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Bold Hawaiian Prints Perfect for Every Shape and Size

Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous areas to visit with its’ warm, sunny weather and abundance of flora and fauna. Hawaiian fashions typically come in patterns that reflect the brightly colored, fragrant tropical flowers that are found on the islands.

Hawaiian prints are popular because they are timeless and can be worn year ‘round no matter what your shape or size.

Hawaiian Dresses Help You Look Your Best:

Nothing helps women feel better about herself than when she looks stunning. Hawaiian—styled dresses come in a wide range of styles from flowing and comfortable during the hot summer season to fitted and sassy. No matter what style you prefer, with Hawaiian inspired fashions you can add accessories like belts, jewelry and shoes to create your own personal style.

Hawaiian Maxi-Dress Perfect for Special Occasions:
A Hawaiian maxi dress specifically designed for plus size figures enables any women to look gorgeous as she proudly shows off her most desirable assets.

Maxi-dresses have become a popular choice for those that want to keep their legs covered. Many styles have plunging necklines and belted waists, perfect to show off an ample bustline and small waist. The bold floral designs will make a statement when you walk into a room. With the popularity of maxi dresses making a comeback, maxis not only make a popular choice for a special evening out with fancy accessories, but they are popular any time of day and can be “dressed down” for a more casual daytime look.

Shorter Hawaiian dresses or “luau dresses” are the perfect “anytime” wear. They come in sexy fitted options as well as sassy full skirt styles with a variety of neckline styles. Many designs come with an assortment of stylish options such as sleeveless, short sleeve and one shoulder options.

Big, Bold and Beautiful:
In addition to dresses, there is other Hawaiian style clothing that enables you to get that special look. There are tops in bright designs that go perfectly with shorts or leggings. And even some designs that feature a fitted top with shorts with a maxi skirt over it, a new look, but a versatile one that will enable you to show a lot of leg or a little.

With Hawaiian style clothing, you have the opportunity to let your ideas run free. Not only can you dress these fashions up or down depending on your event, you can wear flowers in your hair that match your outfit and were these versatile outfits with flats or high-heeled shoes for further make your fashion statement.

Look like a plus-sized model and feel special wearing innovative-styled hawaiian dress for plus size women. You can find the right plus-sized outfit for just about any occasion at PlusLook.

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How to read the LuLaRoe Nicole size chart

LuLaRoe is a U.S. based company that designs and sells women’s clothing. It is an MLM (Multilevel Marketing Company), a directselling company. It makes nice pattered clothes with a lot of stripes, shapes, and chevrons, and loose-fitting styles for young mothers to wear on play dates and star bucks run. The founders Deanne Brady and her husband Mark Stidham, say that they made the business for women to stay at home and support their families while in touch with the business. Unlike most business organizations, LuLaRoefashions designers sell on Facebook.

My Favorite Dress

My favorite dress is LuLaRoe Nicole because the dresses are always simple, adorable and flattering. LuLaRoe has been takingcare of my wardrobe since January 2013. I bought my first LuLaRoe dress on Christmas Day, December 2012.

LuLaRoe Nicole size chart helps me get the most fitting and prettiest dress that everyone would dream of.

LuLaRoe Nicole size chart

The most frequently asked question by the LuLaRoe customers is sizing. When shopping with LuLaRoe, they provide a standard sizing
chart that helps as a guide, although it is advisable to try on and see if it fits. So while a Nicole chart is a good guide, it is not advisable to use it as the first rule when choosing the best fitting Nicole. The sizes can also vary slightly.

How to read a LuLaRoe Nicole size chart

LuLaRoe Leggings

OS means one-size, that is, sizes 0-10. These are usually for young adults or in most cases, middle-aged women. It mostly fits for girls with ages 8-15.

T&C is my best fit although I am one of the lucky that can wear both sizes. On the size chart, it means tall and curvy, sizes 10-22. This is an option for almost every girl out there, but not always likely. Try them on. T&C feels much more comfortable for me. Some people do not like this sizing because they are not tall.

LuLaRoe Irma

This goes usually perfect with leggings or jeans. It can also a nice match with a skirt for a night out. LuLaRoe advice sizing down
two sizes for this top, although some can size down three and it fits very well. It all depends on how you want to wear this top.

Amelia Dress

This is a wonderful dress with exposed pockets and zipper. Amelia comes in different styles and fabric types. They quite fit true
to the body size. For some, it works best when they size up one more for comfort.

