How Top Actors Dictate Fashion Trends


Fashion in itself has so many shades that it has always found to maintain ‘a hot topic’ of discussion everywhere. It is that part of the culture which catches the fancy of people belonging to all age groups. It is a world in itself that has very high competition with every category of designers vying to make a place at the top and make their respective designs the talk of the town. 

Fashion is that entity that has ever-changing trends. There is never a stagnant trend followed by the common crowds. There is always a new designer designing new clothes that take the breath of the spectators away and then they decide to follow that trend until another trend takes its place. 

The recent most trends

In the recent most years, the trend-setting has been hugely dominated by the trends followed by the actors and actresses. Let’s be honest here, actors and actresses always have a huge influence over the world. A very high percentage of the population is widely influenced by the actors and thus they tend to follow the trends that these actors have adopted. This is what helps in the set up of ‘a trend’. It is no secret that famous stars have a very huge role to play in the trend set in the fashion industry.

The few examples of the trendsetters and their clothing choice

While in the topic, we could set up the Brad Pitt leather jacket as an example. Brad Pitt without a doubt is one of the hottest male celebrities on TV and also one of the most well-appreciated actors. His fan-base is big which makes potential followers of the trend he adopts even bigger. Once Brad Pitt showed off his charm with his ever so sexy leather jacket, leather jackets became the soul of the fashion industry.

Even when Angeline Jolie sported her figure in her formal attire giving off the essence of a strong and well-received female celebrity in her women’s tuxedo, it was suddenly of the prime importance of half of the female population. This sexy feminine beauty had everything required to pull off the tuxedo which is part of the reason for the growing trend of women insisting on wearing tuxedos on formal parties.

When Katy Perry showed off her exquisite beauty with the log flowing green dress- the dress along with her beauty giving her the look of a Greek goddess, there was suddenly rise of women seen wearing the long flowing garment trying to pull off the exact same idol as their idol. 

This Brad Pitt jacket, Angeline Jolie tuxedo, Katy Perry dress and other such apparels have had a very high sale in the fashion market right after they were introduced on TV. Other actors like Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds etc have had a very strong influence over the market in the fashion industry. Of course, it is not always the fashion industry that has been flourishing thanks to these stars; other trends are also at the rise due to these celebrities’ choices and their lifestyles.

The fashion industry and popular lingerie stores have gone through a number of changes in the past decades and it is destined to change even more in the next few years. In that, it is of absolute importance to mention the importance and the role of these celebrities since it is their choices that have the industry booming still. Now popular trends including wearing see through lingerie  is very common in parties and special functions.