Eating after a workout

Eating after a workout: for or against?

Proper nutrition and regular physical activity play a key role for anyone who wants to lose weight, build muscle or just keep their body in good shape. In the process of selecting a training program and diet, it is important to consider even the smallest details. Let’s figure it out together whether it is possible to eat food after playing sports, which one, how much and with what time intervals.

Can I eat after training?

The answer is unequivocal: not only possible but even necessary. Refusal of food after physical exertion and the total restriction of the body in food can lead to its depletion and other negative consequences. But overeating or abusing the “wrong” foods, also during the first 30 minutes after training, is not worth it, so as not to negate all efforts. During this period, the body actively burns fats, and if eaten, the energy of the body will rush to food processing, rather than losing excess weight. On average, you need to wait 40-50 minutes from the date of completion of classes, and without harm to the body, you can move on to eating. Post-workout supplements are important to recover your body

In addition, one should not forget about the regular replenishment of fluid in the body, which after active sports is especially lost. It is best to drink as much water as possible, preferably still.

When and how to eat after strength training

It is known that the ultimate goal of people who prefer strength exercises is primarily muscle building. After such classes, an intensive consumption of glycogen occurs, and there is a need for the renewal of muscle energy reserves. Therefore, you can go to a meal as early as 40 minutes after strength training. The diet should consist of proteins and carbohydrates because they are well absorbed by the body and used by them to restore muscle. If you miss this important step, the desired increase in muscle mass may not be achieved.

It is better to consume protein foods such as cottage cheese, eggs, low-fat bird or fish, as well as easily digestible carbohydrates: pasta, rice, bran bread, buckwheat, oatmeal, bananas, fresh fruits, etc. But the food containing caffeine and fats should be discarded because it will interfere with the normal absorption of glycogen by the muscles and liver, and also cause the body to break down nutrients from the muscles, and not the fat itself.

Nutrition after weight loss workouts

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should be especially careful about eating. In particular, when and how to eat after a workout. An important role is played by the time of the classes.

If training is usually held in the morning or afternoon, you need to eat after 1-2 hours. Preference should be given to protein products: homemade cheese, boiled eggs without yolks, low-fat fish, meat, etc. It is better not to consume carbohydrates because they will interfere with the process of fat breakdown, which is activated after playing sports. If you train in the evening a few hours before bedtime, you should refuse food altogether, however, one cup of kefir is quite allowed.

When can I eat after cardio?

It is believed that such training is best done in the morning, soon after sleep, or 2-3 hours after the last meal. You need to eat often and in moderate portions for the effectiveness of sports and diets. It is also advisable to consume a small amount of protein and complex carbohydrate-based foods 40-50 minutes after each cardio workout.

As you can see, you can safely accompany physical exercises with meals and not be afraid to harm the body or negate the results of working on yourself. The main thing is to do this not immediately, but sometimes after training, and it is good to navigate which products are allowed and which are better to refuse. We hope that the information was useful to you, and with its help, you will achieve what you want. Good luck!

What to eat after training

In my opinion, nutrition before exercise is not so important. The main thing is not to overdo it with the protein, from which drowsiness can begin. It turned out to eat pasta or buckwheat 30 minutes before class – excellent, no – no problem: eat a banana and go!

But the question is to eat right after training or can it wait 2 hours while the process of burning fat is in progress?

How much you can eat after training

We will analyze both variants of the nutrition option after playing sports for weight loss: eat within the first 30 minutes or wait another 2 hours. And we will determine the most effective for burning fat and maintaining a good shape.

1. Do not eat 2 hours after

This option is well suited for people whose main goal is to lose weight and burn as much fat as possible and they don’t care about muscle condition. They can only drink water. Because during the training process, the process of burning fat starts, which can continue for a couple of hours after its completion. You can already be at home on the couch, and the fat will continue to “burn”. But along with fat, your muscles can also be used as a source of energy. To prevent this from happening, it is better to eat.

The first meal after exercise is very important, as our body is in the ‘anabolic phase or recovery phase. Eating after a workout should help restore strength and maintain muscle. But do not be afraid, you will not cross out the results of the training (unless you eat a whole cake), everything that is burned during the exercises will not return.

Food should contain protein, some carbohydrates, and some fat to achieve the following results:

Lower cortisol levels

  • Provide muscle with glycogen that was used up during exercise
  • Deliver protein to your body so your muscles can recover
  • Reduce muscle tension and fatigue.

It is best to eat as early as possible because the body is already ready for a nutritious diet! You have 30 minutes in reserve, an hour maximum.

But then the question arises: how much should I eat after training so as not to cross out all the work on the way to losing weight?

Focus on half the calories spent, that is, if you burned 600 kcal, then after training, eat about 300 kcal.

What is better for losing weight: do not eat 2 hours after a workout, and then eat well or eat half of the calories spent immediately after class? Of course, the second.

Remember: do not eat another 2 hours after training can only those who do not care what kind of muscle quality they will have.

If you do not care, then for maximum effect, if there are no medical contraindications, you need to train on an empty stomach and eat nothing 2 hours after training.

2. To close or not to close a carbohydrate window

If your goal is not only weight loss, but also muscle quality, then you definitely need to eat after a workout.

I recommend closing an anabolic window at a rate of 60×40 depending on the type of training: after power – 60 percent protein and 40 – carbohydrates, after aerobics – vice versa.

Post-Workout Nutrition Options

  1. Drink a whey protein shake after exercise. I am sure it will supply the body with everything necessary without significant effort. Needless to say, some simply prefer to drink something rather than eat after exercise. The advantage is given to liquid food, which is easily absorbed and digested.
  2. Another option is to skip this meal and have a bite to eat when you get home. Many people prefer to eat more glycemic food. Chicken and rice, fried fish, potatoes and greens. For vegetarians, tofu is good.
  3. And finally, you can always drink a serving of protein shake and any source of carbohydrates.


Fear of gaining weight while eating before and after exercise is a myth. As long as you do not exceed the number of calories you receive per day, this is normal. Both of these foods should be part of your total calorie intake. It must be remembered that the most important part of any diet is calorie counting.

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