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4 Top Trending Shoes For Women in 2021

Much like everyone else in the world, we have set great expectations set for 2021. While looking ahead with positivity into the New Year, our fashion trends for different seasons need to be on-point. We ladies are obsessed with getting our hands on the most stylish clothing items to stock up our wardrobe for all seasons.

Today, our plan includes the best shoe trends for 2021. We are aware that the majority of us are all set with our winter footwear right now. Nonetheless, there are some genuinely exciting shoe trends to follow this year.

Talking about boots, you might want to check in with Paris Texas Clothing at Harrolds and see their fantastic range of boots that will work perfectly for spring and summer paired with spring and summer dresses. Keep scrolling to see must-have shoes/ boots trends that you are going to love in 2021.

Cowboy Boots

2021 is the perfect year to live out our Western fantasy with a pair of funky cowboy boots. We recommend going for an ankle-length pair as these are massively trendy. You can, however, also opt for black and white cowboy boots that reach your shin.

Cowboy boots never fade from fashion, as these are timeless classics that keep resurfacing. The best part about funky black and white cowboy boots is that you can pair them with a skirt, blue denim, or monochromatic attire. Whatever you go for, the boots will certainly capture everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

Ornate Heels

Shhh! You don’t have to say anything as your feet will do the talking for you. All you need is a pair of ornate heels, and you are all set for spring and summer. Trust us when we tell you that nothing can go wrong with awesome statement shoes, irrespective of whether you go for crystal, silver, or gold.

A plain-designed shoe with ornate heels is all that it takes to make a statement without uttering a word. You will find plenty of designs with details covering the back of the heel.

Kitten Heel Mules

Kitten heel miles enable all women to unleash their inner fashionistas. The accentuated toe and mini-heel of the kitten heel mules make a cute addition to any spring or summer outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a business suit or just casually hanging out with your friends wearing a loose summer dress; nothing can go wrong with this absolutely stunning footwear.

Chunky White Sneakers

A pair of chunky white sneakers take sporty trends to another new level. It doesn’t matter whether you chose to wear them for your comfort or because you are following the trend. This chunky footwear exhibits the perfect mixture of leisure and luxury.

The best part is that you can rock the chunky white sneakers with literally anything ranging from a long skirt to denim shorts and sweatpants. You can walk to a business meeting or shop grocery and run any other errand with a pair of white sneakers. All you need to do is get them on, and girl, you are ready to run the world!

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Here are 4 Reasons you want to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her

Have you been dreaming about proposing to your significant other but aren’t sure how to? Is the thought of buying an engagement ring popping up in your mind, and you are confused about whether it is essential or not? Here are four reasons you shouldn’t stop yourself from buying a diamond engagement ring when it is time to propose.

1)  Keeping up with Traditions

Engagements and rings go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly on toast. The tradition of getting a diamond ring for proposing to your fiancée has been around us for ages. According to anthropology, this tradition dates back to the Roman Age, where wives wore their rings to attach them to small keys to symbolize their husbands’ ownership. It wasn’t until 1477 that Austria’s Archduke introduced the first engagement ring of diamond for his fiancée. From that date onwards, a tradition was set for diamond engagement rings among the European elites. Our modern times are keeping up with the practice of presenting the brides-to-be with sparkling diamond rings. If you plan to propose to your significant other, we recommend checking unique engagement rings at Solitaire Jewellery.

2)  You want to show the world that you are financially Well-off.

By purchasing the engagement ring online, you can save loads of money. Did you know that going slightly below 1 carat could save you loads of cash? You can still buy a ring without breaking the bank. The trick is to choose a near-colorless diamond that will look as fancy and shiny as any other diamond. If you want to show off to the world and your significant other that you are financially savvy, going for a diamond engagement ring is perfect while you can stay within a budget. That won’t make you look like a loser when your fiancée tells her friends that she has gotten a diamond from you.

3)  Excellent Way to Show your Love

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to express your love to your significant other. And a diamond ring is an excellent way to do so. Yes, we know that kisses, flowers, and candlelight dinners are all nice. But nothing can beat that beautiful diamond glistering on her finger. Her eyes will shine bright with happiness, and love will exude from her soul by the sight of it. Nothing screams love louder than a diamond engagement ring. This pricey romantic gesture of love is likely to keep you bound for eternities.  And trust us when we tell you that women love showing off their sparkly rock to family, friends, and anyone who cares.  For some women, a diamond ring carries more sentimental worth than any other item in the world.

