Should You Get a Customized Engagement Ring


Wedding jewelry such as engagement rings is constantly evolving not only in design but also in terms of what they symbolize. Now, it’s not just a symbol of undying love; couples also consider engagement rings as a reflection of their personality and unique relationship.

There’s a lot of things to consider in order to buy the perfect wedding jewelry for the perfect bride. All brides-to-be expect something more than the typical engagement ring– something better than the usual square or pear-shaped diamond inside a tiny Tiffany box. Meanwhile, all husbands-to-be hope that they will not disappoint their brides. Your first option is to buy from a popular store that sells the big brands. But you’ll have to ask, “Is spending money on a brand worth it?” If you not, then you might want to get a customized ring instead.

Advantages of Customized Engagement Rings

  • Unique

First of all, our ring will be unique. No one will have the same ring as yours. If you want to have something nobody else has, then a customized engagement ring is the best choice.

  • Design

You decide the design that you want for your bride-to-be. Keep in mind the details that will represent her personality. The customized ring can be viewed on a computer program first before your final approval. You can make some changes to further enhance the ring to your liking.

  • Quality

You can also decide the materials that will be used in making the ring. Thus, you can find something that will suit your style and budget. You can also ensure that the ring you will give your bride is high-quality.

Disadvantages of Customized Engagement Rings

  • Cost

The price of a customized ring is more than a ready-made ring with nearly similar specifications and quality. Custom fees, however, should not exceed thousands of dollars atop the price. A good quality custom ring at a great value is still possible with the right custom team. You can ask around or research to find one around your location.

  • Time

Customizing a ring takes more time than actually choosing to buy a ring already in stock. It usually takes 5 weeks to create a customized engagement ring, depending on how intricate the design is. You know what they say, “You can’t rush art.”

  • Return

Customized rings can’t be exchanged. Once you have it made, it will be yours forever. Thus, if the computer image and the mold of the ring don’t make you feel comfortable, it’s probably best to buy an existing ring.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Customized Engagement Ring

Before making the decision of getting a customized engagement ring, consult a jeweler first. It’s best to understand the process as it usually demands more involvement and collaboration. This means patience and time are needed. Everything you learn from the jeweler should be put into writing– from the inclusions, appraisals, and notes of the design. It is also safe to have your ring insured.

Talking with your partner before you make a customized ring is also advisable. This way, you can explore your options together. More importantly, you will be more confident that what you’ll get is what your bride-to-be wants.