Here are 4 Reasons you want to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her


Have you been dreaming about proposing to your significant other but aren’t sure how to? Is the thought of buying an engagement ring popping up in your mind, and you are confused about whether it is essential or not? Here are four reasons you shouldn’t stop yourself from buying a diamond engagement ring when it is time to propose.

1)  Keeping up with Traditions

Engagements and rings go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly on toast. The tradition of getting a diamond ring for proposing to your fiancée has been around us for ages. According to anthropology, this tradition dates back to the Roman Age, where wives wore their rings to attach them to small keys to symbolize their husbands’ ownership. It wasn’t until 1477 that Austria’s Archduke introduced the first engagement ring of diamond for his fiancée. From that date onwards, a tradition was set for diamond engagement rings among the European elites. Our modern times are keeping up with the practice of presenting the brides-to-be with sparkling diamond rings. If you plan to propose to your significant other, we recommend checking unique engagement rings at Solitaire Jewellery.

2)  You want to show the world that you are financially Well-off.

By purchasing the engagement ring online, you can save loads of money. Did you know that going slightly below 1 carat could save you loads of cash? You can still buy a ring without breaking the bank. The trick is to choose a near-colorless diamond that will look as fancy and shiny as any other diamond. If you want to show off to the world and your significant other that you are financially savvy, going for a diamond engagement ring is perfect while you can stay within a budget. That won’t make you look like a loser when your fiancée tells her friends that she has gotten a diamond from you.

3)  Excellent Way to Show your Love

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to express your love to your significant other. And a diamond ring is an excellent way to do so. Yes, we know that kisses, flowers, and candlelight dinners are all nice. But nothing can beat that beautiful diamond glistering on her finger. Her eyes will shine bright with happiness, and love will exude from her soul by the sight of it. Nothing screams love louder than a diamond engagement ring. This pricey romantic gesture of love is likely to keep you bound for eternities.  And trust us when we tell you that women love showing off their sparkly rock to family, friends, and anyone who cares.  For some women, a diamond ring carries more sentimental worth than any other item in the world.

4)  Viewing the Diamond Ring as an Investment

You can also think of the diamond as a future investment. It can be an investment in your relationship. But, it can also be an investment like a car. Its value will never depreciate. In case you guys ever go bankrupt, you can sell it and pay off your debts. Everyone keeps hearing about the importance of engagement rings in a love relationship as they grow up. The standards have been set by society, and we follow suit.