4)  Viewing the Diamond Ring as an Investment

You can also think of the diamond as a future investment. It can be an investment in your relationship. But, it can also be an investment like a car. Its value will never depreciate. In case you guys ever go bankrupt, you can sell it and pay off your debts. Everyone keeps hearing about the importance of engagement rings in a love relationship as they grow up. The standards have been set by society, and we follow suit.






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Start 2021 With Workout T-Shirts Womens For Your Gym

Athleisure is one of the longest-running trends in recent times. It has been proven that this fashion trend is not a phase. It has gained a cult following, and some people have started wearing athleisure as their regular clothing. You can see celebrities rocking this style and some of the biggest designer brands making it their showstopper outfit. The trend is here to stay, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So why not hop on the train why you still can.

What are the benefits of wearing workout clothing while exercising?

  • Stretchy fits and well-stitched clothes. These clothes are not tight-fitting, and even if they are, it is a stretchy fabric. That makes sure that you will be comfortable in it and not suffocate while in the gym. Your comfort is the top-most priority of any workout t shirts womens
  • They are made to stay cool. It is constructed in such a way that it has enough vents. You will not be sweaty and warm all the time in your workout clothes.
  • It is light-weight to make your body feel light and fresh while working out. It helps in maintaining your energy levels throughout the session.
  • Tough and durable. It is not as delicate as it is made considering that you will be practicing various kinds of sports in it. Hence they are long-lasting and tough inbuilt.

Easy workout with best tshirt

You can wear this clothing for your workout sessions, at schools, to any decent location. Even party wear has adapted this fashion and integrated it in their designs. But first, let’s look at its original use. Athleisure was made to create ease while practicing sports or while exercising. That is why it is so comfortable yet stylish. It is created so that you can exercise comfortably and yet stay fashionable while you are at it. The fashion element is implemented in such a way that it does not hinder your physical movements. When you are wearing a workout t shirts womens, need to feel comfortable, and if it has any uncomfortable fits or stitching, the whole purpose of the outfit is missing. That is also why athleisure has become a part of regular wear. People realized that they are comfortable in this clothing and it is also fashionable and trendy. And people started accepting it outside the gym as well. It defines the development and evolution of working clothing to athleisure wear.

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Style your outfits with these accessories

Why wear accessories? Because they add a touch of personality to any outfit as basic as it is. Also, by looking a little, it is easy to find accessories that are original while matching you. There are, however, a few pitfalls to avoid, your accessories should not be very flashy, old-fashioned or be culturally appropriating.

If you are wondering what you can do to shape your style and make your everyday look fun, consider accessories. Many women mainly invest in new trendy clothes and forget that accessories are just as essential to their style.

Unlike your clothes, your jewelry, necklaces, rings and your various accessories do not depend upon whether you have gained weight or lost weight. Your accessories will always be there, no matter what. Unless of course if it is some bad quality or old-fashioned accessories. But if you have invested in timeless and quality women’s accessories, you will be able to wear them forever, without a problem. They will allow you to enhance an outfit without spending tons of money.

Better yet, without saying a word, they will spend their time telling your story to those around you, telling them how cool, funny, sophisticated you are.

Elegant women know how to stand out with an accessory

Jackie Onassis and the large sunglasses, Audrey Hepburn and her scarf, Elizabeth Taylor and her diamonds, all these women have understood that you do not have to wear an expensive dress as long as you have your best accessories on.

Audrey Hepburn is remembered for her simple style (black pants and turtleneck, or sleeveless dress). However, it is the scarf that accompanied each of her outfits that made her elegant look unique. Whether it is tied around her neck, on her head or at the waist, the scarf was and remains today the symbol of her chic authenticity.

Concerning Elizabeth Taylor, if she had seven marriages which ended sooner or later, she never got rid of her diamonds so far. Her jewelry was the signature of her look. They were always highlighted by an elegant black dress or a sleeveless white dress.

Women, fashion and accessories

The relationship that a woman can have with her accessories is not only important but also elementary. She should always choose them as we choose her friends and be in search of those who complement her, which allow her to have fun and take pleasure, which boosts their confidence.

