Wedding Fashion That Works

Portrait Of Beautiful Bride

Want to upstage the bride? Well maybe this isn’t such a good idea if you value your life. Just kidding of course! I’m sure she will get over it if you look better then her. Besides, you deserve all the attention all of the time right? Well of course you do! Your great! Everyone should know that!

Make sure that you come looking your best for your friend or relatives special day by paying attention to today’s wedding fashion. You want to look better then the bride don’t you. Well you will when you show all of the guest there that you have a better understanding of fashion then they do. Make sure they know that your the hottest thing at this wedding. Who know’s? Their might be some cute guys at this thing. Maybe you will be the next one to find matrimonial bliss?

Always make sure to stay a little conservative when going to a wedding. Make sure to not show to much of yourself. It’s important to stay a little modest when at a wedding because after all they are religious ceremonies. Well most of them are anyway. Make sure that you look respectful enough not to offend g-d or the bride! Even though this is a happy and welcoming occasion they are still not afraid to kick you out! Make sure that you are always dressed in a non offensive way when attending a wedding. No cutout dresses or anything like that.

Always make sure not to dress to brightly. You do not want to make your ploy for attention to obvious to the rest of the wedding guest. This will just come by as obnoxious and no one will want to sit at your table. You need to stay away from neon when attending this type of event. In less there is a theme where this type of dress is appropriate. Then you can feel free to dress however you wish. Make sure to stay with classic colors though if it is a classic wedding. You do not want to ruin the group pictures! The bride will hate you forever!

Part of a good outfit is having a cute date! You never want to come to a wedding alone! This can come across as a little pathetic. Besides, you do not want to show off that your still single while your best friend walks down the isle. Let her know that you are a great catch as well with a piece of arm candy! It is not advised to bring a date if your soul purpose of attending this wedding is to pick up men. This might discourage them.

Whatever you wear to a wedding make sure that you love the outfit as much as everyone else will. There is nothing more important then you feeling comfortable throughout this very boring event. Make sure that you will stay comfy all day and are willing to wear the crap out of whatever you put on!