Daring Dresses That You Have to Try This Year – Two Piece Dresses and Others


The styles that are growing in popularity this year are evolving and becoming more and more daring and adventurous, just like the women wearing those. From “naked” dresses to two-pieces, there are just enough styles to suit all preferences and body types. Below is our top of daring dresses that you have to try this year and decide which suits you best.

Screaming red dresses – For the energetic women

Red dresses, regardless of their style seem to be a staple for all those women that are outgoing, energetic and inspirational power. While centuries of style and fashion taught us that the Little Black Dress is every woman’s best friend, this seems to also be the case of those stunning red dresses. The dramatic and powerful colour is a must for this year’s wardrobe, at least when it comes to dresses.

Two-piece dresses – For those who aren’t afraid of crop tops

Crop tops have become increasingly popular and so did two piece dresses, as a result. Featuring a complex long skirt, and a cropped top or a strapless bodice, these dresses are notorious for the special visual appeal that they create. The bottom part can be either a “princess” skirt of a simple bodycon. Regardless, the two styles are beautifully complemented by the top section which in most of the cases emphasizes the middle section of the wearer body. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a long skirt, opt for a shorter one, as these dresses come in various styles, from complex ones to rather simple designs. Regardless of your style choices, make sure to research the manufacturer as well as the retailer, especially if you order those online. Reputable sellers are always your best choice, as shady ones seem to always deliver faulty items which don’t resemble the images featured on their website.

“Naked” dresses – For those who proudly wear their bodies

“Naked” dresses are on a popularity wave right now and proof is the immense number of celebrities that choose such styles for their Academy Awards, Grammy and other gala dresses. From Paris Hilton, to Halley Berry and Rihanna, and even the stylish Catherine Zeta-Jones,these dresses seem to be the best friend of those women that proudly wear their bodies, regardless of their imperfections.

Beaded dresses – For those who want to forget accessorizing their dresses

These dresses are amazing, simply because they double as an accessory for everybody that wears such pieces. Drawing the full attention towards the wearer, these dresses, while being incredibly feminine and delicate, inspire power and class, and allow the classy woman wearing it to forget about mixing and matching their accessories in the simplest way.

These are some of the daring dresses every woman should try this year. From the amazing two-piece dress, to the classy and powerful red dress and the delicate beaded dress, these choices suit all body types and styles. Make sure to research your options well before purchasing one, as you want to be sure that you buy a high-quality piece that will complement your figure and style perfectly.