What Are the Ways to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring?


There is no specific season for proposing someone; there is no exact month for expressing your desire to get committed in a relationship. When you are getting down on your knees and about to propose your beloved, all you need a diamond ring, which would be reflecting your love, also what does she mean to you.

Now while counting down the sweetest proposal options, we sometimes heard of, how puppies and kittens are positioned underneath a Christmas tree and there would be a diamond ring attached to its collars with the words gleaming “Will you marry my new daddy?” now it can be well imaginable how romantic it could be when rings are offered with puppies. Can anybody say no to it?

Now choosing time is not that hard, what is hard is choosing the right engagement ring. There are people who become confused when they are to choose the ring. Now, how to select this single piece of jewelry, which would be representing your love and emotion for your special one. Now fortunately there are sellers like AC Silver and they are proficient in advising the perfect diamond rings along with the antique engagement rings.

What to Buy: Gemstone or Plain diamond ring

Now practically ladyloves are wise enough in hinting their partners what they really need or looking for. Understanding the hints, it’s time to move forward so when your girl is showing penchant for sapphire rings, it should be best to go for the sapphire cluster ring. If she wants to see the traditional in you, do not be hesitant in becoming one. Today traditions have transformed but you are out and out liberal to do what she or you like. Now what is so vital, some stones are comparatively softer so you need to give some extra care to those stones. Diamonds are stronger than any other gemstone and on the Mohs scale it is rated 10.

Diamond is for Whole Life

It would be a timeless classic, when you are giving your better half the diamond solitaire ring you can always select the style on your own. Engagement ring is something to be worn on day-to-day basis. No matter what you are wearing, what clothe you have chosen for the night party, diamond ring will certainly be complementing you. There is nothing to replace diamond  as it is always in fashion.

When Its about Choosing the Perfect Diamond       

Now the four Cs are to understand before buying the ring the Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat-Weight.


Diamonds are available in varying colors, however one of the most popular one is white. It comes with highest grade. Diamonds are graded in coloring rating from D to Z now D being the colorless. Usually higher than I, this  color would be concluded as extremely high color graded.


However the clarity is decided by the size, number along with the location of the natural inclusions that the stone has. The range however fluctuates from an IF which implies no inclusions to I3, which is an included stone. Now the stone higher than an SI1 or SI2 will certainly be showing wonderful brilliance and the inclusions will never be visible to bare eyes.


Carat is the measuring unit of diamond. The more increase in carat weight the rarity will increase as well. However it will be reflected in the price. The price increases with the volume of the diamond.


Modern Brilliant round cut:

While focusing on the diamond shapes, the modern brilliant round cut diamond is by and large the popular choice. However, the solitaire ring does not need to be a single stone. The diamond can be embellished on the shoulders can easily be arranged around the gemstone like a halo like structure.

Old European round cut:

Antique adaptation of the modern brilliant round cut, dating back to pre-Circa 1920s. This design is hand cut instead of machine. Unlike modern cut, it won’t be that neat. However, it will be having one of the best idiosyncratic, classic antique and exceptional designs. Such gemstone would be representing the better value for money.

Transitional modern brilliant round cut:

Dating back to 1930s-60s transitional modern brilliant round cut diamonds belong between the modern brilliant round one and Old European round cut. This diamond is having queer similarity with brilliant round cut ones.

Princess cut:

This is one non-round diamond cut, it could be square or rectangular cut with pointed corners.

Emerald cut:

With tapered corners, emerald cut diamonds is also available in square or rectangular. Pavilion faceted cut it is also known for its stylishness, this cut goes well in a classy manner.

Asscher cut:

Having similarity with the Emerald cut, The Asscher cut diamond is square with utmost depth.

However these are one of the most popular diamond cuts but there are some lesser known options. These are marquise cuts, cushion cuts, old Dutch cuts, pear cuts and many more.

What to choose, platinum, white gold or yellow gold

Now there is no hard and fast rule and depends largely upon the personal preference. What your beloved would be preferring, should be your prime consideration also what other jewelry items she is having should be considered as well. Now white gold and platinum are the most popular alternatives. Now platinum is  undoubtedly hardwearing and durable. The moment you will be taking a look into your partner’s jewelry collection you will understand exactly what she prefers. Whether she is having fondness for white gold or yellow, you may also pay attention to her newly added gold preference if she is looking at platinum with love, its better to go for that.

Internal Information

If you are confused, perplexed, doubtful and hesitant, where you have no idea how to surprise your beloved, it is better to go with someone while buying the ring. You must consider who would be worth taking, its better to take someone who knows your beloved perfectly, such as her best friend, her mother, her sister. It would certainly be a good call. When you want to keep everything a secret, taking someone would certainly be worth it.

You are to Decide Finally

If you love her from the bottom of your heart, you should be paying attention to your instinct. You are the one she is going to choose for the rest of her life. Hence, it would be better to give yourself more credit. You will be knowing her taste also her choice.