How To Express Yourself Through Women Motorcycle Vests


Bikers have used leather vests as a way to express themselves for years, and while some prefer to wear plain ones, other people prefer to wear something a little more expressive. Women in particular are fonder to expressing themselves with more than a plain jacket. Some take things to new levels and decide to decorate their jackets with patches and more. Not only can motorcycle vests serve as protective gear, but they can also serve as a fashion statement. A motorcycle vest for women should express their attitude and personality.

There have been many women’s motorcycle bikes hitting the market, thus allowing more fashion materials to do so as well.


There are more and more vests that are being equipped with collars. As with classic jackets, the collars on the vests are designed to stand up and this helps them fit around the necks. However, you can find more feminine collars that have studs and more.


The typical motorcycle vest is about to where your pants start. Most women prefer a longer vest and there are now many that are being made to come down a little lower. However, there are some cons to having a longer vest such as it getting stuck. Most women prefer shorter ones to keep it simple and stylish.


There are a number of styles of motorcycle vests available and some even fit looser than some women like. The most common of them all are black vests for women as they are stylish, simple, and classic. You can opt to use a belt to wear around the vest to keep it snug, and this can add a new twist on your fashion. If that isn’t what you are looking for, you can also try a jacket that features elastic in the back to keep the vest in place. There are additionally some vests that feature Velcro which can be a huge help when combined with elastic or a belt.

Side Lacing Options

There are now hundreds of women’s motorcycle vests that offer lace on the sides which allows you to adjust the tightness and the way the vest fits. Finding a vest that offers this side lacing can add a feminine touch and can allow your vest to look a little more fashionable and stylish as well while riding. It definitely gives your vest a unique approach that you can’t find elsewhere. Womens leather vests are popular for their possibility to add accessories and lacings.

You can also find that there are some motorcycle vests for women that come with sleeves and some that come without them. A new style that is becoming popular, especially for chillier rides, is there are vests that have detachable sleeves, giving you the option of removing them when the weather is warm.