Active Lifestyle: How To Burn More Calories Throughout The Day

It’s obvious to you that one way that to lose weight is by using up more calories than you consume. You already engage in exercise several times a week in order to increase your calorie expenditure. You may even take supplements or vitamins in the morning to ramp up your metabolism throughout the day. Now you want to change your everyday activities just burn more calories throughout the day. The following are a few suggestions

Keep Standing

You probably spend a good part of your day sitting down, whether you’re relaxing at home or busy at the office. Whenever you can, stand up to do your tasks so you burn more calories. For example, when you look at television, try spending five minutes out of every half hour on your feet. Increase the time gradually until you can watch TV program while standing up.

Keep Moving

Whenever you’re forced to wait, such as on the phone while you’re in line, move your body as much as is practical. For example, if you’re waiting in the privacy of your own home, try doing some air squats or push-ups, both of which do not require any equipment outside of your body. If you’re in a public place, the movement can be more minimal, such as by rotating the fist around her wrist, or foot around an ankle.

Do it by Hand

Avoid using machines in favor of using your hands to perform tasks. When you mow the lawn, keep the gas-powered mower in the garage and rely on an old-fashioned manual mower instead. Need to dry a laundry load when the sun’s out? Skip the dryer and hang your clothes outside.

Avoid the Car

When you run errands throughout the day, think about which destinations you can reach without using your car. Could you take public transportation and remain standing throughout the journey? Or could you just walk there? If you do end up taking your vehicle, park it as far away from the entrance as possible. You can then expend calories either walking to the door of the building.

Take the Stairs

An easy way to burn more calories and build your endurance if you live or work above the first floor is to avoid the elevators and take the stairs instead. You can even try running up or down the steps, or jumping upward from one step to the next to use up calories. If you’re only on the second floor and find stair-climbing to be too easy, try climbing from the ground floor to two or three floors above your destination floor before heading back down to the floor you actually want.

Keeping an active lifestyle is a serious change for some of use but it can be done if you are diligent. Remember to supplement your active lifestyle with vitamins and minerals or you can even consider getting a no prescription Phentermine pill to help expedite any weight loss. With these tips you can be sure to burn the calories!

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5 Eyewear Styles Perfect For Teen Girls

When girls turn into teenagers, fashion is suddenly on the forefront of many of their minds. Everything they wear is thought about deeply. This is true for everything they wear from head to toes, and this includes their eyeglasses. If you have a teen girl or are a teen girl, here is a guide, provided by The Eyewear Place, to five eyewear styles that are perfect for teen girls.

1. Chunky, Bold Frames

Geek chic has never been hotter that it is right now, and teen girls can pull off geek chic better than anyone else. One of the hottest trends in teen girls’ eyewear right now is chunky, bold frames. These thick frames really stand out and attract attention, which makes them perfect for a strong teen girl who likes to be noticed.

2. Wayfarer Frames

One of the hottest trends in fashion circles right now is to wear Wayfarer frames. This classic shape from Ray-Ban has a timeless style that gives it a lot of appeal. As well as traditional Wayfarer frames, some teen girls are opting to wear bigger, exaggerated Wayfarer styles.

3. Cat Eyes Frames

For the teen girl who is looking for the perfect pair of frames to create a sultry, sexy look, there is no better style than a pair of cat eye frames. This retro style was at its height of popularity in the 60s, but the trend has come back around as most trends do in fashion. These cat eye frames are a great look for teen girls because they make them feel confident and powerful, helping them to face the challenges of being a teenager head-on.

4. Oversized Round Frames

Like many of the other eyewear trends that are hot for teen girls right now, the most popular round frames are now oversized. These oversized frames create a bold look that helps girls get noticed and feel empowered.

5. Perfectly Round Frames

Another popular trend for teen girls right now is perfectly round frames. This style of frame brings to mind Harry Potter and John Lennon. This is a real popular style of frames for artsy girls who like to have tons of soul in their fashion choices.

These five frame styles are all red hot for teens right now. The best move is for a teenager to get a couple of different pairs of frames. That way, she can change her frames to match her mood or what she is wearing.


From Handbags to Heels: 4 Fashion Rules to Enhance Your Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but there’s a fine line between these two outcomes. Since you spend a lot of time and money finding the perfect clothes, you don’t want to ruin it by clashing your accessories. Although some fashionistas might have the jewelry part down, it can be tough to coordinate an entire look with your handbag as well. For some helpful tips on making these accessory essentials work, check out my four crucial fashion laws for coordinating handbags and jewelry.

