Did You Know? The Components Required for a Generator

A generator is a type of electrical machine used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They are the main source for the production of electrical energy at power stations. They are also widely used as a backup power source at homes, offices, and hospitals. But, these backup generators are small in size as compared to the ones installed at power generation sites.

Like every other machine, a generator is made of some significant components that are the essential part of the machine. As there is a continuous increase in the usage of these machines, a number of electrical machinery manufacturing companies in USA, China, Japan, and other leading states have grown themselves for the production of the components required to build a generator.

Main Parts of a Generator

The focal parts used in the construction of a generator are elaborated below:

  1. Engine

In general, the main part of every machine is the ‘engine’. It drives all the processes that a machine requires. Similarly, in generator an engine is the most significant component that helps the prime mover in a rotation, to produce mechanical energy so that it can be converted into electrical energy afterward. To function, it requires a fuel source such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, bio-diesel, water, sewage gas or hydrogen. Engines are deliberately designed in such a way to produce maximum output.

  1. Fueling System

In order to have an accurate amount of fuel for smooth functioning of a machine, there is a proper system behind; that helps in transferring an appropriate amount of fuel to the system. There is a storage tank that stores enough amount of fuel to power the generator for hours. The fuel pipe is connected to the engine for transferring fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. A filter is also attached in between to filter any impurities from the fuel that would disturb the working process. At the end of the fuel pipe, there is a fuel injector that directly injects the fuel; to the combustion chamber of the engine.

  1. Alternator

An alternator is a part of the generator that consists of a stator and a rotor in its construction which helps in converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. A stator is a stationary part while the rotor is the rotating part. A stator is a coil that conducts electricity and rotor contain permanent rotating magnets that produces the varying magnetic field.

  1. Voltage Regulator

For continuous and constant production, an alternator has a voltage regular attached to it, in order to have a regulated amount of voltage at the output.

  1. Cooling Systems

Whenever there is mechanical work, there is always a release of heat energy which can cause overheating to the system if not prevented rightly. A cooling system is responsible for eliminating the heat release. A generator uses fans or oil tank for cooling purpose.


5 Great Gifts for Grandparents

Shopping for the grandparents is not always easy. A lot of them don’t use much, they don’t love technology, and they really don’t like frivolous spending. Nevertheless, you can’t leave them out of the gift-giving seasons and your kids probably really look forward to buying something for them. So, whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays, we’ve got a few special gifts that are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Canvas prints

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Television soundbars

This may seem like something a little too high-tech for the older generation, but it’s perfect for anyone who has a little trouble hearing. Hearing loss is shown to increase significantly among many adults in their sixties. So, as your parents get older, they’ll need accommodations to help them enjoy the things they’re used to. A television soundbar is the perfect option.

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Key finders

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