Azure Skirt

This is a short maxi skirt and the sizing is very similar. It hangs slightly below the knee and it has some beautiful twirl factor. For this one, it is advisable to use the size chart to determine your perfect size.

Sarah Cardigan

This is a full-length Nicole cardigan and can fit into many sizes. However, in this one, the sleeves might restrict you since some fabrics are more stretched than others to allow more room in the sleeves. In this, I would recommend to rather stay in your size range on the chart.

Julia Dress

This is a very flattering, tighter and fitting Nicole dress. LuLaRoe Nicole size chart recommends going up one or two moresizes for extra comfort. But try to wear more on to better understand your size.


LuLaRoe is magic. Everyone, no matter their size or shape can find their best fit. Using LuLaRoe Nicole size chart as a guide willhelp every woman get the favorite clothes of their dreams. LuLaRoe is the best place to be for every woman.

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Jewels That Every Women Must Own

Your appearance is incomplete without a perfect piece of jewel in your ear, neck or on your hand. It is the best way of adoring yourself and displaying your signature look. There are a lot of options to choose from now as compared to old times.

There are some jewelry items that every woman should have, that are always in trend and can make your jewelry collection better.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are classic jewels and every woman must have them in their collection. This piece of jewelry is perfect for completing an elegant look. You don’t need a matching apparel with the studs as they will work with anything, and can be worn anywhere from parties to dinner and office. Diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend. However this piece of jewelry is expensive but now there are so many options available. If you are searching for quality jewelry at an affordable price, visit Http:// as the web provides a wide range of diamond jewelry with ranges in price. Furthermore coupons are also available to avail the desire piece with discounts.

Pearl Studs

Next thing in the list are pearl studs. There is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than a pair of pearl studs. This piece of jewelry should be a part of every woman`s box. Pearls don’t need a specific attire to work with;it can be used with any dress as it has no specific shade. There are different sizes available with beautiful designs, alluring to eyes and feels great while you wear them.


It was used years back, but was considered a luxurious jewelry. However it has always been in trend and fits perfectly with any summer clothing line. It adds touch of delicacy to your look. You can even wear it at a traditional wedding. In case if you ever get a chance to attend a wedding in India, you will see every girl wearing an armlet. It beautifies you more and gives a unique touch to overall look. Every woman must try an arm bracelet; it keeps your hand full of jewels.

Long Necklace

Long necklaces are very fashionable, and look good with any wardrobe.There is a great variety of necklaces available, including pearl necklace, gem necklace, diamond necklace and many more which you can wear with a formal or an informal dress. For an elegant touch, wear a gold and stone necklace with Indian clothes. Indians invest too much on gold and stone jewelry, the reason behind it is that long necklaces always look good with traditional clothes plus the new designs are just amazing.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are present in almost all woman`s collection. They are also old fashioned but are always in trend. You can wear them with any dress, be it a skirt or a jeans and tops, it works well with all types.They are pretty attractive although they are simple. Sometimes you don’t need too much heavy jewelry to look beautiful, even the simplest things can make you look dapper.

Layered Necklace

The layered necklace is an excellent accessory to add and improve the look of the whole dress. They will create a good combination with any dress and are suitable for daily wear and party wear.You don’t need to spend much to bring it in your collection.

Chunky Necklace

The old tradition is making its way again to the lime light;they are suitable for creating an impact at any gathering. The golden color always works with all dresses as it matches with any color. It is a great piece and every woman should have it in their collection.

If you think that any jewelry item is useless in your collection, think again. You never know of the world, trends are settled every next hour; you never know when the worth of the jewelry can increase.

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Evening dresses according to your personality

If you are looking for evening dresses, be sure to read this article.

Do you have a night event and still do not what evening dresses are appropriate for you? Do you find too many dresses but none fits you perfectly? Do not know who to ask for help?

Sometimes we fall in love with some dresses are look perfect at the store window but then we try it on, and we are disappointed. So that you first look for pieces that will always fit you perfectly, we help you solve all the questions with five tips that can help you choose the perfect dress.

Follow these keys:

Define your personality

To start the search, you must first know that an event cannot be “disguised”, meaning that the dress you wear reflects your personality and how you want others to see you. There are many trends. However, not all of them will always suit you, so you have to identify the ones that are more according to the type of personality you have. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your style. Jovani, a well-known brand that belongs to the fashion industry, tells us that when you look for a dress, it is the perfect chance to be entirely yourself and that you can make your own decisions when choosing a dress.