1. Choose Versatile Styles

As much as we’d all love to have our own walk-in closet to house hundreds of designer handbags, let’s get real. Most of us have a limited selection of styles to choose from. Because of this harsh reality, you’ll want to make sure your handbags are as versatile as possible. Browns, blacks and whites are always good hues to work with for versatility, while gold accents like studs and other details can make it easy to coordinate your bag with gold jewelry.

2. Customize Your Bags

Handbag scarves are making a comeback for spring 2013, so take advantage of this trend by investing in a collection of colorful scarves to coordinate with any outfit. Pick out some colorful pendant necklaces and bangles to stay on the cutting edge of spring trends, and make sure to tie a matching scarf around your handbag of choice.

3. Go Bold

Even though subtler, more versatile handbag styles are recommended for the bulk of your collection, it’s also important to have a few specialty handbags as well. When you’re feeling like being lazy and throwing on a T-shirt and jeans, you can effortlessly enhance your outfit by rocking a neon handbag with equally bold earrings.

4. Don’t Match

This seems counterintuitive to the fashion laws that have been drilled into your brain since day one, but a matchy-matchy look can sometimes come off as tacky. Instead of matching pink pants with a pink handbag and a pink statement necklace, choose coordinating colors like a turquoise necklace and a white handbag with a turquoise and pink scarf tied around the handle.

Fashion is all about having fun and incorporating your unique tastes and personality into your look. So if you want to break some rules and be yourself, don’t let the fashion police stop you! These tips can help you put together a rockin’ outfit, but don’t be afraid to add your own rules as you go.

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2017 Summer Fashion Trends For Teens

This summer, teen clothing is all about comfort and keeping cool. The look is bohemian and free, with little regard to style rules. If you feel comfortable in it, you can wear it this summer. But if you really want to keep up with the latest trends, try incorporating some of these ideas into your wardrobe this summer.

Loose and Breezy

This season’s summer fashion is all about loose, breeze tops and clothing. Oversized tees, tanks, and blouses are perfect for keeping cool in hot summer months. Low necklines, oversized armholes, and high-low hemlines are the hottest styles this summer. If you are worried about showing too much skin, throw a long came on under your flowing tops.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian makes its appearance nearly every summer, but this year it is more popular than ever. Details like crochet, embroidered flowers, and headbands are among the latest styles this year. Anything that someone might have worn as a hippie is of-the-minute fashion this summer.

Crop Tops

Long tops have been trendy for some time now, but shorter tops are making a comeback along with higher rise bottoms. Tops cropped above the belly button, and some as high as just under the bust or rib cage are popular in today’s summer fashion. If you want to bare your skin, that is a trendy option today, but girls who want a little more coverage can wear a fitted tank under their crop tops.

Printed Shorts

For the past few seasons, printed pants and shorts have remained popular. This summer is no different. Today’s trendy prints range from simple dots to crazy prints, like Aztec prints or screen prints of sunsets, or pictures of seahorses. Any fun print will help your look feel current and trendy. Go for high wasted pants for an even trendier look.

Skater Dresses

The skater dress gives a youthful, fun vibe to any day. Skater dresses are fitted on top and flare out to a rounded, flirty skirt. You can find many skater dresses in the juniors clothing department of any store. The skirt length is often quite short, so if you do not want to expose too much, you can pair skater dresses with shorts underneath.

High Waist Bottoms

For the past 15 years, pants have varied in rise from just below the belly button to below the hip bone. 10 years ago, pant waists were extremely low, but the rise has steadily increased ever since. Today’s trendy bottoms take their inspiration from vintage clothing. You can find pants with rises just under the belly button to nearly the rib cage. Lower rises work best for curvier figures, to avoid the look of “mom-jeans.”

Teens have many options when it comes to summer style. Summer is a time to express your personality as well as embrace the weather and current trends. With these stylish options, you will fit in anywhere and be able to enjoy yourself wherever you are- whether it is out on a summer date or spending the day at an amusement park.


Online Shopping Of Fashionable Stuff: Tips For Women

All of us love shopping. Shopping is something that makes us happy and keeps us refreshed. But today most of us do not have enough time to go shopping. So, now online shopping has come up as a blessing for those who do not have enough time. This has made shopping just a click away. From clothes to foot wears, home appliances to much more, today everything is available online.

Fashionable stuffs like clothes, eye wears, footwear and accessories are something that has become really famous categories in online shopping and one can also use discount codes like to avail discounts. These sites have a lot of variety of fashionable stuff which allows its users to pick up the best product from a wide range. But the most important question that arises in one’s mind before going for online is that how to save money on fashionable stuffs. The answer to this question is very simple. There are some ways that one can adopt to save money and obtain the best offers on the fashionable stuffs.

