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Are Fashion Favourite Shoes Causing your Foot Pain

Do you suffer from foot pain? If you do, it is likely that the shoes you wear could be the main culprit for this pain. Our feet carry our weight, and they can be subjected to plenty of pressure with every step we take. Wearing uncomfortable footwear or even shoes that aren’t the correct size for your feet can cause a number of different foot complaints. Here are just a few common foot health conditions caused by uncomfortable or poorly fitting footwear, and what you can do to remedy these conditions…

Plantar Fasciitis
Generally dismissed as mere foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot complaint that can be worsened through wearing unsupportive shoes such as ballet shoes and flip flops. When the arch of the foot is not supported, the Plantar Fascia (the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot) becomes inflamed and there is a sharp pain when you walk, run or even place pressure on the foot. If you are experiencing pain in the arch of your foot, it is advisable to choose footwear that features innovative Vionic Foot Motion Technology (FMT). The benefits of using Vionic FMT is that the shoes follow a biomechanical design to ensure targeted support to the arch, reducing and treating the pain of Plantar Fasciitis.

Achilles Tendonitis
Unsupportive shoes as well as stiletto heels can cause foot issues such as Achilles Tendonitis. A sharp pain felt at the back of the foot, Achilles Tendonitis is irritated after wearing stiletto heels all day and then taking them off – this causes increased stretching of the Achilles tendon. Orthaheel technology in shoes such as Vionic footwear can assist with reducing tension and supporting the heel area. Cushioning gel inserts are also advised to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.

Although the cause of bunions is not very clear, many podiatrists advise that stiletto heels can play a part in whether your feet develop bunions or not. The tight and restricted fit of stilettos can see an increase of pressure on the forefront of the foot, causing the big toe to move towards the other toes – this can then, over time, create a bunion on the side of the foot. As bunions cause your foot to become wider, it is best to choose wide fit shoes. It is also of great importance that you make sure that your shoes are the correct size as wearing tight shoes can intensify the condition.

Caused by rubbing and friction of the foot against your shoes or socks, blisters are very uncomfortable. They can be caused by tight fitting shoes, while runners can also find that running shoes that are too small can also cause blisters. Treating blisters can be easily done, primarily through removing the source of the problem such as tight shoes – correct fitting shoes and using blister patches can help to speed up the treatment of blisters.

Fashion Tips

5 Great Tips For Making A Statement With Fashion

Are you lost when it comes to fashion? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The five tips below will start you in the right direction. Apply all five tips, and you are sure to make a big fashion statement.

1.Dress for your Body Shape

Are you pear shaped carrying weight in your legs, hips, and thighs? Maybe you are straight shaped with virtually the same measurements for bust, waist, and hips. Are you curvy with bust and hips of similar size, and a tiny waist? Or athletic shaped with broad shoulders and narrow hips. If all of these women tried on the same garment, it would flatter one body shape, while leaving much to be desired for others.

2. Just because it’s on Trend, doesn’t mean it’s for you

Leggings are on trend currently. However, just because your friend looks great in hers, doesn’t mean you will. Again, know your body shape. Is your butt flat? Leggings aren’t for you. Not every trend looks good on everyone. It’s unfair, but true.

3. Invest in Alterations and Tailoring

Do you absolutely love those jeans but they are loose in the hips? Buy them anyway! That’s right, buy the jeans and alter them to fit your hips. Do not expect to buy clothing off the rack and look perfect in it. Remember, it doesn’t matter how expensive your fancy jeans are, if they are ill fitting. You are wiser to buy a less expensive pair and have them tailored.

4. Know what Colors Look great on you

Let’s say the color blue is not your favorite color. You get behind in laundry and are forced to wear the blue sweater mom bought for your birthday. You arrive at destination and everyone comments on how your blue sweater complements your eyes. Well guess what? Blue is your color, and despite the fact that it’s not your favorite, you should work more of it into your wardrobe.

5. Get Dressed, Everyday

You’re just going out for milk? Okay then, your pajamas are fine. It’s a quick trip right? Um, no, pajamas have their place in your wardrobe, but not in public. Put a little more effort into the way you dress, leaving the house.

