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Jewellery Trends For 2018

With the ever changing fashion trends, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands as new trends are effortlessly launched every week. The same can be applied to accessories, as there are a host of new accessories that are needed to complete the outfit, which means that your jewellery or accessories wardrobe needs to be up to scratch.

It can be pain, however, once added it can make the difference to your outfit, adding the subtle finishing touches to your outfit. Whether you do this by taking on board the whole list below or you do this by just adding certain pieces, you will truly see the difference it makes to your outfit.

Nature Based Jewellery

With the eco-craze continuing to stick around, there are a number of designers that are creating jewellery based around birds, butterflies, turtles, trees and flowers, bringing an organic style to jewellery. We all know how inspiring nature can be and with the versatility of it, jewellery can be created to reflect its beauty. As we’ve mentioned, this is largely to do with the energy-efficient lifestyle that is being promoted all over the world and with that has arrived some of the most unique, yet beautiful jewellery yet. For those casual days, nature based or organic jewellery is exactly what you need to add into your wardrobe.

Mineral Based Jewellery

To follow up with the nature styles, mineral based jewellery is another trend that is set to explode in 2018. Uncut minerals have been extremely popular at the latter end of 2017 and it set to continue in terms of popularity in the next coming year. Raw, uncut minerals often arrive in a beautifully, delicate colour, which the likes of jewellery can often go without. The pieces are dainty, however, they are bold and can seamlessly blend into a lot of outfit choices. To add that versatile yet bold option to your wardrobe, take a look into mineral jewellery.

Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery is an essential regardless of your current jewellery wardrobe. Statement pieces are designed to be unique and instantly glamorise any of your current wardrobe times and also helping you stay forward in the world of fashion. Whether you decide to get a statement necklace or alternatively decide to get earrings that equally as bold, you’ll need to find something that fits your current wardrobe. There are a number of brands that include Thomas Sabo, Theo Fennell and Links of London, however, finding the right piece doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase with the bigger brands. Have a look at the different options available and you’ll find the perfect addition to your ladies jewellery collection.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Rings for Special Day

There are a hundred things that experience our mind when we are purchasing our engagement or wedding bands. Will our accomplice like it? Is this the correct outline? Do I even know enough about precious stones and gems to settle on such an enormous choice? Imagine a scenario in which I’m failing to understand the situation. Fortunately, having these feelings of trepidation implies a certain something and one thing just: you need to hit the nail on the head. These straightforward yet amazingly compelling tips for choosing the correct adornments piece will help give you the certainty you have to settle on this critical choice the correct one.

Things to consider when purchasing precious stone rings can run from the ring size to the cut of the jewel and even the metal in the band itself. Metal sensitivities are moderately prominent nowadays, and hypoallergenic materials might be a decent wagered for guaranteeing life span. Some of the time metal hypersensitivities in an accomplice are barely noticeable in the event that they are uncommon wearers of gems, or fundamentally wear non-bothering pieces, so make certain to be sure about this when settling on your choice on the ring itself.

With regards to your wedding bands, all things considered, you need something that will be as dependable as far as wear ability as it is outwardly staggering. There’s nothing more disastrous than purchasing a ring your cherished one can’t wear. Hypersensitivities can begin whenever in your life, so regardless of the possibility that a sensitivity doesn’t exist now, there is a probability it could create. Make certain to examine the benefits of hypoallergenic metals with your accomplice before going shopping. Krikawa is a trusted name in designing of ring industry. From them, you can buy the best design ring for you.

Consider finding a gem specialist that you feel good conversing with, particularly with regards to purchasing precious stone rings. There’s no motivation to be embarrassed in the event that you are feeling like a fish out of water with regards to these things – the majority of us are, and goldsmiths are a definitive specialists regarding the matter. Jewel quality is dictated by the shading, cut, clearness and carat weight and they are the four factors that decide the estimation of any given precious stone.