To achieve your goal of finding the perfect dress, we invite you to read these five type of personalities, read carefully and identify yours.

Classic girl: you are the kind of person that loves the classic, and you always opt for the traditional, and this style will never go out of style. You are that girl who loves the simplicity, but you are also very delicate and elegant. If you are this type of girl, you have to choose a V-neckline dress, and a pearls necklace, which is also totally elegant.

Romantic girl: you are a person who will always want to look delicate and very sweet. If you are this kind of girl, the perfect dress for you is one with lace details, which gives you a high level of romanticism and cuteness.

Boho girl: you are a person who loves simple things and with no many details. If you are this type of woman, you should bet on choosing a dress that makes you feel free, so a flared dress from the waist may be your best choice. You can add minimalist accessories as well.

Vintage girl: you are a person who will always love old styles. You are a forever lover of the old tendencies. If you are that type of girl, choose a dress that has a classic corset or a lace. Find that vintage dress and will love the result of your look.

Modern girl: you are that person who is always looking for new trends. You are a daring girl, who is not afraid to bet on the new things. If you are that type of girl, choose a dress that brings you the latest cuts and colors. For example, a dress with an asymmetrical cut, rhinestones and a trendy color as the “ultraviolet” will make you look totally in.

Jovani, an important fashion reference in dresses and creator of the special collection Evening Dresses, tells us that a dress has to show your personal style.

“If you choose a dress that is not really your style, it is what most other guests will notice; you will feel very uncomfortable and disguised. Never buy a dress that people advise, it is better to define your personality first and then search the ideal dress”.

Do not be afraid to wear something that people say is not right. If you want old dresses and want to wear red, why do you have to wait for an approval? Dare to show what you like. Jovani, tells us that when a person is looking for the perfect dress, what is advised is that the clients leave behind the impositions or disciplines, that night that is free. Therefore, it is essential that you comment on your favorite store or brand your preferences and your personality so, according to that, let them advise you of the best dress option for you.

Do not be afraid and let your evening dress to reflect your personality!

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What Color Diamond is Right for You

Choosing the perfect diamond can be a daunting task even to the most educated consumer. Understanding the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) color grading system for diamonds is useful when looking for the right diamond. Natural colorless diamonds are graded from D-Z on the GIA’s scale. However, diamonds in the X-Z end of the spectrum actually have quite a bit of a natural yellow or brown tint to them. This range is where the Fancy Yellow Diamond and Fancy Brown Diamond color scale begins. These diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds or Champagne diamonds. The distinction of color on the scale is not straightforward and ranges from a light yellow to a much deeper more vibrant yellow. The cut of the Canary diamond can also enhance the appearance of the color as can the setting. Each of these should be considered when choosing the right yellow diamond. These diamonds are as rare as they are beautiful and make stunning center diamonds for engagement rings. Natural colored diamonds can be much more eye-catching and unique than a traditional colorless stone.


While yellow diamonds are far more common than other colors, violet diamonds are also a romantic choice for engagement rings. These diamonds are mined in the Argyle mine in Australia and are typically appear gray or blue because a completely violet diamond hardly ever occurs naturally. The natural completely violet diamonds are generally small in size. Violet is a color closely related to purple which is a combination of blue and red. Like red, violet contains a vibrant energy. Like blue, it evinces integrity and a spiritual vibe. Violet is thought to promote sensitivity to your surroundings and it supposedly encourages romance and nostalgia, making violet diamonds a perfect choice for an engagement ring. Violet is also thought to calm nerves. Violet diamonds are not as common as yellow diamonds and often contain blue or gray as well but can still be the focus of an absolutely gorgeous ring.


The Australian Argyle mine also produces pink and blue diamonds. Pink diamonds are extremely rare and often the ones used for engagement rings and have purple or violet overtones in them. Pink is traditionally a very romantic and feminine color which makes it a great fit for an engagement ring. The colors of a Canary diamond or a violet diamond are caused by the presence of different minerals in the stone. The origin or the pink coloring in a diamond has not been completely determined but it is thought that the color comes from the stone being under extremely high pressure.

Naturally colored diamonds can make exquisitely unique and breathtaking center stones for engagement rings. Yellow diamond rings are more commonly occurring in nature and can be eye-catching with the proper cut and setting. Violet is meaningful and romantic and while these diamonds are rare you can find them with gray or blue overtones. Pink is also a romantic choice and while these are also fairly rare they can be found by a competent jeweler. You should become knowledgeable in the naturally colored diamonds before making your final decision.