Now that you have some great tips to get you started on your fashion quest, visit the reem clothing blog often, for more great ideas, tips, and suggestions.

Fashion Tips

5 Summer Fashion Items You Need In Your Closet

There’s only 20 days left until the official start of summer! If you’ve haven’t already, you should begin planning and shopping for your summer wardrobe. The trends this summer are looking hotter than ever. Bold patterns such as stripes and animal print are expected to be popular and the swimsuits and heels are sexier than ever. Here are the five fashion items you need in your closet if you want to be the center of attention on the beach this summer!

1. Striped Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are always a summer fashion must. Women love maxi dresses because they give off a flirty and feminine vibe while keep them cool and comfortable. This summer stripes seem to be especially popular for maxi dresses. Choose a maxi dress with wide blue stripes for a nautical look. Or, try the more bold vertical striped look for a fun beach look. Either way you can never go wrong with the maxi dress — it’s a summer fashion classic.

2. Monokini Swimsuit

Can’t decide whether you want to wear a one-piece or two-piece sexy swimsuit this summer? Then try the monkini — it’s the best of both worlds! The monokini is a one-piece bathing suit with fabric cut out to give off the same kind of look as a bikini. You can choose one with just a little bit of fabric cut off from the sides, or if you’re a bit more daring, go for one that is connected together by just few strings. These are some of the sexiest swimsuits available this summer. You’ll be sure to be the center of attention wearing one of these!

3. Flirty Sun Hat

Sun hats are a must since they offer protection from the sun. However, they can also be a flirty and fun fashion statement. Opt for a flirty floppy style in bold colors. Try to a color and pattern that will match with your swimsuit. Or, you can choose a solid neutral color like black or tan that will match with all of your swimsuits.

4. Sexy Heels

Heels could easily be renamed the shoe of the summer. Sure, women still wear heels in the winter and year-round, but in the summer heels really come to life with bold colors and patterns, straps, and open-toes. There are three basic styles of heels you should consider investing in this summer:

  • Animal print heels (cheetah print is especially sexy)
  • Neon colored heels (these look especially great on pleather heels)
  • Lace-up heels (these are incredibly sexy and look especially great with cut off shorts)

Take some time to play around with the various styles until you find the heels that work best for you.

5. Bright Beach Bag

You’ll need a beach bag to carry all of your belongings to and from the beach. While a beach bag serves a practical purpose, it can still be used as a fashion accessory. Straw bags with just a hint of neon colors are especially popular. However, you may also want to consider choosing a pattern beach bag. Floral prints and stripes are always a good and fashionable choice.

Have you started shopping for your summer wardrobe yet? What are your summer fashion musts? Are their any summer trends that you are especially excited about this year?


Workplace Fashion: How To Look Your Best While On The Clock

Whether you are someone who is on the clock from nine until five or you are always working the craziest swing shifts, you always want to look your best! By being stylish and put together, you can make a real impression on the people who matter the most. Consider these steps for making sure that you look amazing no matter how long you have been working.

Keep a Spare Set of Clothes in the Trunk

Accidents happen, and sometimes, it feels as if they happen just when it is least convenient for them to do so. There are plenty of people out there who keep a spare set of clothes in the trunk, and if you do so, you will never need to worry about looking less than your best on a big day.

Personalize It All

Whether you are someone who wears scrubs or who wears a three piece suit, make sure that each outfit you wear could only belong to you. Things like designer work shoes from Alegria shoe shop come in a variety of patterns and colors, letting you add a touch of yourself to even the most basic uniform.

Consider Tailoring

When you want to make sure that you look amazing, take a tip from the actors and celebrities that spend all of their time in the limelight and get your clothes tailored. Things don’t have to be skin tight on you. Instead, they can simply be fitted a little closer to your body and tailored for your height. This makes a huge difference when you are thinking about how you can create the kind look you most want.