Accessories tell a lot about who you are. The key to success is only to adopt accessories that truly represent you. They must have a meaning for you like the necklace of your grandmother that you adore, a vintage watch that reminds you of a certain time, an exotic accessory brought back from a trip.

Modern girls love accessories like jewelry, shoes and handbags. These accessories are girls’ precious allies to enhance and even personalize their look. This is how it is important to know how to choose your accessories according to the outfits, style and structure. However, the accessories that girls wear must please them and make them feel beautiful, that’s what’s most important.


Jewelry can add a touch of pep to girls’ outfits, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Indeed, they must be chosen so that the silhouette is well highlighted. For example, the dangling earrings make it possible to refine and lengthen the face, ideal for round faces.

In terms of necklace, long necklaces or long necklaces are suitable for the neckline and also for small girls because these will enhance their shapes. The rings must be properly adjusted to its size as well as the watch strap. The bracelets adorned on the wrist give a very stylish and elegant look. Either way, choosing jewelry is a matter of taste and style.

Modern women like to follow fashion. They have a comfortable and practical look, very trendy jewelry is suitable for them, while discreet jewelry like a fine necklace, small discreet ear studs and bracelets are always the first things women put on.

The shoes

Shoes are an essential accessory for women. They make women look elegant and stylish provided they are well chosen. Quality must take precedence over quantity, whatever the model: pumps, sandals, flats, boots, ankle boots or low boots, etc. Thus, the choice must correspond to the shape of the body and also to the situation, e.g. if they are choosing shoes for work, for an evening or the weekend.

Shoes with not too high heels are the best allies of small and thin women because they will lengthen their silhouette.

Thick or wedge heels are perfect for round and small women for a balanced look.

The tall and thin women, given their slender appearance, can wear any kind of shoe such as boots, ankle boots, waders, sneakers or pumps, etc. Very high heels should be avoided as they can damage the posture.

The thick and square heels adapt perfectly to plus-sized women. It should be noted that shoes with high square heels constitute the modern alternative of the pump; it is ultra-trendy!


Makeup is also part of an accessory of great importance for women. A trendy make-up in any circumstance, corresponding to the fashion of the time is essential to beautify the face and enhance itself. For a good result, the color of the skin, as well as that of the hair, must be taken into account.

For example, dark-skinned women must choose warm and iridescent colors to look more natural and mysterious. A brunette woman can opt for black shades for the eyes with an overdose of mascara or eyeliner. A blonde woman can soften the intensity of makeup with light palettes and pastel shades. A red-haired woman, real or fake, can apply makeup with golden, brown, yellow tones, etc. suits her to show off her Irish beauty.


Handbags and shoes are the fashion accessories that women are most keen on. The handbag is both a fashion accessory and an essential in the daily life of a woman.

Women who love chic outfits will choose the clutch while those who look for the practical side opt for the satchel or the shoulder bag. The latter is also ideal for business women but rather in a large format, square suitable for storing a laptop and other professional files.

Most women have at least one practical and one more chic handbag in their wardrobe.


To conclude, accessories are inseparable from a fashionable girl allowing her to flatter her outfit and enhance her figure. The accessories, therefore, deserve to be well chosen.

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Chic Dresses for Your Day Time Event

It’s a little difficult to dress up for day time events. Usually, women are pro when it comes to getting ready for evening events but for day time it’s very confusing. You cant wear a heavily embellished outfit nor a lot of makeup in the daytime, hence your styling should be elegant yet simple. You need to make sure that you follow your style and look chic as well. You cannot do that with your everyday outfits. Whether it is for a business event, wedding, or anything else, you have to pick the perfect dress that will not be out of place and that makes you the center of attention; apart from the bride of course. This means that you have to shop for something classy and sophisticated. Nowadays, people prefer to purchase clothes online. The age of brick and mortar stores is quickly fading and all the focus is now on the online stores where you can shop any time of the day. If you know the style you like and which also suits your body type, then you can easily buy your dresses online. For example, realisation par dress is an on-line dress store that provides dress options for any events that are unique in styles and designs.