That implies that greater isn’t generally better or more profitable, in spite of the fact that our sense may be to simply run with a bigger precious stone centerpiece with regards to our engagement pieces. This can confuse the shopping procedure extensively, since a considerable lot of us have grown up with the myth that the greater the precious stone is, the better and more profitable the ring itself. It’s alright to be befuddled and recollect that a decent diamond setter is there to enable you to see how to get the item you are searching for that lines up with your stylish esteems and your financial plan.

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What Are the Most Popular Types of Indian Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is a must to complete the look of an Indian bride. The right selection of the jewellery will not just improve the beauty of the wearer, but also matches to her bridal costume. Before picking your bridal jewellery, you must learn about them in advance. With better preparation, you can choose the right ornaments for your wedding day that will make you shine throughout your ceremony.


Kundan is the most important form of gold jewellery. It is a very expensive jewellery that is available in 24 carat gold. Semi-precious and precious types of stones and gems are both used in giving you a stunning look.

This is one of the jewellery items that must be worn on your grand occasion. Wearing this mesmerizing jewellery, is surely going to make you feel royal on your BIG day.


Jadau is one of the different diamond jewellery designs that is very popular among people in Gujrat and Rajasthan. Besides diamond, you can also find different types of other gems such as sapphire, pearl, ruby, emerald, etc. embedded in the melted form of gold. Meenakari work at the back side makes it look even more gorgeous and appealing.


If you are a lover of colourful and bright jewellery, then you are definitely going to love meenakari jewellery. This kind of enamelled jewellery became popular in Rajasthan before being introduced to the world. With passing time, it gained reputation and popularity all across the world.

In this type of jewellery piece, valuable stones are embedded first before enamelling them using heatproof colours such as red, blue, yellow, green and white. This jewellery is present in the designs of peacock, fish, flower, or paisley on its sides.


Gold is a very common and less expensive than diamond ornaments. This is the second most important choice for several would be brides. Gold is considered to be favourable for divine reasons as well. It is considered to be a sign of Goddess Lakshmi.

Its durability and amazing shine make people love it the most to wear on any significant occasion. Gold jewellery is available in several different forms such as necklace, bangles, earrings, and any other wedding jewellery. You can pick any of these ornaments to dress for your most awaited day.


Every woman knows how beautiful a diamond jewellery is. There would be no woman who would not consider it for their wedding day. It makes one look elegant, classy and sophisticated. Whether it is an earring, necklace, bangles or any other piece of jewellery, diamonds look best with traditional and western attire.

Whether the jewellery has a single stone or several small diamonds, it has its own charm and grandeur. You will get newest and fresh collection of diamond jewellery online in several exciting and captivating designs and styles.


Diamond occupies the heart of every woman. Everyone wants to be the centre of attraction on the most important occasion in their life. These different types of ornaments can help you decide the right type of jewellery for yourself.

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How To Express Yourself Through Women Motorcycle Vests

Bikers have used leather vests as a way to express themselves for years, and while some prefer to wear plain ones, other people prefer to wear something a little more expressive. Women in particular are fonder to expressing themselves with more than a plain jacket. Some take things to new levels and decide to decorate their jackets with patches and more. Not only can motorcycle vests serve as protective gear, but they can also serve as a fashion statement. A motorcycle vest for women should express their attitude and personality.

There have been many women’s motorcycle bikes hitting the market, thus allowing more fashion materials to do so as well.


There are more and more vests that are being equipped with collars. As with classic jackets, the collars on the vests are designed to stand up and this helps them fit around the necks. However, you can find more feminine collars that have studs and more.


The typical motorcycle vest is about to where your pants start. Most women prefer a longer vest and there are now many that are being made to come down a little lower. However, there are some cons to having a longer vest such as it getting stuck. Most women prefer shorter ones to keep it simple and stylish.


There are a number of styles of motorcycle vests available and some even fit looser than some women like. The most common of them all are black vests for women as they are stylish, simple, and classic. You can opt to use a belt to wear around the vest to keep it snug, and this can add a new twist on your fashion. If that isn’t what you are looking for, you can also try a jacket that features elastic in the back to keep the vest in place. There are additionally some vests that feature Velcro which can be a huge help when combined with elastic or a belt.