Inspect Your Clothes Regularly

Just because you love a blouse or a pair of trousers does not mean that it is necessarily right for work. Clothes wear out with alarming frequency, and when you wear them all the time, like you do with your favorites, they can wear out even more quickly. Check your hems, especially at your wrists, your ankles and your collar, looking for wear.

Unify Your Style

Remember that the key to any good consistent wardrobe is going to be your basics. Once you have a set of basic pieces to fall back on, you will be able to create a unified look that will carry you through everything.

Take a moment to think about what your options are when you are considering dressing well for work. There are really so many options for you to pursue!

Health & Beauty

5 Slimming Fashion and Beauty Secrets Revealed

The iPhone has now taken more photos than all the cameras in the history of the world combined. This means your friends are now essentially the paparazzi and your look will appear repeatedly on various social media sites. Here’s how to make sure you look your best, and slimmest, every time

Build on a Solid Foundation

Your undergarments are the foundation of your wardrobe. Those intrepid, measuring tape wielding sales people at Victoria Secret know what they are doing; let them help you! Statistics show the majority of women are not wearing the correct size bra. It shows, in the form of unsightly lumps. Don’t create back fat where there is none. Invest in a great bra and banish lumps and bulges. This will go a long way toward a thinner look. While you’re shopping, purchase several pairs of seamless panties or thongs as well. Consider Spanx for extra credit; shapewear creates a sleek silhouette that always translates to a more slender looking appearance.

*Pro tip: Stock up on foundation garments in a nude tone that matches your skin if possible. These are least likely to be visible under clothing, even when wearing white.

Rock a Monochromatic Look

Dressing in one color, even if you vary the shade, always creates a slimmer look. Head to toe color unity draws the eye up and visually lengthens you.

*Pro tip: Shoes matter! Work to match your pumps to your pants as closely as possible to enhance the effect. If you’re rocking bare legs, look for a pump that matches your skin tone (not your outfit). Nine West has a killer selection of heels in a wide variety of shades; you’re sure to find your match.

It’s All About Balance

Traditional fashion advice dictates that if you are going to wear a fitted piece of clothing, it should be balanced by a looser item. Use this to your advantage. Pear shaped? Highlight your slim waist and narrow shoulders with a fitted top and balance the look with wide leg trousers or a full tea length skirt. Got fab legs but feel less confident about your tummy? Rock fierce leggings with a loose sweater or flowing tunic top.

*Pro tip: Take it a step further with color. Dark colors make you look smaller, so make your loose piece the darkest.

Stand Up Straight

Pay attention to the posture you assume when stressed. I have a nasty habit of drawing my shoulders up toward my ears. When they touch, I look like a hobbit. Not an attractive look and not an uncommon habit. Instead, pull yourself up tall; lengthen your spine. For the sake of photos especially, make sure your head is not inclined forward. Create a straight line from the crown of your head down to your tailbone. Be sure to extend your jaw slightly to avoid the dreaded double-chin.

*Pro tip: Make your eyes appear larger (especially in photos) by dipping your chin down slightly.

What’s Your Angle?

Head on never looks good on anyone. Pay attention to stars on the red carpet. They all assume a similar posture that is based on creating angles. Angles are sharp, and sharp equals thin. When photo opportunities present themselves, tilt your head and turn your body slightly. Try putting one foot just in front of the other. Voila! You are now taking up less visual space.

*Pro tip: Place one hand on your hip, keeping your elbow pointed out. The open area created between your arm and your torso creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

Everyone has heard that old adage that the camera adds ten pounds… use these tricks to take them back off. You can even consider getting help with supplementation, like Phentermine online, as products like this will help shed some unwanted pounds quickly. With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll never need to un-tag yourself in a photo again. Face the world and their cameras with confidence; nothing looks better than that.


Gym Fashion: How To Raise Your Workout Style

Most everyone, no matter what their personal style might be, tends to look uniform when exercising. But who says your style at the gym has to suffer just because you’re there to work? Getting fit is easier when it’s fun, and when you look great, you’re sure to have a better time. Here are four easy ways to amp up your style game while you’re getting in shape.

