The Right Lookout for Blazers for Women

Lookout for Blazers for Women

It is customary to call a blazer a loose-fitting jacket with patch pockets, metal buttons and an emblem on the chest or sleeve. The jacket can be single-breasted or double-breasted. It gained popularity due to its free cut, which does not constrain movements. To be able to emphasize the merits of your figure, you should learn how to choose the right blazers for women.

Selection rules

The choice of a blazer begins with an assessment of the characteristics of your own physique. The farther your parameters are from ideal, the more attentive you should be to choosing a jacket. In particular, for women with lush hips, an elongated version is more suitable, but without voluminous pockets that visually increase the problem area.

For owners of aspen waist, a shortened model, emphasizing such an important dignity of the figure, is suitable. At the same time, slender ladies can wear options that tightly fit the figure.

Women who are proud of having a beautiful and lush bust are preferred to wear jackets that have a deep neckline, even with buttons fully buttoned. In the case when the chest is not very voluminous, it can be visually increased with the help of a large collar.

What should I look for when choosing a blazer? To enjoy your purchase, follow a few simple rules:

  • Check with the seller for the size range. The chosen jacket, to look good, should be fit.
  • The length of the jacket should reach the middle of the buttocks. So he looks better.
  • Pay attention to the inner seams. They should be stitched evenly and not have threads sticking out in different directions.
  • Remember that the shoulder pads visually increase the shape, adding more massiveness to it. For girls with an apple shape, this risk is completely useless.
  • For the convenience of wearing a jacket, try to fasten it on the middle button.
  • Lush ladies to soften their own forms should give preference to jackets with wide lapels.

Choosing a blazer kit

If the jacket was chosen correctly, then it goes well with almost any type of clothing. However, it is worth clarifying several points that help a woman look irresistible and at the same time constantly have a different look, surprising with its mystery.

A combination of a cardigan with tight black trousers is considered a classic of the genre. Pants can be made of leather or fabric. A white t-shirt or blouse with a simple cut fits easily into such a strict classical ensemble. The shoes matched by the color to match the trousers will look like a cherry on the cake.

Last Words

Blazers in combination with dresses or skirts look nice. The sets of a jacket and a skirt with a high waist look unusually feminine. And although it is now fashionable to wear colored models, do not forget that it is much more difficult to choose a kit for a bright little thing. And most importantly – remember the rule of three colors: try so that in the things and accessories worn with them there should be no more than three shades of colors.