What Color Diamond is Right for You

Canary Diamonds

Choosing the perfect diamond can be a daunting task even to the most educated consumer. Understanding the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) color grading system for diamonds is useful when looking for the right diamond. Natural colorless diamonds are graded from D-Z on the GIA’s scale. However, diamonds in the X-Z end of the spectrum actually have quite a bit of a natural yellow or brown tint to them. This range is where the Fancy Yellow Diamond and Fancy Brown Diamond color scale begins. These diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds or Champagne diamonds. The distinction of color on the scale is not straightforward and ranges from a light yellow to a much deeper more vibrant yellow. The cut of the Canary diamond can also enhance the appearance of the color as can the setting. Each of these should be considered when choosing the right yellow diamond. These diamonds are as rare as they are beautiful and make stunning center diamonds for engagement rings. Natural colored diamonds can be much more eye-catching and unique than a traditional colorless stone.

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While yellow diamonds are far more common than other colors, violet diamonds are also a romantic choice for engagement rings. These diamonds are mined in the Argyle mine in Australia and are typically appear gray or blue because a completely violet diamond hardly ever occurs naturally. The natural completely violet diamonds are generally small in size. Violet is a color closely related to purple which is a combination of blue and red. Like red, violet contains a vibrant energy. Like blue, it evinces integrity and a spiritual vibe. Violet is thought to promote sensitivity to your surroundings and it supposedly encourages romance and nostalgia, making violet diamonds a perfect choice for an engagement ring. Violet is also thought to calm nerves. Violet diamonds are not as common as yellow diamonds and often contain blue or gray as well but can still be the focus of an absolutely gorgeous ring.


The Australian Argyle mine also produces pink and blue diamonds. Pink diamonds are extremely rare and often the ones used for engagement rings and have purple or violet overtones in them. Pink is traditionally a very romantic and feminine color which makes it a great fit for an engagement ring. The colors of a Canary diamond or a violet diamond are caused by the presence of different minerals in the stone. The origin or the pink coloring in a diamond has not been completely determined but it is thought that the color comes from the stone being under extremely high pressure.

Naturally colored diamonds can make exquisitely unique and breathtaking center stones for engagement rings. Yellow diamond rings are more commonly occurring in nature and can be eye-catching with the proper cut and setting. Violet is meaningful and romantic and while these diamonds are rare you can find them with gray or blue overtones. Pink is also a romantic choice and while these are also fairly rare they can be found by a competent jeweler. You should become knowledgeable in the naturally colored diamonds before making your final decision.