Hair Accessories

Most women have enough hair to need to put it up or pin it back in some way while they sweat it out. One easy way to add a little flair to your hair is to wear two thin strap headbands in two contrasting colors instead of just one black or brown one. This looks pretty and takes the weight off just one band, minimizing the crease made in your hair

Transition Pieces

When you’ve got dinner plans right after yoga, your boyfriend’s ratty T-shirt and your mesh shorts just won’t cut it. Try a pullover in a pretty color and some sleek black leggings from places like San Francisco City Lights that focus on sensible but elegant fashion. Look for soft, stretchy but chic pieces that easily go from kettlebell to coffee date.

Foot Focus

Another way to be a fashionista at the gym without making your workout suffer is to let your shoes make a statement. White is usually the go-to color for sneakers, but where’s the fun in that? A black shoe with a nice, bright trim paired with your staple black leggings will actually accentuate your legs, making them look longer. Not concerned about creating height? Try a shoe in a cheerful hot pink, electric blue or lemon yellow.

Minimal Makeup

If you show up for your training session in a fully contoured face, complete with bronzer and a smoky eye, your fitness guide might not take you seriously, and your makeup will just melt off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a natural glow. BB cream will smooth skin and add tint without being cakey. Next, slick on a lip stain in a neutral color. Stains are designed to last all day, so it’s not going anywhere. Finally, if you’re the type of girl who can’t leave the house without mascara, make sure it’s smudge-proof. There are plenty of great water-proof mascaras on the market.

Looking cute may not be your main goal, but with these four simple tricks, you’ll get to look as good as you feel.

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5 Tips For Budget-Conscious Fashionistas

Chances are that a fair few of those reading this will have already concluded that at least a couple of words in the title really do not go together at all. The reason ofcourse being that following fashion and ensuring you dress in the latest styles has never been something that anyone would realistically consider cheap. As such, the idea of shopping the latest trends while keeping an eye on your budget is something that may sound easier said than done, but it is in fact possible.

According to the experts at Bella Fashion Queen, there really is nothing that says you have to spend over the odds simply to look great and feel just as great. It’s of course no secret that if you want to invest in the latest catwalk trends from Milan, then you are of course going to have to pay a pretty penny for the privilege. If on the other hand you are the type of fashionista that would rather spend sensibly and still look fantastic, there are plenty of ways and means by which this can be made possible.

Here’s a quick look at five essential tips for the budget-conscious fashionista:

Designer Outlets

First and foremost, it’s worth bearing in mind that while the speed with which certain styles and trends go in and out of fashion makes it difficult to keep up, it nonetheless makes the country’s designer outlets pure gold for those on a budget. Not to name any names in particular, but both online and on the high streets there are dozens of outstanding factory outlets where incredible garments and collections that may have only been around for a few months are put up for sale with massive reductions. It may technically be classified by the world’s leading fashion gurus as past season, but to most of us that simply means it has been out in the wild for a few weeks or so.

Search and Use Coupon Codes Online

If you haven’t already got into the habit of using online coupon codes, you really are missing out on something quite spectacular. This is one of the only examples of a genuine saving where there are no strings attached, no catches and nothing dodgy about it. All you need to do is look via a search engine for the latest coupon codes and chances are you’ll find dozens, maybe even hundreds of them. From discounts as high as 20% to all manner of freebies and special offers, these cards are 100% free to use and readily available 365 days a year.

Go Pre-Loved

If you’d been wondering what the elusive secret is when it comes to finding genuinely incredible products and items in charity stores, it’s actually quite simple. The best way of looking at things when choosing a charity shop is to consider the area in which it is located. For example, if you were to frequent a charity shop in the north of London where pretty much every resident within a mile around is either a celebrity or a multimillionaire, chances are you are going to find much more desirable items are being donated than at a charity shop in a somewhat less affluent district. You would be absolutely gobsmacked by the kinds of things you can pick up in a charity shop for next to nothing, if of course you know exactly where to head for the charity shops themselves.

