The world is beautifully Diverse. So is our approach to style


The world contains beautiful people with unique styles and amazing personalities. DiverseStyle, a modern multicultural salon, is an established and growing whose aim is to motivate customers to purchase our services. There are a lot of factors that make us stand out from all others. We have purpose, passion, and personality. Our stylists make sure to give quality services to you. We also thank our roots and our founders for creating DiverseStyle.

DiverseStyle is a Hair salon franchise concept. In this company, we consider ourselves as a family containing talented professionals who celebrate uniqueness and combat stereotypes. Our salon experience isn’t average because we make sure to give you an environment of support, love, and care.

We promote you. We all have insecurities and it’s normal to have the urge to change ourselves. However, in that process, it is always important to enhance and improve yourself. We try our hardest not to hide your natural glow but to promote the beauty you try to mask. We also treat our clients like our family. We are open to everyone. We don’t care about your race, gender, flaws, and insecurities. DiverseStyle teaches you to embrace your flaws and insecurities. We offer a multitude of professional hair services. Anything to keep the real you. It is up to you if you want to experiment with your style. We are here to give it to you. From cuts to color to highlights to hair extensions, just tell us and you will be shocked to see the aftermath.

We serve men and women of any age and every ethnicity. We also make sure to give back to our community. We hold fundraising events and promote fellowship through partnerships. DiverseStyle is a Salon Business Franchise that makes sure to give all our love not only in words but also in action accompanied by style, every day of our lives. We instil these values in our workers and they have made it their habit to do the same. We are a salon that can handle every hair texture, curl pattern, density and length. This is how it works. You will meet with a hairstylist to talk about your hairgoals. We will work hand-in-hand to create the hairstyle that fits your life and supports your style.

DiverseStyle, a Beauty Salon Franchise, was founded by Chase and Denise Taylor. They were on a mission. They wanted to dissolve the double standard that divides stylists from different ethnic backgrounds. This project filled with passion turned into a concept of DiverseStyle. Feel free to come inside our Salon, we will make sure that you will feel comfortable just like a day in your home. Sit back and Relax in Style.