Following are some tips on how to decide what to wear for your upcoming day-event:

1. Think Timeless

Whether you follow the fashion trends or not, one thing must be clear. If you want to look and feel classy, then you have to follow the classic way of styling yourself. This means that the navy shift dress or anything else that you might think of as old is a classic, timeless piece. The same goes for your accessories. We know that everybody loves wearing different accessories with different dresses but you are better off with a classic pearl necklace or pearl stud earrings rather than buying a dozen different accessories that might be trending at that time but now are out of fashion and you don’t want to wear them anymore.

2. Define and Know Your Style

Before we get into what to wear and what not to wear, the most important thing that we have to consider is your style. If you ask anyone about which style they like, most of them would be confused and speechless. We don’t usually know our style. So, the first thing that we need to do is to identify and understand our style so that we can make informed decisions in the future. Your style depends on various factors like your interests, lifestyle, past choices, inspirations, and the rest. Once you know your style, you will not only look great and confident, you will also feel confident. Stepping out of your house will not be as difficult as it is now for some of us. You won’t have to feel the odd one out or feel weird around other people.

3. How to Know Your Style?

It is a simple process. All you have to do is to take a good look in your closet. Take all your favorite pieces out and spread them out on your bed. These are the clothes that you prefer to wear over all the others. Once you have them spread out, look for a pattern between all of them. In a little while, you will start seeing a pattern. You might find out that you mostly have printed designs or solids, bright colors or neutral colors, skirts and tops or dresses, pants or jeans, casual, conservative or flirty.

Once you have that written down, you can easily find out a category to fit all your favorite clothes in. You might be a free spirit and love your freedom of dressing or you might be bohemian. You could also be a minimalist which means that you have a lot of solid-colored pieces in whites, blacks, and navy.

4. What Types of Events Should You Consider

So, now that we have talked about your style, let’s talk about the different events that you might have to go to. These could be corporate events, family gatherings, weddings or a friend’s party. Most weddings are a day-time affair. That is what you have to focus on. There are many things to consider when you are going to a morning wedding.

The day-time weddings are usually semi-formal or casual so you have a lot of options in front of you. The trick here is to make sure that you are neither overdressed not underdressed, whether it is a morning wedding or an evening affair. You will probably want to wear something that falls between formal and casual.

5. Factors to Consider

Other factors that impact your choice of clothes are the location of the wedding or the dress code mentioned in the invitation. The location refers to whether the wedding is taking place in a church, a ballroom, banquet hall, or outdoor. Wearing the wrong choice can quickly make you look weird among the guests at the event. The other thing that you should consider is that you can never out style the bride. It is her day to shine and stealing her thunder can easily make you a pariah—an outcast. So, choose your dress wisely.

6. Daytime Wedding Attire

So, now that you know the dress code, your style, the preferences of the bride and the groom and everything else, it is time for the actual selection of the dress. You can always go with a colorful dress or even a suit. Pair that with either pumps or some dressy flats. If it is a summer wedding, you can even go for some great sandals, just make sure that you stay away from flip flops at all costs. Remember to increase the number of layers if the wedding is outdoors, especially if there is a little chilly.

7. What to Avoid

You have a whole lot of choices for any event. Just make sure that you stay away from anything inappropriate. There is a huge difference between flirty and inappropriate. If you are thinking of going to a white dress and gloves, then please think again. the same can be said about other events. You can rock a white dress if it’s not a wedding but make sure that you have considered all the above factors.

8. What to Wear?

There is no fixed list of dresses that you can wear to a morning or afternoon event. Like we said earlier, it depends on the environment, event, location, style, personal style, and other factors. But we have put together a list of dresses that you can easily wear to almost every morning and afternoon event and look chic and stylish. We haven’t selected anything that has sequins in it or is heavily embellished. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that they are not fun.

Following are some styles that you can opt for the event:

  • Corduroy Belted Shirt
  • Maxi Dress
  • Turtleneck Dress
  • Everyday Midi Dress
  • Striped Knit Midi Dress
  • Crepe Wrap Dress
  • Cotton Ribbed Dress
  • Turtleneck Sweater Dress


Hopefully, the above tips will help you with the selection of your perfect dress. Just remember to consider your body shape, the type of event, the location, and your style, you can go online and get one of the above dresses so that you can exude beauty, confidence, and have fun at your event.

