How to Find Plus Size Fashion Choices That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Plus Size Fashion

If you like to follow plus size fashionistas on social media you’ve probably noticed one glaring fact – most of them wear expensive brand-name, designer clothes. But what do you do if you want to look great but can’t afford those pricey designer plus size fashions? You get creative. Not being able to spend a fortune on designer clothes doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Here are a few ways that plus sized women can look fantastic and fashionable without spending an entire year’s salary on clothes.

Look for Knockoffs

Plus size fashion trends affect all the companies that make plus sized clothes. Often companies will make their own versions of fashions presented by famous designers. They might change the placement of a ruffle or change the sleeves or the neckline but the basic silhouette of the piece is the same as the more expensive designer look. So, if you find a plus size designer whose clothing you really like, start looking around for knockoffs versions. You can very often find pieces that are almost exactly like the more expensive version for a much lower price.

Shop Online

Unfortunately, few brick and mortar stores carry a large selection of plus size dresses and other clothing. Online stores have a much bigger selection and they usually have a more extensive range of sizes, too. Shop online so that you have a much better chance of finding the fashion-forward looks that you want in the right sizes (find a great selection at Pink Clove). Carefully study the sizing chart since the sizes may vary from one brand to the next. You can also order several sizes of the same piece. You can always return the sizes that don’t work for you but it’s easier to order the same dress or pair of jeans or top in a couple different sizes and see which looks best on you.

Invest in Quality

Sometimes it pays to spend more and get a higher quality piece of clothing. Wardrobe essentials like classic styles of dresses or trousers can be worn in an endless number of ways are worth a great investment. If you’re shopping for plus size fashions that are trendy and are going to be out of style in by next year, then definitely look for inexpensive pieces. But when it comes to plus size maxi dresses, jeans, and other pieces of clothing that you will wear year after year it’s better to pay a little more and get a quality garment that will last for several years.

Clothes Swap

A fantastic way to refresh your wardrobe and get rid of items that you don’t wear anymore is to host a clothes swap with your friends. Everyone brings the clothing they don’t want or need any more to the swap and trade them for other clothes that they like. It’s an inexpensive way to find new pieces to round out your wardrobe and spend time with your friends. You’ll make room in your closet by eliminating items you don’t use while giving someone else a chance to enjoy them.