Fashion accessories you must consider in 2020

Fashion accessories

The year 2020 is here and with it, it brings many new styles and trends. As we move forward into this New Year, we bid farewell to various trends and designs of the previous years while welcoming the new lot of fashion accessories and pieces. As we embrace this new chapter with open arms, we will look at different styles which people are talking about and which are set to become this year’s upcoming fashion trends.

 Regardless of the fact whether the temperature rises or falls, your outfit might change but one thing would not, that is accessories. These accessories are so impactful that and functional that in the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and, London were dominated by them and which we could use them for seasons to come. Many people don’t realize the importance of accessories, they have such a stimulating effect that it can change your look from 0 to 100 within an instant. Moreover, they complement your outfit and gives you a sophisticated look.

 It is completely understandable when that when you are running in late for work in the morning, that you have barely had any time to do anything, but it is important that you realize that small things have a bigger impact than we can understand. Furthermore, if we don’t pay attention to these small details, it does not mean others won’t.

So, without further ado, let us dive headfirst into these modern hot styles that you would want to have in your wardrobe in 2020:

Bucket Bags

If you haven’t had the chance to buy these bags four years back, now you may do so. The year is 2020 and these buckets bags are still going strong. They were part of the minimalist accessory’s labels when they were first introduced. Now they are everywhere. These bags are not online stylish but give you an option to hold all your goods.

We all know that there are few things in the fashion world that lasts so long, and the bucket bag seems to be one of those. Its omniscient presence is still being felt in Fashion Weeks and walkways. And if that motivates you to go off and buy one then know that designers are still working on them for continuous updates and making them much more spacious, adding to new styles and reworking their straps with different beads and peals and making sure that their everlasting power goes on. So, hop off your bed right now and head out to the nearest shop to find the perfect bucket bag which matches your style, since it is a bag which is for everyone

Long Necklaces

These Long necklaces are still doing the rounds in 2020. They are one of those fashion items that are making it to the front row this season. These delicate oversized beauties give a whole new dimension to your look and for most fashion-inspired individuals an outfit seems incomplete without them. The same can be said about choker necklace Australia.

In addition to this, these necklaces can be worn on any occasion, be it with a simple top while you are going to school, or a casual party while wearing a collared T-shirt. You can style them with your jeans or match it with your earrings. They work everywhere and are appropriate for all purposes. Moreover, they also give you a chance to showcase your personality and wear the jewels you love boldly. You also have the chance to customize them and express yourself as you want to

Soft Clutches

This might be a small item, but it definitely can make a big impact. It has an impressive history and was reintroduced by Dior and since then it has become the fashion statement. It is not only stylish, edgy but minimalist as well and it can give you wardrobe a new look.

These gorgeous handbags are stunning to carry, and you can easily sway them on any occasion. Furthermore, their soft pillow-like look always works and is the first choice for any style-conscious person. They are the classic evening bag that you would carry which would personify your look and without distracting people’s attention from your outfit. Its reminiscent pointed shape and understated design that accentuates your look is the perfect accessory that is ideal for all occasions whether it is a casual party, a friend’s birthday or a business dinner.

And with a whole lot of designs and shades available including white, black, red, green and tan, you have a variety of options to choose and carry from

Wide Waist Belts

These wide styled belts tied to the middle of your waist is one of those items that can never go wrong. These belts are like an instant hourglass and they can make your look completely different within an instant. This multipurpose and versatile accessory works in any season and has the capability of enhancing your appearance. Not only these belts draw a lot of attention, but they also can make you stand out in the crowd.

If that is not enough, these belts allow you to experiment. With a wide range of variety and styles available, including heavy metal buckles, chains belts and, leather straps this allows trying different look for different occasions. And you can wear them with any kind of dress whether it is a formal and business wear or any kind of semi-formal or casual wear be it dresses, skirts or pants. There are no set rules. And it would likely remain so for another few years.

Headbands with Paddings

With Padded Headbands now you have the chance to goodbye to bad hair days. These headbands are one of those clever accessories which work for you every time. They started trending since last year and are still going hot as well. These puffed up headbands had such dominance over the previous year that even the Duchess of Cambridge fell in love with that and wore her black velvet version of the padded headband while attending a service at Westminster Abbey. If that doesn’t make an item a fashion icon, then nothing will.

And that’s not all, these radiating, ultra-luxury are the real deal-breakers. Their extra layer of padding really appeals to the audience and their comfort level is unchallenged. This retro hair accessory makes your entire intricate look simple, by keeping your locks out of your face, they give a chance to radiate and smile away.

Bucket Hats

We all know-how protecting yourself from the UVs is crucial and all and hence it highlights the importance of hats. However, your hat is not limited to this though. These hats have become a fashion icon and one of those includes the bucket hat which after dominating the 90s era, is now making a comeback. It has already started making its mark and has been trending items worn in the recent Fashion Week in Paris. What makes them so appealing is that they are an all-season item that complements your style and outfit.

Its features are characterized by a downward sloping top that covers your head and sits above your eye. And with a wide range of colors including pink, red, blue, white and charcoal gives you a lot of space to experiment and work out which suits you the best. You can also mix it by opting with a contrast or leopard skin print that complements your outfit.

So next time you go out, add a bucket hat to your list. Not only it will make you stand out, but it will also keep you protected.

Multicolor handbags

One thing that shines your outfit is these multi-colored handbags. This crossover of beautiful beads and pearl embedded side straps with brightly colored themed handbags are the things to look out for this summer. This simple accessory is making a lot of noise this year and has been the talk of the town. This classical accessory offers you a wide range of colors and choices and after being upgraded from last year, they are many colors to choose from.

Unlike the last time, the designers are now offering more than two shades which means you could go any three or four colors of your choice. And with colors like green, yellow and orange, you can set a mark and stand out amongst the crowd. And that is not all, these handbags are now quite functional and super convenient as well.

They are easy to go and make you look trendy and sophisticated. And with their sleek trendy design, bright colors, and novelty shapes it is no less than a piece of artwork


With the dawn of the New Year, there are many new accessories that have been making waves in the markets, while others have been around for a while now and are still going strong. It is a perfect time for you to upgrade your wardrobe with these new and trendy items which makes you stand out and radiate amongst the crowd.