Gym Fashion: How To Raise Your Workout Style


Most everyone, no matter what their personal style might be, tends to look uniform when exercising. But who says your style at the gym has to suffer just because you’re there to work? Getting fit is easier when it’s fun, and when you look great, you’re sure to have a better time. Here are four easy ways to amp up your style game while you’re getting in shape.

Hair Accessories

Most women have enough hair to need to put it up or pin it back in some way while they sweat it out. One easy way to add a little flair to your hair is to wear two thin-strap headbands in two contrasting colors instead of just one black or brown one. This looks pretty and takes the weight off just one band, minimizing the crease made in your hair. For more information on how to style your hair like an adult, visit this website:

Transition Pieces

When you’ve got dinner plans right after yoga, your boyfriend’s ratty T-shirt and your mesh shorts just won’t cut it. Try a pullover in a pretty color and some sleek black leggings from places like San Francisco City Lights that focus on sensible but elegant fashion. Look for soft, stretchy but chic pieces that easily go from kettlebell to coffee date.

Foot Focus

Another way to be a fashionista at the gym without making your workout suffer is to let your shoes make a statement. White is usually the go-to color for sneakers, but where’s the fun in that? A black shoe with a nice, bright trim paired with your staple black leggings will actually accentuate your legs, making them look longer. Not concerned about creating height? Try a shoe in a cheerful hot pink, electric blue or lemon yellow.

Minimal Makeup

If you show up for your training session in a fully contoured face, complete with bronzer and a smoky eye, your fitness guide might not take you seriously, and your makeup will just melt off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a natural glow. BB cream will smooth skin and add tint without being cakey. Next, slick on a lip stain in a neutral color. Stains are designed to last all day, so it’s not going anywhere. Finally, if you’re the type of girl who can’t leave the house without mascara, make sure it’s smudge-proof. There are plenty of great water-proof mascaras on the market.

Looking cute may not be your main goal, but with these four simple tricks, you’ll get to look as good as you feel.