Mistakes People Make When Using Peeling off Gel Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Seasoned nail artists have seen the best-painted French tip to the most breathtaking nail arts, and they have observed the buffs and nerfs of different nail polishes. But as a casual nail polish user, it must be frustrating to see your beautiful nail polish peeling off after wearing it. It happens for several reasons, but 90% of the time, the user makes mistakes. Luckily, we are explaining these mistakes in this content so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Peel-off nail polishes are designed to allow users to remove them easily, but when they start to fall off after wearing them for one day, it indicates that the manicure has not been done properly or something is amiss. Rectify the mistakes you have been making to make the peeling off gel nail polish lose off your nails.                              

Your Preparation Is Wrong

Before applying the polish, how many times do you clean the oil stuck in your nails? Many people make the same mistakes and must remember about debris and oils pasted on their nails. As a result, the OYAFUN peel-off nail polish fails to stick properly on the nails. Therefore, thoroughly wash debris off the nails before applying nail polish so they sit properly.

Not Using Quality Nail Polish

Not all nail polishes are made the same way. In fact, cheap nail polishes are attractive but do not have the quality of premium polish. The weaker formula is very common in cheap polishes, and hence, they bond quite well with the nails. Forget cheap knockoffs; instead, use premium peeling-off gel nail polish, which does not cost much either.

Not Doing Top Coating

To succeed in a manicure, you must focus on the base or top coating. The polish will not stick to your nail without a base coat because the top coat seals it all in, saving your colour from chipping and peeling off.                    

Applying Way Too Much

We understand that you are busy, but that does not mean rushing your manicure is an option. In fact, you are reapplying the polish excessively simply because you do not want it to fall off. Doing this will not help, so wait for the first coat to cure before applying the peel-off nail polish over the coat.   

Not Moisturizing Your Nails

What is the point of using peeling-off gel nail polish if you do not moisturize your nails regularly?                Dry nails will brittle and chip repeatedly and there’s nothing you can do to prevent peeling. Lotions are good, but you need to wash them off before painting your nails. Remember, what works for others may not work for you, so try everything.

Additionally, you can also use the following tips to prevent the peeling.

When shaping your nails, never see back and forth; instead, file in a single direction. This will prevent the peel-off nail polish from chipping off your nails by keeping them from growing weak and brittle. If the nails are fragile, using a nail hardener will help them become stronger and prolong the life of your manicure.