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Should You Get a Customized Engagement Ring

Wedding jewelry such as engagement rings is constantly evolving not only in design but also in terms of what they symbolize. Now, it’s not just a symbol of undying love; couples also consider engagement rings as a reflection of their personality and unique relationship.

There’s a lot of things to consider in order to buy the perfect wedding jewelry for the perfect bride. All brides-to-be expect something more than the typical engagement ring– something better than the usual square or pear-shaped diamond inside a tiny Tiffany box. Meanwhile, all husbands-to-be hope that they will not disappoint their brides. Your first option is to buy from a popular store that sells the big brands. But you’ll have to ask, “Is spending money on a brand worth it?” If you not, then you might want to get a customized ring instead.

Advantages of Customized Engagement Rings

  • Unique

First of all, our ring will be unique. No one will have the same ring as yours. If you want to have something nobody else has, then a customized engagement ring is the best choice.

  • Design

You decide the design that you want for your bride-to-be. Keep in mind the details that will represent her personality. The customized ring can be viewed on a computer program first before your final approval. You can make some changes to further enhance the ring to your liking.

  • Quality

You can also decide the materials that will be used in making the ring. Thus, you can find something that will suit your style and budget. You can also ensure that the ring you will give your bride is high-quality.

Disadvantages of Customized Engagement Rings

  • Cost

The price of a customized ring is more than a ready-made ring with nearly similar specifications and quality. Custom fees, however, should not exceed thousands of dollars atop the price. A good quality custom ring at a great value is still possible with the right custom team. You can ask around or research to find one around your location.

  • Time

Customizing a ring takes more time than actually choosing to buy a ring already in stock. It usually takes 5 weeks to create a customized engagement ring, depending on how intricate the design is. You know what they say, “You can’t rush art.”

  • Return

Customized rings can’t be exchanged. Once you have it made, it will be yours forever. Thus, if the computer image and the mold of the ring don’t make you feel comfortable, it’s probably best to buy an existing ring.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Customized Engagement Ring

Before making the decision of getting a customized engagement ring, consult a jeweler first. It’s best to understand the process as it usually demands more involvement and collaboration. This means patience and time are needed. Everything you learn from the jeweler should be put into writing– from the inclusions, appraisals, and notes of the design. It is also safe to have your ring insured.

Talking with your partner before you make a customized ring is also advisable. This way, you can explore your options together. More importantly, you will be more confident that what you’ll get is what your bride-to-be wants.

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How to look perfect in your prom night dress

Every girl has the dream of looking perfect in her prom night dress. This is the reason that girls assure to select the best dress. However, it is not only the dress that will make them look perfect there are many other things that they have to consider in order to look perfect. We all know that you are thinking about the accessories. You are right accessories are important. However, if you are spending hundreds of dollars on your dress and accessories but still your final look is not good. You have wasted all your money. Here are some of the things you have to consider while you are getting for the prom night.

Perfect hairstyle

The most important thing that you have to consider is your hairstyle. Assure that your hair should look perfect with your prom night dress. Here are some of the designs that you should consider

If you want to keep your hair open

  • Loose curls
  • Let the fall straight and tie the front with unique pins
  • Hairband with stones will look good

If you want to tie your hair

  • Lose bun
  • Messy bun embedded with stones
  • Side fishtail braid

Do not overdo the makeup

A common mistake that most of the girls make is they apply excessive makeup. They have never applied makeup in school and when they will apply extra makeup on the prom night it might not give a decent appeal. In this situation, it is better that you keep your make up light. The blush on and eyeshadow you are planning to apply should have the same light shades as your dress. If you will apply dark shades it might ruin your appearance and innocence.

Keep it simple and elegant

One of the most important things that you have to consider is elegance. There are many girls that go extra when it comes to the selection of prom night dress. They will get a dress with frills or feathers that do not look nice. In the same way, some select the dress that is revealing extra skin. It is better to select a dress that is elegant and decent. You should not select a dress that is not good according to your age. Do not select a revealing dress because it might not be appropriate according to the environment of the school. If you will look decent and elegant, most of your friends and teachers will remember you in good words.

Bottom line

You have to be very careful when you are getting ready for the prom night. Assure that you iron your prom night dress properly and keep all the accessories in the right place so you will not get confused when you are getting ready for the special night. There are chances that your special someone will propose you on the prom night. At that time it is important that you look your best and that would not be possible if you are not looking decent.