Side Lacing Options

There are now hundreds of women’s motorcycle vests that offer lace on the sides which allows you to adjust the tightness and the way the vest fits. Finding a vest that offers this side lacing can add a feminine touch and can allow your vest to look a little more fashionable and stylish as well while riding. It definitely gives your vest a unique approach that you can’t find elsewhere. Womens leather vests are popular for their possibility to add accessories and lacings.

You can also find that there are some motorcycle vests for women that come with sleeves and some that come without them. A new style that is becoming popular, especially for chillier rides, is there are vests that have detachable sleeves, giving you the option of removing them when the weather is warm.

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Hottest Trends in Handbags in 2017

With the summer season heating up, it’s time to start thinking about accessories. From your earrings to your shoes, from your head to your toes, you want to look your best and you want to be in style. Some trends are already emerging that can help you stay up-to-the-minute with your wardrobe you look fashionable and chic in any situation.

Of course, your handbag is one of your most important accessories. You can use it to dress an outfit up or down, and it can be as functional as it is beautiful. Here are a few of the hottest trends in handbags that are emerging for 2013 to help get you inspired to create some new favorite fashions this season:

Scout Bags

Scout bags come in a variety of styles, from doggie bags to more traditional tote bags. They are not only fashionable handbags — they can also be used as functional bags to carry your lunch, your beach gear or even your workout gear. You can look fashionable no matter if you’re going out on a date or running some errands.

Fun Clutches

Clutches are simple and elegant, but they can also be a lot of fun. Clutches that come in bright colors or unique shapes are hot right now. Think of clutches shaped like books or a Rubik’s cube, or traditional shapes in bright or neon colors. You can transform what has traditionally been a staple of evening wear to a fun daytime bag.

Flared Gusset Bags

Flared gusset bags are like a cross between a boho bag and a tote. They have a sturdy basic frame that also features gussets on the sides to extend the purse for additional storage. Think about all those times you needed to carry additional items and you tried to cram them into your already limited purse. This purse gives you the option to look fashionable while also getting more functionality out of your purse!

These are just some of the hottest trends to emerge this season, but as always, fashion is what you make it. You can adopt these trends or reject them to create your own. The most fashionable thing you can wear is confidence. Be yourself and choose what you love, and you will create a hot style that is all your own.

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Different Types Of Salwar Kameez In Trend

Salwar kameez is the quintessential wardrobe necessity of any woman, since it is one piece of clothing that can combine the effortless elegance of comfort wear with the intricate design of high class fashion. Salwar kameez, though has traditionally adorned women of Pakistan, North India and Afghanistan, over the last few decades has gained immense popularity over the entire Indian sub-continent. It is very similar to the western pant-suit, as women in India wear it on a daily basis, but consists of three parts instead of two.

It generally comprises of the “salwar”, which is a loosely fitted pajama pant, with a drawstring waist. The salwar has many variations, and over the last decade, with the innovation in fashion industry in India, it has seen very trendy avatars. It is usually loose at the hips, with a tapering bottom. The “kameez” is the kurta in the three piece suit and is a long tunic with variations in cut, fabric and design embellishments. According to the region, where the kameez belongs to, it can be long or short length kurta. The “dupatta” completes the entire ensemble. It is a piece of stole or long scarf that is used to cover the shoulders or head of the woman wearing the salwar kameez and adds to the beauty of the entire outfit.

With the evolution of the needs and the role played by women in Indian society, living within India and abroad, the types and variations of salwar kameez have also seen a sea change. Some of these variations and recent trends have been discussed in detail:

Churidar Salwar Kameez

In this type, the pajama pant actually consists of a long length of salwar, which tapers off to the ankle; snag the length of cloth at the ankles provides a lot of pleats. This enhances the shape and cut of the kamez that is worn.

Parallel Suit

In this set of salwar kurta, the pants have a more androgynous look, which flow to the ground from the waist without a curve. These pajamas are much more comfortable and are worn by women to workplaces and at home across the country.

