Husband Habits: 5 Tips For Helping Your Husband Dress Well


You love your husband, except for one thing – the way he dresses. You can no longer stand the ragged jeans and dirty t-shirts he wears to every event, even work. He needs a makeover, but you don’t want to scare him into doing it because he’ll just put on his over-worn clothes and stalk out. The good news is there are some things you can do to help your husband dress well while avoiding conflict. Here are five tips to consider.

1. Don’t Change Him

Don’t force a total wardrobe shift on him. Try to keep the fashions somewhere in the same vein that he currently wears. Should your husband be a lover of t-shirts, don’t switch him to polos and button-downs. Keep him in the same garments, and provide some more fashionable suggestions that he may find pleasing.

2. Don’t Gang Up on Him

No need to involve him in a What-Not-to-Wear type of fashion intervention with all of his friends telling him how bad he dresses. That’s going to do nothing except make him hide in a pile of his ratty jeans. Keep this between you and him at all times. This way he doesn’t feel like you are giving him something to fight against, but rather are just offering some tips.

3. Give Him Time

Just because he agrees to get new clothes doesn’t mean you burn all of his old ones. Shop for a few new items first and see if he likes them. Then begin to slowly incorporate more garments in every few weeks. If you try to do it all in one dramatic sweep and do not allow him any say in the matter, your attempts will not go over well.

4. Do Some Research

There are plenty of websites to review to find out what better-dressed men are wearing these days. For example, features profiles of fashionable t-shirts, sweaters and jackets that may work for your husband. Write down some suggestions that you think he will like, and sit down together to make choices.

5. Provide an Incentive

Most guys hate shopping, and even the thought of getting near a mall makes them cringe. To get them to buy clothes, incorporate a shopping trip with something else, like a movie or dinner out. This may provide more encouragement for him to buy some new clothes.

With some patience and a little gentle coercing you can move your husband away from his grungy clothes into more fashionable garments. He may balk at first, but his attitude may change when he sees other looking his way in admiration. Then all you need to do is make sure the women just look.