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The Different Types of Curling Irons You Need to Know for the Love of Locks

No one is a born diva, our styling choices, and the way we carry out ourselves make us one. And when we are unfolding the myth of being a diva, we can’t miss out on our hair styling. From dead straight hair to wavy edges, curly hair never goes out of fashion. No matter you go with loose curls, hardcore curls or fused locks, you can rock the look if you really know how to play the game. And that’s where things get difficult because knowing the art of having desired locks is not easy. At least, not as easy as holding a curler and getting the curls within the next hour. You need to know about the right curling iron to solve the curling equation.

Don’t worry if it is your first entry in the world of classy curly hair look. We can help you successfully wade through your first attempt without letting you fall in the sorry zone. From barrel sizes, widths, and clamps, here is what you need to know for choosing the right curling iron:

Clamp Iron for Bouncy Look:

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential and sought-out TV personalities. People would have different reasons to admire Oprah, but for curly hair’s admirers, her voluminous curls speak the volume. If you know how to pull the bouncy curls, you can stun any event. That’s why big, hardcore curls are one of the most desirable catch in the world of curly hair. A clamp curling iron is the go-to styling gadget for lovers of the bouncy hair locks because it is not only time-efficient but also easy to use. In fact, it cuts your time to half as compared to a traditional roller.

Wand for Loose Curls:

If you want to stay a bit low-key with your curly hairstyle, bouncy curls might not be your type. You might be looking for a wavy, loose hair look to induce curls while not looking so obvious. For this, you need a wand without a clamp. Basically, a clamp restricts the motion of the curl, so a clampless wand gives you more freedom to give size and shape to your curls. For more variety, you can go with a tapered wand type.

3 Barrel Iron for Glamorous Touch:

Usually, curling irons come up with one barrel, but for an extra edge and oomph, 3 barrel curling iron is always there to help you. It is the best aid when you need to get a special glamorous hairstyle, like messy braids and buns. The good thing about them is that they stay winning because they are not only faster than the regular iron but also work for all types of curls. From Bohemian, bouncy, and loose to tousled curls, you can get every style from this triple edge curling iron. You just need to adjust the width of the barrel depending on the required type of curls. Like, increase the width if you want loose curls and decrease it for tight locks.

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Do You Know How Cultured Pearls Are Created?

Early pearl cultivation was done by planting a nucleus within wild oysters. Few people then started creating this natural process by artificially implanting tiny pearl mantle piece inside the oyster.

Few others used the beads to create larger pearls quickly and help in controlling its shape.

During that period, a Japanese scientist was able to identify strains of oysters having the best pearl-bearing properties and then focused on using that to produce pearls with high luster, clear with uniform color.

The culturing processes

To start with, technicians will open live pearl oysters and gently implant surgically small shell bead and a tiny mantle tissue piece. Oyster secretes nacre layers around this bead and the substance that will form is the pearl.

Tremendous amount of skill and precision needed for this culturing process.

The nucleated oysters will be returned to sea, which will feed and grow within sheltered bays. With passing of time, the oysters will secrete lustrous nacre layers around implanted bead.

Oysters are moved in warmer waters during winter and the pearl technicians will check water temperature and other feeding conditions daily and move all the oysters for taking advantage of the best growing conditions.

The harvest

The latest crop of pearls will undergo series of gentle treatments to make jewelry.

Pearls are initially soaked for many days in mild cleaning solution, keeping under powerful fluorescent light, for removing any odours and deposits that they must have accumulated while they were in the ocean.

Pearls will then be bathed in wooden vat of crushed walnut shells. Natural oils from shells provide soft, gentle polish and will not harm the pearl’s surface integrity. Then they are given spa treatments, and pearls are then painstakingly matched.

To find the perfect pearl

Workers need to comb through many of pearls for finding ones which match for shape, size, luster, color and surface quality. Firstly, pearls will be poured into special type of sieves which separate them into different size groups.

Then they are sorted into smaller batches as per shape, overtone, body-color and finally the quality. All these time-intensive, detailed works may take months for completion.

After completing this process, pearls are finally prepared for drilling and mounting. However, before setting the pearl into piece of a fine jewelry, it may undergo more rigorous screening.