Afghani Suit

The Afghani style of kurta is quite loose and a shorter one, which falls effortlessly from the shoulder to the thigh and has embroidery work along the neck and the hemline of the kurta.

Punjabi Patiala Suit

The traditional patiala suit from Punjab is a very popular variety of the salwar kameez and is worn by women everywhere now, after it was popularized by Bollywood movies in the recent past. The patiala pants are popular for their large and wavy pleats, which make the salwar look fuller and more beautiful.

Anarkali Kurta

This is an offshoot of the Lucknowi style of kurta and comprises of a bustier type kurta that is cinched beneath the bosom, with a flowing skirt from beneath it. This is a longer kurta and is generally worn till the knee or sometimes, beneath it.

Designer Salwar Kameez

This is a line of new age kurtas and pajamas that follow closely, the trends of the modern fashion industry. Designer salwar kameez are a mix and match of the indo-western styles and involve a variety of fabric like the traditional chikankari from Lucknow to more westernized fabrics like organza, and zardozi work to geometric prints.

While these are the few varieties of this traditional Indian outfit, another factor that makes salwar kameez a must-have is the bright combination of colors with traditional prints and patterns. From bandhani to sanganeri prints, tribal patterns, kashidakari, phulkari etc. various designer variations are found in this ethnic attire, making it even more appealing. If you wish to get a glimpse of the endless array of salwar kameez, try to discover the local Indian market or simply go to an online store like You will definitely get amazing stuff for the upcoming festive season.

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How To Shop For A Prom Dress That You Can Wear Again

Every girl dreams of her prom dress from the minute she starts high school (and sometimes even before that) but what happens to the dress once that magical night is over? This is something most girls don’t think about when buying a dress. The fact of the matter is that your prom dress can be re-used on other occasions. All you need to do is consider a few key points when buying your prom dress.

The Color:

If you plan on wearing your dress again, you might want to consider what color will stick around through the different fashion changes. My advice would be to go for a neutral color. Black, white, beige etc. are good choices as they never get old and these colors are constants in the ever evolving fashion trend.

The Style:

When buying a prom dress go with a style that is elegant and you know can be used in any future events. Most often a full length dress is the best option as it is one style that never gets old. It has an elegant look to it and can be redesigned if need be. Another thing to keep in mind is to not buy a backless dress if you want to wear it in the future as you can always turn a dress into a backless one but you can’t always wear a backless.

Shake it up:

You can always change the look of your dress by adding a few different accessories to the mix. A nice shiny sequenced jacket or a colorful stole can completely change the outlook of your dress. Adding different colored jewelry, stoles, shoes etc. can turn your dress into a whole new one.

Alter it:

If you don’t like the way your dress looks, there is always room for alterations and changes. You can shorten your dress, add or remove sleeves, turn into a formal cocktail dress or just a summer dress or a tea party dress etc. There are a million ways you can alter your dress to make it a brand new one.

You can re-use your prom dress any time in the future and save a ton of money on a new dress that would just be hanging in your cupboard right next to your prom one. So, think of the future and consider buying a prom dress that you will be able to wear later on.

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Top Women’s Fashion In 2017

Keeping track of women’s fashion can be challenging, but there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. You can integrate a few new pieces in to your existing wardrobe to give yourself an all new look for this year. There have been a few major changes in the fashion world in 2013 that have shaken things up a bit. You don’t have to be left behind if you would like to stay looking great. You can even get some new clothes that will help fit to or flatter your figure. Before moving to Next year 2014 we have to read through for some tips on women’s fashion 2013 is set to bring.

New Unique Style Tops

First, you may be wondering what kind of tops are in this year. It can be a great idea to buy some new tops each season, since they can often be worn with whatever other sets of clothing you already have. Just try to stay a little flexible with your look, because there have been a few interesting additions lately. Many women are starting to look into buying tunics, since these are one of the easiest tops to wear. You may be impressed by just how versatile these tunic shirts can be. You may even be able to find some crossover styles that will appeal to many different tastes.