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Daring Dresses That You Have to Try This Year – Two Piece Dresses and Others

The styles that are growing in popularity this year are evolving and becoming more and more daring and adventurous, just like the women wearing those. From “naked” dresses to two-pieces, there are just enough styles to suit all preferences and body types. Below is our top of daring dresses that you have to try this year and decide which suits you best.

Screaming red dresses – For the energetic women

Red dresses, regardless of their style seem to be a staple for all those women that are outgoing, energetic and inspirational power. While centuries of style and fashion taught us that the Little Black Dress is every woman’s best friend, this seems to also be the case of those stunning red dresses. The dramatic and powerful colour is a must for this year’s wardrobe, at least when it comes to dresses.

Two-piece dresses – For those who aren’t afraid of crop tops

Crop tops have become increasingly popular and so did two piece dresses, as a result. Featuring a complex long skirt, and a cropped top or a strapless bodice, these dresses are notorious for the special visual appeal that they create. The bottom part can be either a “princess” skirt of a simple bodycon. Regardless, the two styles are beautifully complemented by the top section which in most of the cases emphasizes the middle section of the wearer body. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a long skirt, opt for a shorter one, as these dresses come in various styles, from complex ones to rather simple designs. Regardless of your style choices, make sure to research the manufacturer as well as the retailer, especially if you order those online. Reputable sellers are always your best choice, as shady ones seem to always deliver faulty items which don’t resemble the images featured on their website.

“Naked” dresses – For those who proudly wear their bodies

“Naked” dresses are on a popularity wave right now and proof is the immense number of celebrities that choose such styles for their Academy Awards, Grammy and other gala dresses. From Paris Hilton, to Halley Berry and Rihanna, and even the stylish Catherine Zeta-Jones,these dresses seem to be the best friend of those women that proudly wear their bodies, regardless of their imperfections.

Beaded dresses – For those who want to forget accessorizing their dresses

These dresses are amazing, simply because they double as an accessory for everybody that wears such pieces. Drawing the full attention towards the wearer, these dresses, while being incredibly feminine and delicate, inspire power and class, and allow the classy woman wearing it to forget about mixing and matching their accessories in the simplest way.

These are some of the daring dresses every woman should try this year. From the amazing two-piece dress, to the classy and powerful red dress and the delicate beaded dress, these choices suit all body types and styles. Make sure to research your options well before purchasing one, as you want to be sure that you buy a high-quality piece that will complement your figure and style perfectly.

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My Favorite Fit and Flare Wedding Dress Options

There is some debate as to how dresses classified as “fit-and-flare” differ from those classified as “mermaid” and “trumpet” silhouettes, however, generally a fit-and-flare wedding dress describes any dress that fits tightly up at the top and flares out gradually down the bottom.

“Trumpet” dresses are fitted from the top to the mid-thigh, while “Mermaid” dresses only begin to flare out below the knee. While there can be some overlap among these styles and “fit-and-flare”, the fit-and-flare style tends to offer a looser fit around the legs, making it easier to dance and move around on your wedding day.

A fit-and-flare style is very flattering for most body types, as most styles nip in around the natural waist and just skim over the hips and thighs without pulling too tightly. There are tons of options in the fit-and-flare style and here I’ll share some of my favorite dresses of late.

1. Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero has put out some amazing fit-and-flare styles recently and today I’ll share my two favorites. The first, and my absolute favorite, is the Payson dress. It features a scoop neckline, delicate illusion cap sleeves, and an elegant keyhole cut out of the lace illusion design in the back. The dress is adorned down to the knee with lace applique, pearl, and Swarovski crystal before flaring out into a Venice Organza skirt. This is a fantastically graceful design with a twist, sure to be part of a unique look should you choose this design for your big day.

The Adaleine dress from Maggie Sottero is another beautiful fit-and-flare option. The Adaleine features a lace bodice that flows seamlessly down into a tulle skirt. The skirt is edged in horsehair to add body and structure to the hem of the skirt, creating a beautiful wave effect. The top of the dress features illusion from front to back—illusion straps dip down into an illusion sweetheart neckline before wrapping around to an illusion keyhole back. The back-zipper closure is completed with covered buttons for an elegant finishing touch. The open back on this dress is daring and makes for a unique fit-and flare-style, as the illusion pieces allow the dress to still fit snugly through the body.