Research the Shopping Sites:

The best way to find best products at affordable prices is to research all the popular shopping sites and choose the best one from all those sites. Researching the sites patiently could turn out to be really helpful to save money on fashionable stuffs.

Compare different Shopping Sites:

Comparing the same product available on different shopping sites is one of the best ways to save money. One can find the product available at cheaper cost and purchase it. Researching different shopping sites would help one to find out the best products available for her and that too at an affordable price. This task has been made even easier as there are websites available that helps one to compare different products on different shopping sites.

Combine Coupons:

Coupon codes and promo codes like are available for online shopping. These codes decreases the total cost of the cart. Almost all the shopping sites provide a lot of offers and coupon codes to their customers that help them to save a lot of money on fashionable stuffs.

Connect with shopping sites through social networking sites:

All the shopping sites offer a lot of offers in every festival season, and other special occasions. But one must keep track of all these offers so as to make full use of it. So, many social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ have pages available that keep information about these offers which helps its users to make use of these offers.

These are some of the ways to save money on fashionable stuffs and obtain offers on them.

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Sweater Weather: 5 Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Fashion Time

Fall is a wonderful time for fashion. It’s a chance to wear layers, to break out patterns, to sip coffee at your favorite cafe and show off your good taste in clothing. So with fall approaching it’s a great time to get ready for what is for many the premier season for clothing.

1. Use the Internet!

With the rise of high-speed internet, not only is much information available that wasn’t in less tech-savvy times, but many products are now a click away that can add color and value to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to use sites like Reem that feature the all my pearly king range for which feature some fashionable options for the fall. With fall clothing — sweaters, corduroys, jeans, and boots in particular — the rewards are out there just waiting to be found.

2. Used Name Brands Are Easy to Find

Take for example some of the top of the line fall brands — Polo Ralph Lauren, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers, to name a few — and you’ll find that well-made items made by such companies are inexpensive and easy to find on sites like Etsy. While many of us would rather save money than spend $100 on a genuine Polo sweater, with used sellers taking to the web in droves, items such as these can be found through sellers who price their clothing as low as $30 per item. It’s a great way to look good without spending wheelbarrows full of money on the best the fashion industry has to offer. And with companies such as Pearly King, who provide a more masculine take on the American Trad style that has been such a staple in recent menswear trends, it’s shaping up to be a good fashion season that won’t break the bank.

3. Have Fun with Research

The rise of high speed internet and personal blogs has also led to a resurgence of interest in up-to-date fashion news. There are many bloggers who have become famous and successful where they that now earn a living traveling to Milan, Florence, Tokyo, Paris and New York just to report on what people are wearing today. And it’s a great way to find out the most cutting-edge fashion trends as they happen. Find a fashion blog you love and become a follower, you can see where their style takes them and where you want to go with yours.

4. Fun with Print

Be sure to check out the fall fashion issues of major magazines like Vogue — but look in the magazine aisle of good booksellers for the international versions too, where you might find looks that add to your own personal style. Magazines like Vogue have foreign editions from countries like Italy and France that often cater to the individual tastes of these fashion-conscious nations. It’s one way to get a different perspective on new looks, and to have your friends wondering how you achieve such cosmopolitan appearances.

5. Go for a Stroll

Live near a city or town that you like? Take a walk on a sunny late-summer or early-autumn day and see what people are wearing. As Bob Dylan once put it, “You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows”: seeing for yourself what the new trends are is sometimes a matter of checking out what is going on around you. And you know yourself better then anyone you are going to instantly know what you like and don’t like. Or you may find items or ideas you aren’t sure about, what a way to branch out and find something new.

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Top Women’s Fashion In 2017

Keeping track of women’s fashion can be challenging, but there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. You can integrate a few new pieces in to your existing wardrobe to give yourself an all new look for this year. There have been a few major changes in the fashion world in 2013 that have shaken things up a bit. You don’t have to be left behind if you would like to stay looking great. You can even get some new clothes that will help fit to or flatter your figure. Before moving to Next year 2014 we have to read through for some tips on women’s fashion 2013 is set to bring.

New Unique Style Tops

First, you may be wondering what kind of tops are in this year. It can be a great idea to buy some new tops each season, since they can often be worn with whatever other sets of clothing you already have. Just try to stay a little flexible with your look, because there have been a few interesting additions lately. Many women are starting to look into buying tunics, since these are one of the easiest tops to wear. You may be impressed by just how versatile these tunic shirts can be. You may even be able to find some crossover styles that will appeal to many different tastes.

