Clear Drug Tests: What Methods That Actually Works


At least half of the workforce throughout the United States reported that most of their employers use drug screening tests to combat drug use in the workplace. Drug testing or screening in the workplace helps keep the employees from using illegal drugs that can impair abilities, work performance and most especially the health of the employees.

Companies can use drug screening as one of their requirements of employment. Tests like pre-employment screening, random drug testing, annual screening at a pre-arranged schedule, post-accident test, or screening due to reasonable suspicion can be used as an excuse to require the employees to undergo drug screening.

It can also be used as a condition for workers who are returning from a long absence or a requirement for employees that tested positive from an initial test. A return-to-duty drug test is also conducted for employees who return from a treatment program. You can also check blogs and websites like for any tips that can help you pass the test.

According to some information published by a diagnostic agency, at least 4% of American workers tested positive for illegal drugs in 2017. Drug screenings are designed to know if workers have previously used illicit drugs within a certain period, and they do not have a doctor’s consent for using certain drugs for conditions like glaucoma, severe migraine, or multiple sclerosis.

Most drugs can stay in our system for an extended period after ingesting or using drugs. There are types of drug tests that will come back positive days, weeks, months, or even years after employees have used illegal drugs. There are ways that people can use to beat drug screening and get a clean drug test result. The methods used will depend on what kind of drugs are being tested and what kind of testing method are used.

Standard methods used in beating a drug screening

There are a lot of products sold on the market that claim to help produce clean drug screening tests. Special soaps and shampoos are reported to help flush drug components in hair follicles, supplements that are said to help change the user’s chemical balance and tricks the test of having a clean result.

A lot of these products are costly and prove to be not 100% effective. Most drug screenings involve a pee test where the urine is used to detect the presence of certain illegal drug substance. One of the most popular methods in producing a clean urine drug test is to dilute the concentration of the drug substance in the urine.

The “flushing out” of the system can be done by increasing the fluid intake so that you flush out the drug substance thru urination. There are claims that drinking Vitamin C, vinegar, niacin, or Goldenseal can help, but the best way is drinking cranberry juice or drinking a lot of water. If you want to know how to pass drug test using home remedies, visit

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Taking diuretics can also increase the expelled fluids in our body. Things like fruit and vegetable juices, water retention-relieving supplements, or caffeine (most probably coffee) are all diuretics that can be bought over the counter.

Increasing the fluid intake and elevating urination can make the urine’s colorless natural, a lot clearer instead of yellow, but taking large doses of Vitamin B complex or Vitamin C can help normalize the color. It is undeniable that the urine is diluted if you don’t drink supplements to help normalize the color of the urine.

Another method you can use to detoxify the body of drug substance involves using activated charcoal. A lot of people use activated charcoal for a day or even weeks to lower the metabolite levels if they are using illegal drugs for an extended period.

But this method is not 100% effective scientifically or reduces the level of substance, enough to get a clean drug test. There are also urine cleansing powders as well as herbal teas that are said to have a detoxifying component, but again there is no medical proof.

Other ways that are used to beat a urine drug screening include tampering or adding substances to the actual urine. It means switching out the urine with the drug substance with clean urine. However, a lot of testing today is activated by the temperature of the sample.

Testing laboratories can recognize a cold sample that is used to manipulate the test. A lot of test subjects have been known to put a urine sample in the bag and tape it to their inner thigh before entering the laboratory to make sure that the sample will remain warm and ready to be tested.

The active addictive component in marijuana is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which can be stored in the fat cells of our body. It means that it will take a lot longer than most known drugs, to entirely clear in our system.

For people who use marijuana regularly, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol can be detected for up to 30 to 60 days after using cannabis. Some reports taking a food emulsifier, lecithin, can help purge the THC in our system much faster. Reports of this method working have no scientific basis and purely anecdotal.

Do you know how long THC stays in our system? If not, click here for more information.

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Tips for producing a clean test

Marijuana legalization in most states in the United States has many companies calling foul on drug screenings that check for one of the most popular used substances. Even if it is legal in most states, either for medical or recreational use, cannabis can still be included legally in drug screenings.

Since cannabis are considered as a mind-altering drug, a lot of employers still have the rights to test their employees for the said substance. If you are cornered, and you can’t escape being tested, there are a lot of things you can do to help you get a clean drug test result and keep your job safe.

One tried-and-tested way is to make sure that there is no trace of drug substances in your system. While it is still advisable to avoid taking any forms of drugs, if you use them, you need to allow your body to detoxify for a more extended period. Drink a lot of fluids like fruit and vegetable juices, water, or take supplements that induce urination like diuretics.