Get On Mailing Lists

Guess your inbox is already full of spam and know you do not want your name on any other mailing lists under any circumstances. In this instance however, you might want to think about accepting a few junk e-mails every now and then because to sign up for email alerts from your favourite retailers is to gain something of an advantage over everyone else when it comes to the special deals and discounts they have to offer. Not only will you find yourself at the front of the queue when there are great deals to be had, but you may also gain access to deals that are 100% exclusive to mailing list members. Suffice to say therefore, it’s a small price to pay for what could be big discounts.

Shop Smart, Shop Online

Last but not least, never forget that to shop online is to gain access not only to various special deals and discounts, but to the widest collection of clothing on the market for the lowest everyday prices. Online retail is by its very nature considerably cheaper than standard high street retail, which is why it is possible for online fashion stores to sell their garments for considerably less than their high street counterparts without there being any strings attached.

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Fashion Trends This Navratri

One of the most awaited festivals of nine-days is around the corner. The festival is famous for Dandiya and fasting for nine days then kanjak-pujan. Let’s explore the latest fashion trends this Navratri like costume and accessories to be in the loop this Navratri.

Dhoti Pants

Pair your dhoti pants with short kurta. Mix and match different colours. You can choose accessories like waistband that will make you entirely traditional while giving an exotic look.

Kurta and Skirt

You can club Kurta with skirt. You can also try a different look with long kurta and floor-length skirt. You can also try pallazos with long top. But, you need to pick the right piece of jewellery with the combination you are trying. You can find a wide array of traditional jewellery online. Try coupon codes for shopping with online stores like Limeroad coupons to make your shopping frugal.

Crop Top

Bejewelled crop top is another option to substitute choli. Choli is quite traditional but crop top can be something exotic. You can also show your creativity by stitching some patches on your crop top. Match or bring lehenga in contrast with crop top. You can also try crop top with these lehengas.


Chandbali is very trending this season. These danglers add to the ethnic look. Chandbali with the small carving of God and Goddess are also available in market. Designs embedded with pearls and stones can also be found in market.

A wide range of collection is available in market on online and physical stores. Make this Navratri the most special as the festivals arrive to make you traditional as well as happy from the core of your heart. Be happy and enjoy the festival.

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Ways That You Can Dress Cute

One of the dreams that you may have when it comes to fashion is to look cute. It is a common desire for people who take an interest in fashion. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from dressing in cute outfits. One of the main benefits you can get from that is a large confidence boost. After all, confidence is considered one of the most attractive traits in anyone. The only thing is that confidence is not something that you can just get. You have to achieve something in order to become confident in who you are, and fashion is one of the easiest ways to increase confidence.

When shopping for clothes, the women’s section in any clothing store is going to have enough nice looking pieces of clothing. However, you are probably going to become interested in other forms of clothing. This is where the boutique comes in. You can easily find any cute boutique tops that are cut in ways that are flattering to your body type. They will help bring more attention to your good features so that you will feel very good about yourself. At the same time, you may attract some good attention from people.

Along with the cute tops, there are some pants or skirts in order to help bring out a mood that you are aiming for. The best thing is that you can choose the type of fit that you want for your outfit. For instance, you can find tight clothing if you want to bring about a more youthful sense of fun in your vibe. You can also use looser fitting clothing for bringing out a sense of comfort that can also bring about a greater sense of joy that can actually make you attractive in general.

When shopping for clothes, there are a lot of factors you have to work around. One of the factors is the size of the clothes. You have to think about how it is supposed to fit. Then you can think about the size that you need in order to bring about the ideal fit. Of course, your preference is going to come into play when it comes to how it fits. For instance, if you want a looser fit, then you are generally going to have to go for a larger size depending on the type of clothes you are wearing.

When you know what you are looking for and your style, then shopping for clothes can be a ton of fun. Many people shop for clothes for different reasons. For people who are proud of their body and want to show it off a little more, there are options for more revealing while at the same time, classy clothing so that you can show the body that you are proud of. One of the most important purposes in fashion is to find a way of expressing yourself that you can be happy with. If others happen to like what you are wearing, that is a bonus.