purple, though the main body color of the shoes are often toned-down grays, browns and creams. Fun and surprising combinations like beige uppers with neon yellow soles and stripes will get the most attention this season. Red continues to be a popular sneaker color this fall, while metallic monochrome sneakers — for example, gold, silver and bronze — let your toes twinkle below the hem of your jeans.

The trend of patterned, lace-less slip-on sneakers worn with jeans or casual pant continues, with black and white checks or plaid remaining a solid choice. Other patterns, especially splashes, slashes and drips of primary colors on a solid background, brighten up sneakers of all sorts — from athletic-style sneaks to slip-ons and high-tops.

Boat shoes continue to be popular and the style edges into the sneaker arena with designs incorporating matching soles and laces and contrasting uppers. The wearing of light-colored shoes with dark laces has made its mark in cities across the U.S. Try dark brown laces with cream-colored canvas sneakers, or black laces on orange, red or green athletic-style sneakers.

Black wedge sneakers from Flickr’s Creative Commons by Idhren

About the Author: Jill Rahm is a street-fashion photographer with a special love for footwear. She enjoys documenting street styles in both her native Chicago and other cities around the United States.

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Husband Habits: 5 Tips For Helping Your Husband Dress Well

You love your husband, except for one thing – the way he dresses. You can no longer stand the ragged jeans and dirty t-shirts he wears to every event, even work. He needs a makeover, but you don’t want to scare him into doing it because he’ll just put on his over-worn clothes and stalk out. The good news is there are some things you can do to help your husband dress well while avoiding conflict. Here are five tips to consider.

1. Don’t Change Him

Don’t force a total wardrobe shift on him. Try to keep the fashions somewhere in the same vein that he currently wears. Should your husband be a lover of t-shirts, don’t switch him to polos and button-downs. Keep him in the same garments, and provide some more fashionable suggestions that he may find pleasing.

2. Don’t Gang Up on Him

No need to involve him in a What-Not-to-Wear type of fashion intervention with all of his friends telling him how bad he dresses. That’s going to do nothing except make him hide in a pile of his ratty jeans. Keep this between you and him at all times. This way he doesn’t feel like you are giving him something to fight against, but rather are just offering some tips.

3. Give Him Time

Just because he agrees to get new clothes doesn’t mean you burn all of his old ones. Shop for a few new items first and see if he likes them. Then begin to slowly incorporate more garments in every few weeks. If you try to do it all in one dramatic sweep and do not allow him any say in the matter, your attempts will not go over well.

4. Do Some Research

There are plenty of websites to review to find out what better-dressed men are wearing these days. For example, features profiles of fashionable t-shirts, sweaters and jackets that may work for your husband. Write down some suggestions that you think he will like, and sit down together to make choices.

5. Provide an Incentive

Most guys hate shopping, and even the thought of getting near a mall makes them cringe. To get them to buy clothes, incorporate a shopping trip with something else, like a movie or dinner out. This may provide more encouragement for him to buy some new clothes.

With some patience and a little gentle coercing you can move your husband away from his grungy clothes into more fashionable garments. He may balk at first, but his attitude may change when he sees other looking his way in admiration. Then all you need to do is make sure the women just look.

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Keep Your Man Suave and Sexy With These Shirts

The perfect combination of a shirt and pants can make you feel sophisticated, professional and even a little alluring. When you’re preparing for a casual outing with the ladies or are heading to hang out with the guys, the right shirt will make your outfit stand out. Here are a few fashionable shirt ideas to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Button-Down White Shirt

This classic clothing piece is a fashionable must-have for men. You can wear a white button-down with a pair of jeans, chinos, or dress pants. Shirts that fit expertly, such as slim fits and tailored slim fits, provide adequate room for broad shoulders and a streamlined abdomen. This shirt is an essential to his wardrobe to pull off any look in a classy and sophisticated way.

Poet Blouse

The poet blouse or tunic-style shirt is ideal for those who prefer the boho chic look. The shirt is loose fitting, but may have a small opening in the front to show off the collar bone. Poet blouses are best paired with tights or skinny jeans to create a balanced silhouette.

