Protein Shakes as a Hair Loss Treatment


The many hair products on the market, coupled with the fast-paced lifestyle the modern man leads, can cause the onset of hair loss, as crucial proteins and minerals are washed away by frequent use of shampoo and conditioner. Using a protein powder is a very effective way of replenishing the natural ingredients, and there are online suppliers who stock a range of scientifically validated protein shakes that are designed to restore hair to its former health.

Healthy Whey

Whey is the liquid by-product when cheese and yoghurt are made, and the substance is what’s left after you have strained out all the milk. Whey is the source of essential minerals and vitamins, and while whey is 94% water, the other 6% holds a wealth of nutrition. Whey is a very effective hair growth protein and protein shakes can be found online, with established suppliers that have developed effective hair loss treatments, which typically show positive results within 4-6 months of starting the course. This protein based drink is also popular with athletes, as the extra protein is required to build muscle, and with a specially formulated mix, you can restore your hair without affecting your fitness levels.

Replace Essential Hair Loss Vitamins

Hair loss can be reversed by boosting the levels of B12, Biotin and Niacin, which are the essential vitamins and amino acids that can fight off hair loss, and protein shakes are an enjoyable way to ingest these essentials in the right quantities. This allows for extra nourishment to reach both the roots and the hair follicles, and daily use of whey protein shakes is a recommended method to restore hair to its former health.

Whey Protein Isolate

This is a supplement and dietary addition that is the result of component separation, and whey can be processed into three forms, which are as follows:

  • Whey Isolate – This type of whey is the purest and most nutritional, which makes it ideal for body building. The other main factor is that whey isolate is virtually cholesterol and lactose free, and this is a healthy way to increase specific protein levels.
  • Whey Concentrate – This has small amounts of cholesterol and lactose, and is also popular with sportspeople, as it delivers the essential proteins and amino acids, yet there are only a few brands that can boast positive scientific test results.
  • Protein Hydrolysate – Used extensively as a muscle recovery aid, as this type delivers essential amino acids in a short space of time, allowing muscle to recover quickly.

Online Suppliers

If you would like to boost your protein input in order to restore healthy hair, there are established suppliers who stock hair loss products that are an effective treatment, and with protein shakes, you can effortlessly boost your protein intake, which will give your hair much needed additional nutrients.

By providing the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, protein shakes offer a practical solution to some forms of hair loss, and the best way to determine suitable treatment is to make an appointment at your nearest hair restoration clinic, where an expert can diagnose the hair loss and recommend the best treatment.