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Jewelry

The bright and crisp brilliance of Yellow Sapphire stone is not only mesmerizing but also charismatic. This amazing gemstone is available in myriad colors ranging from pale to deep yellow. There’s nothing as enchanting as a flawless Yellow Sapphire studded in a beautiful jewel. But, choosing the right jewelry is never an easy task. You need to ascertain the authenticity of gemstone and quality of metal in which it is encrusted. Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Color of the Gem: It is needless to say that color is the first thing that you notice in a gemstone. When looking to buy Yellow Sapphire jewelry, you must carefully check the tone and saturation of color in the gemstone. Preferably, go for a vibrant canary yellow with a medium to deep saturation.
  1. Clarity of the Gem: The natural and untreated Yellow Sapphire is deemed to be the Type I gemstone. It is usually free from inclusions that may diminish its value. But, if you find a flawless stone at extremely low prices, consider it a red flag because this can be glass or synthetic imitation of the real stone.
  1. Cut of the Gem: Sapphire is a wonderful stone that can be cut in any shape including traditional oval, round, or cushion. You can also find natural Yellow Sapphire ring in a fancy cut like pear, trillion, triangle, or heart. Choose the right cut that reflects the perfect light and aura.
  1. Carat Weight of the Gem: Like any other gem, Yellow Sapphire’s value is also determined by its carat weight. It can be hard to find large sapphires because they are extremely rare and pricey. The stones above 5 carats of weight carry a higher price tag than the lighter stones.
  1. Origin of the Gem: When you are looking to buy an authentic Yellow Sapphire online, it is important to ask about the origin of this gem. Typically, Yellow Sapphires are found in the regions of Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, and Madagascar. But Sri Lanka is the main source of this gemstone. So, prefer Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire for your jewelry.
  1. Durability and Strength of the Gem: After the diamonds, Yellow Sapphire is the strongest and hardest gemstone having a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Therefore, it is selected for making beautiful jewels like rings, bracelets, and pendants. Remember, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone price can be slightly higher for high-quality gems.
  1. Heat Treatment of the Gem: To enhance the color of Yellow Sapphire, traditional heating methods may be used. This treatment makes permanent changes to the composition of the stone. But you should buy natural and untreated stones for their spectacular beauty and immense metaphysical benefits.
  1. Price of the Jewelry: Sometimes, when buying gemstone jewelry, you may be put off by the Yellow Sapphire stone price which is typically on a higher side. To remain within your budget, refine your choices and compare the prices at various stores until you get the right jewelry at the right price. GemPundit can be a great starting point for you. On their online gemstone store, you can find a huge collection of natural Yellow Sapphire in various price range. So, you can easily choose the one that fits your budget without taking the hassle to roam shop to shop.
  1. Metal used in the Jewelry: The choice of metal used in the jewelry depends on the shade of the gem. Pastel shades of yellow look better on white gold, sterling silver, and platinum while richer hues go well with darker metals like gold.
  1. Properties of the Gem: Gemstone jewelry is not only a beautiful addition to your wardrobe but also a symbol of good luck and fortunes. When buying yellow sapphire, you must know about its properties and benefits to wear accordingly.

These are the top 10 things to be considered before you buy yellow sapphire jewelry from an online store like

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How to choose the right shoes for a pink prom dress

With the right accessories, girls that attend to one of the most expected nights of their lives can wear an elegant pink prom dress. Choose a pink tone that complements your body and the tone of your skin, and the right accessories that flatter and accentuate your personality and the tone of the pink dress. While wearing Jovani designer dresses, your accessories should also reflect the type of event you attend since they are the final touch that determines whether an aspect you will show whether is formal, festive or casual prom look.