Fresh Designs in Market

You like also want to hear about some of the new dress designs that are becoming popular lately. As usual, there will be great dresses that you can buy for each season of the year. Think about how you might want to add some A-line dresses in to your routine, since these are proving to be very possible recently. You can even hem these dresses up, if you would like to change their appearance each season. A number of people have been looking in to how they integrate these dresses in to their wardrobe, so take a look at some of the shoes you can buy to go along with them too.

Special Dresses to Make Winter Hot

When the fall and winter seasons approach, you might be wondering what you should get for yourself this year. There are some new offerings available that will keep you up to date with women’s fashion 2013 trends. Take a look at some of the newest dresses you have bought for this year. You can often add a simple and short cardigan sweater to the outside. This will be functional and stylish, since it can change up your look for the cold weather seasons. It can even help extend the use that you get out of the dresses that you own. If anything, modded dress outfits are one of the hottest trends happening this year for women’s fashion.

Don’t forget to find other matching items that will go with some of your new clothing and footwear. If you have picked up some new tunics or other tops for this year, you might need to get matching pants to go along with it. Light khakis are becoming increasingly popular recently, especially for the summer months. Adding accessories to your outfits is also becoming another hot trend this year. Think about buying some new shoes that will help compliment your new look as well. The great thing about some of these new outfits, is that they go great with either heels or flats. Feel free to let your own sense of style guide you as you keep pace with these new fashion trends.


Wedding Fashion That Works

Want to upstage the bride? Well maybe this isn’t such a good idea if you value your life. Just kidding of course! I’m sure she will get over it if you look better then her. Besides, you deserve all the attention all of the time right? Well of course you do! Your great! Everyone should know that!

Make sure that you come looking your best for your friend or relatives special day by paying attention to today’s wedding fashion. You want to look better then the bride don’t you. Well you will when you show all of the guest there that you have a better understanding of fashion then they do. Make sure they know that your the hottest thing at this wedding. Who know’s? Their might be some cute guys at this thing. Maybe you will be the next one to find matrimonial bliss?

Always make sure to stay a little conservative when going to a wedding. Make sure to not show to much of yourself. It’s important to stay a little modest when at a wedding because after all they are religious ceremonies. Well most of them are anyway. Make sure that you look respectful enough not to offend g-d or the bride! Even though this is a happy and welcoming occasion they are still not afraid to kick you out! Make sure that you are always dressed in a non offensive way when attending a wedding. No cutout dresses or anything like that.

Always make sure not to dress to brightly. You do not want to make your ploy for attention to obvious to the rest of the wedding guest. This will just come by as obnoxious and no one will want to sit at your table. You need to stay away from neon when attending this type of event. In less there is a theme where this type of dress is appropriate. Then you can feel free to dress however you wish. Make sure to stay with classic colors though if it is a classic wedding. You do not want to ruin the group pictures! The bride will hate you forever!

Part of a good outfit is having a cute date! You never want to come to a wedding alone! This can come across as a little pathetic. Besides, you do not want to show off that your still single while your best friend walks down the isle. Let her know that you are a great catch as well with a piece of arm candy! It is not advised to bring a date if your soul purpose of attending this wedding is to pick up men. This might discourage them.

Whatever you wear to a wedding make sure that you love the outfit as much as everyone else will. There is nothing more important then you feeling comfortable throughout this very boring event. Make sure that you will stay comfy all day and are willing to wear the crap out of whatever you put on!

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Look Stunning With The Fashionable Winter Wedding Outfits

There are number of dresses to select when we talk about winter weddings. In winter weddings you can make your collection through a number of wedding dresses as well as accessories, where as in summer weddings your collection are restricted in few wedding dresses. You can try out most of the wedding dresses in winter weddings. Incase you wish to try out a fur stole or cape on your wedding garment then that’s not possible during summers, but if that’s the winter then you easily try out these fashionable accessories. You can have a great deal of alternative of materials as well as dress styles in winter weddings.

Select the Right Style:

Select a bridal gown which flatters your figure, your complexion, design of wedding ceremony and also your personality while keeping you warm in your winter season wedding ceremony.Generally full-length ball wedding dresses are well suited for any winter wedding, since these gowns will have lot of stuffs which keeps you warm in winter. You can also choose sleeves but long sleeves are quite outdated fashion now. Nevertheless lengthy sleeve gowns with necklines and also adorned materials are also very good choice. If you wish to try out some more then you can check short sleeve, puff sleeve, butterfly sleeve etc. If you choose to select sleeveless dress then select a cover-up regarding gracing your wedding dress as well as keeping yourself protected from the cold. DressFirst has all the latest collection and styles of wedding dresses, as well as shoes and accessories. There are so many styles and colors to choose from and the bonus is that there is free shipping on all dresses!

