The Hottest Spring 2017 Trends At Milan Fashion Week


When you think Milan Fashion Week you think of haute style and couture classics sashaying down the runway.  It’s the quintessential of the word “extravagant”!  The week is full of high-end designers premiering their latest creations.  We drool and admire the designs and garments.  Milan is a place where we go to get dazzled and inspired.  Here are some hot spring 2014 styles that premiered in Milan’s Fashion Week.

All White

Every year you get designers on the runway ready to give us their spring rendition.  We must therefore not forget how the all-white trend captured our hearts over and over again.  You can never be tired of the white classics.  Perhaps it’s a reminder that, at the end of the dreary winter, the light continues. Blumarine charmed us with an angelic gown and BBC noted that it was “cream bandeau gown embellished with white detail and train, for the Blumarine ready-to-wear collection”.  You can’t go wrong with white for your spring/summer looks. It’s fresh and crisp and gives an instant lift to your wardrobe.

Spring Leather

Spring leather pieces emerged from the Salvatore Ferragamo collection.  The leather was exciting and colorful with vibrant depth and texture.  When you think leather, sometimes you think dull colors and darker earth tones.  Ferragamo went above the expectations of leather by giving the garments shape and feminine appeal.


You can’t have spring without the announcement of bloom and life. Milan Fashion Week wrote a love song to spring by debuting floral influences from the international realm.  The unique trend about floral this year is that: it went 3D.  Floral is not on a three dimension look as opposed to last years prints being printed right on the garment.  I believe we can expect this look to take off for the spring because of its romantic appeal and homage to nature.  We live in a 3D world and what better way to display that than by giving flowers a realistic appearance.  Marni definitely took the not so minimalist appeal.  In ABC news, Marni admits to “Silencing the urge to minimize”.  (


Another Milan Fashion Week hot trend is the stripe.  This look was captured by several collections with different designers.  It took on a life of it’s own with a variety of looks appearing throughout the shows.  “From Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian sack dress, to Fendi’s 3D geometry”, this look awakens something in our fashion hearts.  (

The stripes give off a very modern look with the diverse colors and cuts.  However, designers like Burberry Prosum chose to go with solid colors palettes layered over prints for their men’s collection.  Men’s Health advised men that, when it comes to patterns, “certain eye catching styles are not for the timid.  Depending on your appetite for attention, make your statement with pattern.  Muted with a traditional tailored trouser or jacket in solid color” (

No matter what look the stripes take, they are going to be a big hit when spring rolls around.


Skirts took this week of fashion by a storm.  They were everywhere. I can’t emphasize how much domination they took on the runway.  This will be a staple for the spring.  There were a few designers like Dolce and Gabbana who took a dramatic approach with colors and structures.  There were some like MaxMara who took a more classic approach with the pencil skirt and more of a solid color look.

Get ahead with your spring style by looking at the Milan Fashion Week premier.  If you’re looking for a fashion company to start up your spring wardrobe, there is always a hidden gem that will take you straight from the runway into your closet. The idea is to find a way to customize what you see on the runway into something wearable and indicative of your personality.  The rest is all about having fun with fashion.