Instructions for wearing a pink prom dress

  • Choose the type of look you want, be it striking or conservative.
  • Choose black, white, beige or khaki shoes, as these colors go well with pink. You can wear pink shoes, but they should not be different from the tone of the dress. Choose standard footwear for a more conservative environment, some stilettos pointed for a sensual look, and shiny shoes of gold or silver to give a surprising impression.
  • Wear socks that complement your natural skin tone or choose black or cream-colored tights to add a touch of elegance to your bold look. Avoid pink socks.
  • Carry a small handbag large enough to store the essentials. Choose a white, beige or cream bag if you wear pink shoes, if not, combine the color of your handbag with the color of your shoes.
  • Choose belts and handkerchiefs that suit the style of the dress. Accent sleeveless dresses with a scarf or shawl. Lace shawls add a touch of class and maturity to your appearance. Patterned belts and scarves should not attract attention. Add a black belt to a dress for a conservative look.
  • Decide what hairstyle you are going to make before choosing hats and hair accessories. Place natural or silk flowers in your hair for a delicate and romantic look, jewelry or hair accessories for a refined air. Add chopsticks decorated with beads to the hair bun.
  • Opt for the jewels that match your dress and your personality. The long and hanging gold or silver earrings can be attractive, but in turn, the pearls and precious stones are more sophisticated. Do not wear too many pieces of jewelry if the dress itself is already adorned.
  • Place your dress on a flat surface, like your bed, surrounded by all the accessories to decide whether you like it or not the overall appearance.

All the possible shoes you can wear with a pink prom dress


One of the most recommended options to combine your pink prom dress will be a pair of nude or leather shoes, which will help to give the maximum prominence to your JVN dress. Choose the most appropriate tone and, above all, those that best go with the style of your look, as explained by Elle Magazine in The 7 It-Shoes Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring.


An option similar to the nude but more daring is to choose some gold shoes to wear with your pink dress stick. It is essential that you want the golden tone well so that they are not too bright and stand out more than the account.


The silver color will also combine perfectly with a JVN pink dress stick; Just as with gold, we recommend that it not be too strident. You can opt for a dark silver, in the style of “old silver.”


The monochromatic look is another ideal option to wear pink shoes, a very naïve and sweet style. To do this, you should look for a pair of shoes with the same tone as your dress, so that it does not clash. In this case, the accessories may be what you play the most with your clothes.


If you opt for something more groundbreaking, black will be the ideal shoe color for your pink dress stick. This will be a way to highlight the footwear, but also to minimize the importance of the dress.


As you can see, pink prom dresses offer many combinations when choosing which shoes to wear. Also, you can combine it with a pair of shoes in brown, brown and similar.

Total Contrast

And for the most daring, there is the fantastic option to combine a pink dress stick with brightly colored shoes: green, fuchsia, turquoise, coral or opt for an animal print or animal print.

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In the Delightful World of Bathing Rituals

Bathing, as conventional as it may be, is much more than washing your body when you get into the world of bathing rituals. In some parts of the world, bathing entails a deeper meaning. In Japan, bathing is much more; you’d be delighted to enter into the world, into the “meditative” world of bathing ritual.

Japan’s onsen is remarkable for the revival of the soul with the special form of bathing that tends to serve as a form of meditation for the bathers. With a fully naked body, anyone wishing to undergo this bathing ritual will deep into the bath without wearing anything. The hot spring baths are at designated places and they are separated into the male and female section for the sake of nudity. This is perceived as a form of cleansing for the mind, body, and the soul.

Closely related to the remarkable hot spring is the Ofuro tub. With this, bathers used to the Japanese bathing can also experience the delight of being in one of the hot springs. The Ofuro tub soaks will also serve to replicate the hot spring soak and bathers can relish the feeling and wash away their sorrows.

Even so, spa clubs like Dubunne also offers a good Ofuro tub soak for the one who wants to relish the Japanese bathing experience. This one even comes with various fragrances for maximum enjoyment. The number of phases that would be experienced in the natural Japanese onsen also comes in the tub made for the purpose of replication (just as some areas in Japan are also connected to the hot spring to bring out the natural experience).

Bathing rituals even extends around other parts of the world. In Turkey, you can experience a special type of bath. Special stones are utilized in Turkey’s bathing rituals and you’d be delighted like never before.

The Torrance beach is also one place for you to get your mind cooled and experience the sight and the colorful water of the beach. Talk about the Banya of Russia, this beats your imagination and tends to cool you down after a rigorous day. Fiji Island is just another place you could get your hot head cooled and frolic in the coolness of the flower-ful water. The bath in Korea is also something to relish after a good experience in the cool liquid.

Something peculiar in the bathing rituals is the putting off of stress and the renewal of the body and soul. Sure, daily life stress tends to be weary and a meditational time spent in the cool spring or ocean is sure to keep the head cooled and who knows you might even sleep off and dream of the utopic state you’ve never witnessed.