Check the Necklines and More:

Though I’ve mentioned that full sleeves are quite outdated but you can check out the full sleeves with fur at the cuffs and necklines. So, if you would like to select any long sleeve then you can opt for a portrait neck, deep V neck etc. Cover-ups are the most generally desired item for any winter wedding dress. With slim strapped types or without strap are very popular among the bridal dresses. The cover-ups seem to be quite required for wedding dresses. They look absolutely nice with both short and long sleeved wedding dress.

Dress Material:

It would be easier for you to select a wedding gown in different model if your gown has got heavier materials. You can check with heavy materials like silk, velvet, taffeta etc. If you need warmth then you can try out with two different fabrics but make sure to use another material on the outside.

Check for Accessories:

The best way to have any wedding gown you want in addition to be comfortable is actually to get a cover-up. Fake fur-trimmed hooded cloaks tend to be suited to an intimate winter weather marriage where you have to spend quite a long time outside with regard to pictures as well as traveling on the wedding service to the wedding reception.Tiny wraps, shrugs in addition to stoles may stylize the strapless as well as sheath dress when you stay outside, also when you are inside then you wouldn’t hesitate to show off your gown. You also need to look at the different wedding hair styles , jewelry, shoesthat may work with your wedding dress and wedding venue.In order to make your dress quite trendy you can make use of velvet, fur and other fabrics which are rich.

Men's Fashion

The Hottest Spring 2017 Trends At Milan Fashion Week

When you think Milan Fashion Week you think of haute style and couture classics sashaying down the runway. It’s the quintessential of the word “extravagant”! The week is full of high-end designers premiering their latest creations. We drool and admire the designs and garments. Milan is a place where we go to get dazzled and inspired. Here are some hot spring 2014 styles that premiered in Milan’s Fashion Week.

All White

Every year you get designers on the runway ready to give us their spring rendition. We must therefore not forget how the all-white trend captured our hearts over and over again. You can never be tired of the white classics. Perhaps it’s a reminder that, at the end of the dreary winter, the light continues. Blumarine charmed us with an angelic gown and BBC noted that it was “cream bandeau gown embellished with white detail and train, for the Blumarine ready-to-wear collection”. You can’t go wrong with white for your spring/summer looks. It’s fresh and crisp and gives an instant lift to your wardrobe.

Spring Leather

Spring leather pieces emerged from the Salvatore Ferragamo collection. The leather was exciting and colorful with vibrant depth and texture. When you think leather, sometimes you think dull colors and darker earth tones. Ferragamo went above the expectations of leather by giving the garments shape and feminine appeal.


You can’t have spring without the announcement of bloom and life. Milan Fashion Week wrote a love song to spring by debuting floral influences from the international realm. The unique trend about floral this year is that: it went 3D. Floral is not on a three dimension look as opposed to last years prints being printed right on the garment. I believe we can expect this look to take off for the spring because of its romantic appeal and homage to nature. We live in a 3D world and what better way to display that than by giving flowers a realistic appearance. Marni definitely took the not so minimalist appeal. In ABC news, Marni admits to “Silencing the urge to minimize”. (


Another Milan Fashion Week hot trend is the stripe. This look was captured by several collections with different designers. It took on a life of it’s own with a variety of looks appearing throughout the shows. “From Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian sack dress, to Fendi’s 3D geometry”, this look awakens something in our fashion hearts. (

The stripes give off a very modern look with the diverse colors and cuts. However, designers like Burberry Prosum chose to go with solid colors palettes layered over prints for their men’s collection. Men’s Health advised men that, when it comes to patterns, “certain eye catching styles are not for the timid. Depending on your appetite for attention, make your statement with pattern. Muted with a traditional tailored trouser or jacket in solid color” (

No matter what look the stripes take, they are going to be a big hit when spring rolls around.


Skirts took this week of fashion by a storm. They were everywhere. I can’t emphasize how much domination they took on the runway. This will be a staple for the spring. There were a few designers like Dolce and Gabbana who took a dramatic approach with colors and structures. There were some like MaxMara who took a more classic approach with the pencil skirt and more of a solid color look.

Get ahead with your spring style by looking at the Milan Fashion Week premier. If you’re looking for a fashion company to start up your spring wardrobe, there is always a hidden gem that will take you straight from the runway into your closet. The idea is to find a way to customize what you see on the runway into something wearable and indicative of your personality. The rest is all about having fun with fashion.