Wrap Blouse

Women who want to hide a few imperfections while accentuating their cleavage, will want to invest in a wrap shirt or two. These tops look great with bottoms like boot cut jeans and mid-length skirts. The wrap feature of the shirt helps to make the midsection look slimmer and brings the eyes to the top of the body.

Graphic Stretch T-Shirt

A stretch t-shirt in long or short-sleeved varieties can serve as a sensible undergarment if you’re wearing a blazer. Or you can pair the fitted shirt with a decorative scarf and a pair of skinny jeans and loafers for a casual look that’s sexy, simply and chic. This is another shirt that comes in both men’s and women’s varieties, and and can help to showcase the body’s shape and curves. When you’re shopping for a stretch t-shirt, remember to select the same size shirt you’d wear in looser fitting tops like sweaters or button-downs. This keeps the shirt from appearing too snug. Look for shirts that have interesting designs or vibrant colors, like cheeky tee designs from Reem, that can add an element of interest to your outfit.

If you’re looking for an interesting new shirt to wear with the your favorite pair of jeans, these tops will add more intrigue to your wardrobe and give you new ways to express your personal style.

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The Hottest Spring 2017 Trends At Milan Fashion Week

When you think Milan Fashion Week you think of haute style and couture classics sashaying down the runway. It’s the quintessential of the word “extravagant”! The week is full of high-end designers premiering their latest creations. We drool and admire the designs and garments. Milan is a place where we go to get dazzled and inspired. Here are some hot spring 2014 styles that premiered in Milan’s Fashion Week.

All White

Every year you get designers on the runway ready to give us their spring rendition. We must therefore not forget how the all-white trend captured our hearts over and over again. You can never be tired of the white classics. Perhaps it’s a reminder that, at the end of the dreary winter, the light continues. Blumarine charmed us with an angelic gown and BBC noted that it was “cream bandeau gown embellished with white detail and train, for the Blumarine ready-to-wear collection”. You can’t go wrong with white for your spring/summer looks. It’s fresh and crisp and gives an instant lift to your wardrobe.

Spring Leather

Spring leather pieces emerged from the Salvatore Ferragamo collection. The leather was exciting and colorful with vibrant depth and texture. When you think leather, sometimes you think dull colors and darker earth tones. Ferragamo went above the expectations of leather by giving the garments shape and feminine appeal.


You can’t have spring without the announcement of bloom and life. Milan Fashion Week wrote a love song to spring by debuting floral influences from the international realm. The unique trend about floral this year is that: it went 3D. Floral is not on a three dimension look as opposed to last years prints being printed right on the garment. I believe we can expect this look to take off for the spring because of its romantic appeal and homage to nature. We live in a 3D world and what better way to display that than by giving flowers a realistic appearance. Marni definitely took the not so minimalist appeal. In ABC news, Marni admits to “Silencing the urge to minimize”. (


Another Milan Fashion Week hot trend is the stripe. This look was captured by several collections with different designers. It took on a life of it’s own with a variety of looks appearing throughout the shows. “From Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian sack dress, to Fendi’s 3D geometry”, this look awakens something in our fashion hearts. (

The stripes give off a very modern look with the diverse colors and cuts. However, designers like Burberry Prosum chose to go with solid colors palettes layered over prints for their men’s collection. Men’s Health advised men that, when it comes to patterns, “certain eye catching styles are not for the timid. Depending on your appetite for attention, make your statement with pattern. Muted with a traditional tailored trouser or jacket in solid color” (

No matter what look the stripes take, they are going to be a big hit when spring rolls around.


Skirts took this week of fashion by a storm. They were everywhere. I can’t emphasize how much domination they took on the runway. This will be a staple for the spring. There were a few designers like Dolce and Gabbana who took a dramatic approach with colors and structures. There were some like MaxMara who took a more classic approach with the pencil skirt and more of a solid color look.

Get ahead with your spring style by looking at the Milan Fashion Week premier. If you’re looking for a fashion company to start up your spring wardrobe, there is always a hidden gem that will take you straight from the runway into your closet. The idea is to find a way to customize what you see on the runway into something wearable and indicative of your personality. The rest is all about having fun with fashion.