Everything You Need to Get Started with Cycling

Businessman riding bicycle to work on urban street in morning

There are several benefits associated with cycling. It’s a great form of exercise. Just as running, it’s a form of cardio, but it’s softer on the joints. This because of the pedalling motion that you do when cycling. When you run, your knees take a lot of the impact. Cycling is considered a low-impact form of cardio and while a lot of people think that it only works out your leg muscles, it’s a great form of exercise for your entire body. Cycling is also great for stress relief. As you probably already know, when the body gets enough exercise, it releases endorphins that make the brain feel good and relaxed afterwards.

By cycling, you can simultaneously get exercise, have fun, and relieve stress at the same time. But if you’re not used to cycling, you might have trouble really enjoying it right away. This is because cycling requires a bit more preparation than running. But don’t worry; once you know about everything that you need to get started with cycling, you’ll be having a great time on the road or trail.

Gear Required

Obviously, to start cycling, you need a bicycle. There are, however, several different types of bicycles to choose from. Racing bikes, for instance, are extremely light, portable, and fast. They come with a few different gears to use and can be ridden on the road. Mountain bikes are used for trails but are also great for beginners who don’t want to spend money on racing bikes.

Once you have your bicycle, you can start looking into the other gear required. While some places don’t require you to wear a helmet, it’s always a good idea to wear one. Helmets can protect your skull in the event of a crash and while bike crashes don’t happen every day, they happen more frequently than you might think.

Next, you’ll need some cycling clothes. Cycling clothing is designed to keep you cool and relaxed while you work out. You can find a cycling jersey online as they come in several different sizes and styles. A jersey will help keep your torso ventilated so you can ride for longer periods of time without getting overheated. Cycling shorts are great because they’re tight and they won’t get caught on your bike chain.

Prepping for a Ride

You might be eager to start riding now but you need to know how to prep for a long ride. Start by hydrating prior to the ride. Coffee is fine but it can dehydrate you so be sure to drink extra water if you have coffee. Eat a breakfast that is high in carbohydrates so you can boost your stamina. Oatmeal is always a great option and you can eat some eggs for protein.

Remember that while cycling is fun, it’s still a lot of exercise. Be sure to bring a water bottle and plan on filling it up a few times during your ride. It’s really important to stay hydrated while cycling.

Now that you know how to prep for a ride, you should be ready to go. Always remember to be safe, smart, and hydrated and enjoy your ride.