Fresh Designs in Market

You like also want to hear about some of the new dress designs that are becoming popular lately. As usual, there will be great dresses that you can buy for each season of the year. Think about how you might want to add some A-line dresses in to your routine, since these are proving to be very possible recently. You can even hem these dresses up, if you would like to change their appearance each season. A number of people have been looking in to how they integrate these dresses in to their wardrobe, so take a look at some of the shoes you can buy to go along with them too.

Special Dresses to Make Winter Hot

When the fall and winter seasons approach, you might be wondering what you should get for yourself this year. There are some new offerings available that will keep you up to date with women’s fashion 2013 trends. Take a look at some of the newest dresses you have bought for this year. You can often add a simple and short cardigan sweater to the outside. This will be functional and stylish, since it can change up your look for the cold weather seasons. It can even help extend the use that you get out of the dresses that you own. If anything, modded dress outfits are one of the hottest trends happening this year for women’s fashion.

Don’t forget to find other matching items that will go with some of your new clothing and footwear. If you have picked up some new tunics or other tops for this year, you might need to get matching pants to go along with it. Light khakis are becoming increasingly popular recently, especially for the summer months. Adding accessories to your outfits is also becoming another hot trend this year. Think about buying some new shoes that will help compliment your new look as well. The great thing about some of these new outfits, is that they go great with either heels or flats. Feel free to let your own sense of style guide you as you keep pace with these new fashion trends.

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Look Stunning With The Fashionable Winter Wedding Outfits

There are number of dresses to select when we talk about winter weddings. In winter weddings you can make your collection through a number of wedding dresses as well as accessories, where as in summer weddings your collection are restricted in few wedding dresses. You can try out most of the wedding dresses in winter weddings. Incase you wish to try out a fur stole or cape on your wedding garment then that’s not possible during summers, but if that’s the winter then you easily try out these fashionable accessories. You can have a great deal of alternative of materials as well as dress styles in winter weddings.

Select the Right Style:

Select a bridal gown which flatters your figure, your complexion, design of wedding ceremony and also your personality while keeping you warm in your winter season wedding ceremony.Generally full-length ball wedding dresses are well suited for any winter wedding, since these gowns will have lot of stuffs which keeps you warm in winter. You can also choose sleeves but long sleeves are quite outdated fashion now. Nevertheless lengthy sleeve gowns with necklines and also adorned materials are also very good choice. If you wish to try out some more then you can check short sleeve, puff sleeve, butterfly sleeve etc. If you choose to select sleeveless dress then select a cover-up regarding gracing your wedding dress as well as keeping yourself protected from the cold. DressFirst has all the latest collection and styles of wedding dresses, as well as shoes and accessories. There are so many styles and colors to choose from and the bonus is that there is free shipping on all dresses!

Check the Necklines and More:

Though I’ve mentioned that full sleeves are quite outdated but you can check out the full sleeves with fur at the cuffs and necklines. So, if you would like to select any long sleeve then you can opt for a portrait neck, deep V neck etc. Cover-ups are the most generally desired item for any winter wedding dress. With slim strapped types or without strap are very popular among the bridal dresses. The cover-ups seem to be quite required for wedding dresses. They look absolutely nice with both short and long sleeved wedding dress.

Dress Material:

It would be easier for you to select a wedding gown in different model if your gown has got heavier materials. You can check with heavy materials like silk, velvet, taffeta etc. If you need warmth then you can try out with two different fabrics but make sure to use another material on the outside.

Check for Accessories:

The best way to have any wedding gown you want in addition to be comfortable is actually to get a cover-up. Fake fur-trimmed hooded cloaks tend to be suited to an intimate winter weather marriage where you have to spend quite a long time outside with regard to pictures as well as traveling on the wedding service to the wedding reception.Tiny wraps, shrugs in addition to stoles may stylize the strapless as well as sheath dress when you stay outside, also when you are inside then you wouldn’t hesitate to show off your gown. You also need to look at the different wedding hair styles , jewelry, shoesthat may work with your wedding dress and wedding venue.In order to make your dress quite trendy you can make use of velvet, fur and other fabrics which are rich.