2. Rebecca Ingram

The Ingrid dress done in Vetali Crepe from Rebecca Ingram is another favorite of mine for fit-and-flare dresses. It features an amazing illusion bateau neckline over a solid sweetheart neckline, illusion cap sleeves, and an illusion scoop back. All of the illusion pieces are trimmed in pearls, highlighting the border of the illusion elements of the dress. The real show stopping element to this dress is the line of pearl buttons that extends down the illusion back of the dress and continues down into elegant ruching at the base of the back. Again, the illusion pieces make this dress work as a fit-and-flare style, and although it’s a simple dress style overall, the unique detailing makes it really shine.

3. Pronovias

The Tricia bridal dress from Pronovias is an absolutely stunning fit-and-flare dress that features a V-neckline with lace applique that extends down to the hips. This dress truly shines in the back, with a sheer panel adorned with more lace applique that is then framed by a draped bias band. The dress is finished off with a flared satin crepe skirt and a court train. Between the lace neckline and overlay on the back panel, the elegant draping in the back, and the court train, this dress is a very sweet, feminine option that still is sophisticated.

4. Sottero & Midgely

The Hadley dress from Sottero & Midgley shines with mesmerizing lace patterns from neckline to hemline. The strapless sweetheart neckline is adorned with sequins and beading, and wraps around to meet in a low V at the back of the dress. This simple design is finished with covered buttons, and detachable illusion cap sleeves can be added on to the dress if you’re not comfortable with a fully strapless dress. This design stands out because of its simplicity. The dress design allows the lace motifs to really take center stage and shine, bringing the whole dress to another level of grace.

The Maky dress is another fantastic fit-and-flare offering from Sottero & Midgely. More daring than the Hadley model, the Maky dress features embroidered metallic lace appliques that adorn the fitted bodice and semi-sweetheart neckline, and continue down onto the skirt. Crystal buttons over the zipper and inner corset closure finish the back of the dress before trailing down into the cascading ruffled Astaria organza skirt. The ruffles of the skirt are extraordinary on their own, but the metallic lace appliques that grow down from the bodice onto the skirt really make this dress look like something out of a dream.

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How to Find Plus Size Fashion Choices That Don’t Cost a Fortune

If you like to follow plus size fashionistas on social media you’ve probably noticed one glaring fact – most of them wear expensive brand-name, designer clothes. But what do you do if you want to look great but can’t afford those pricey designer plus size fashions? You get creative. Not being able to spend a fortune on designer clothes doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Here are a few ways that plus sized women can look fantastic and fashionable without spending an entire year’s salary on clothes.

Look for Knockoffs

Plus size fashion trends affect all the companies that make plus sized clothes. Often companies will make their own versions of fashions presented by famous designers. They might change the placement of a ruffle or change the sleeves or the neckline but the basic silhouette of the piece is the same as the more expensive designer look. So, if you find a plus size designer whose clothing you really like, start looking around for knockoffs versions. You can very often find pieces that are almost exactly like the more expensive version for a much lower price.

Shop Online

Unfortunately, few brick and mortar stores carry a large selection of plus size dresses and other clothing. Online stores have a much bigger selection and they usually have a more extensive range of sizes, too. Shop online so that you have a much better chance of finding the fashion-forward looks that you want in the right sizes (find a great selection at Pink Clove). Carefully study the sizing chart since the sizes may vary from one brand to the next. You can also order several sizes of the same piece. You can always return the sizes that don’t work for you but it’s easier to order the same dress or pair of jeans or top in a couple different sizes and see which looks best on you.

Invest in Quality

Sometimes it pays to spend more and get a higher quality piece of clothing. Wardrobe essentials like classic styles of dresses or trousers can be worn in an endless number of ways are worth a great investment. If you’re shopping for plus size fashions that are trendy and are going to be out of style in by next year, then definitely look for inexpensive pieces. But when it comes to plus size maxi dresses, jeans, and other pieces of clothing that you will wear year after year it’s better to pay a little more and get a quality garment that will last for several years.

Clothes Swap

A fantastic way to refresh your wardrobe and get rid of items that you don’t wear anymore is to host a clothes swap with your friends. Everyone brings the clothing they don’t want or need any more to the swap and trade them for other clothes that they like. It’s an inexpensive way to find new pieces to round out your wardrobe and spend time with your friends. You’ll make room in your closet by eliminating items you don’t use while giving someone else a chance to enjoy them.