Send Wedding Bouquet To Your Loved Ones And Express Your Feelings

Sending gifts to our dear ones has become very easy because there are hundreds of reputable flower delivery services available, and they also offer a full range of services. They can deliver flowers to your homes, office or wherever you want them to, anywhere in the city. Flowers are the best way to say that you care; flowers make your event and venue look more beautiful and offer much more. You can send a bouquet of a flower to your dear ones no matter you can reach them or not on their birthdays. Here online florist’s services can aid you in making this possible. They are also having a huge selection of beautiful flowers.

Online flower shops

There are many florists which you are going to find online. They also have an offline presence from where you can get customized bouquet for your loved ones. Choosing flowers and gifts online offers convenience and ease because you can book your choices online from your computers or smartphones. You have to place your orders, and they will reach the doorstep of your loved ones with your wishes. This is the best way to surprise them and put a beautiful smile on their faces. Online you are going to get many virtual flower shops to choose from.

Send gifts anytime

The best wedding bouquet florist is available 24×7, and you can order your gifts anytime you want. Timings of the floral gift are also important because they can deliver flowers in 24 hours. This service makes life very easy. Otherwise, you know that it is impossible to find a florist at night. What if you want to follow your romantic instincts and have an immense desire to send flowers to the woman you met at the club? Fresh blooming flowers are going to impress her.

Online florists are of great help

In any situation, you might need to send gifts or flowers to your loved ones. Thanks to their services because you can order flowers from anywhere. Whether you need to thank anyone, anniversary, birthday, weeding, or have another feeling you want to express or occasion calls for sending flowers. Just find a good florist online, and they are always ready to serve you anytime. You do not have to leave your location.

You can even send flowers online from abroad to your loved ones. Now sending wishes to your loved ones is not that hard.


Sunglasses Cause Star Trek Fans to Think Conspiracy

Star Trek is back on the air after a multi-year hiatus. This latest iteration follows Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard and the impact of his decision to resign from Starfleet in protest of the events surrounding the destruction of Commander Data and the demise of Romulus. With so much Star Trek history to enjoy, it is a wonder that so many fans are suddenly mesmerized by a pair of sunglasses.

The sunglasses recently appeared in a scene featuring Commander Oh, head of Starfleet security. Oh is ostensibly wearing them to protect her eyes from the bright sun. But why? Commander Oh is portrayed as a Vulcan. According to official Star Trek canon, Vulcans would have no need for sunglasses thanks to inner eyelids that protect their eyes from the three sons on their own planet.

Thus, a conspiracy theory has been birthed. Some die-hard Star Trek fans are insisting that Oh is not truly Vulcan. They say she might be Romulan. They also say she might be some other species entirely, cosmetically altered to make her look like a Vulcan. No one really knows.

Imagining the Unimaginable

Let us assume that Oh truly is a Vulcan and that outfitting her with a pair of sunglasses was nothing more than an oversight by the costuming department. What reason could there possibly be forgiving her sunglasses? For starters, maybe they were filming outdoors and the actress truly needed something to protect her eyes. If that is not the case, maybe Oh was outfitted with sunglasses based purely as a fashion choice.

The thing about creating science fiction is that you are trying to imagine the unimaginable. Star Trek‘s story takes place in the 24th century, which is 300 years away. There is no possible way for us to accurately predict what things will be like that far in the future. All we can do is take what we already know and tweak it a bit.

It happens all the time. For example, did you ever stop to think of the fact that almost everyone in the Star Trek stories speaks English? Canon credits something known as the universal translator for this wonder, but what appears on the screen is not dubbed. The actors’ lips are moving in perfect sync with English speaking. This makes the universal translator a moot point.

Furthermore, Star Trek writers tend to imbue their characters with decidedly Western viewpoints and ethics. Why? Because that is what they know. It is what they are familiar with. So it’s no stretch to assume that the decision to outfit Oh with sunglasses was nothing more than a fashion decision. Perhaps they wanted to make her look more intimidating, more modern, or whatever.

Speculation is Too Much Fun

Oh’s sunglasses don’t look all that different from the modern designer sunglasses made by Ray-Ban and Olympic Eyewear. Indeed, they look a lot like any pair you might buy from the local pharmacy or mall eyewear boutique. Whether or not the commander actually needs to wear sunglasses really isn’t the point.

Star Trek fans will now spend the better part of the year speculating as to why a Vulcan was wearing a pair of cool shades. They almost have to. Speculation is too much fun to ignore, especially when you are dealing with a sci-fi series that invites the imagination to run wild.

In the meantime, wouldn’t it be equally fun if human beings were to evolve inner eyelids that made sunglasses completely unnecessary? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about UV rays and all the damage that comes with them.


Fashion accessories you must consider in 2020

The year 2020 is here and with it, it brings many new styles and trends. As we move forward into this New Year, we bid farewell to various trends and designs of the previous years while welcoming the new lot of fashion accessories and pieces. As we embrace this new chapter with open arms, we will look at different styles which people are talking about and which are set to become this year’s upcoming fashion trends.

Regardless of the fact whether the temperature rises or falls, your outfit might change but one thing would not, that is accessories. These accessories are so impactful that and functional that in the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and, London were dominated by them and which we could use them for seasons to come. Many people don’t realize the importance of accessories, they have such a stimulating effect that it can change your look from 0 to 100 within an instant. Moreover, they complement your outfit and gives you a sophisticated look.

It is completely understandable when that when you are running in late for work in the morning, that you have barely had any time to do anything, but it is important that you realize that small things have a bigger impact than we can understand. Furthermore, if we don’t pay attention to these small details, it does not mean others won’t.

So, without further ado, let us dive headfirst into these modern hot styles that you would want to have in your wardrobe in 2020:

Bucket Bags

If you haven’t had the chance to buy these bags four years back, now you may do so. The year is 2020 and these buckets bags are still going strong. They were part of the minimalist accessory’s labels when they were first introduced. Now they are everywhere. These bags are not online stylish but give you an option to hold all your goods.

We all know that there are few things in the fashion world that lasts so long, and the bucket bag seems to be one of those. Its omniscient presence is still being felt in Fashion Weeks and walkways. And if that motivates you to go off and buy one then know that designers are still working on them for continuous updates and making them much more spacious, adding to new styles and reworking their straps with different beads and peals and making sure that their everlasting power goes on. So, hop off your bed right now and head out to the nearest shop to find the perfect bucket bag which matches your style, since it is a bag which is for everyone

Long Necklaces

These Long necklaces are still doing the rounds in 2020. They are one of those fashion items that are making it to the front row this season. These delicate oversized beauties give a whole new dimension to your look and for most fashion-inspired individuals an outfit seems incomplete without them. The same can be said about choker necklace Australia.

In addition to this, these necklaces can be worn on any occasion, be it with a simple top while you are going to school, or a casual party while wearing a collared T-shirt. You can style them with your jeans or match it with your earrings. They work everywhere and are appropriate for all purposes. Moreover, they also give you a chance to showcase your personality and wear the jewels you love boldly. You also have the chance to customize them and express yourself as you want to

Soft Clutches

This might be a small item, but it definitely can make a big impact. It has an impressive history and was reintroduced by Dior and since then it has become the fashion statement. It is not only stylish, edgy but minimalist as well and it can give you wardrobe a new look.

These gorgeous handbags are stunning to carry, and you can easily sway them on any occasion. Furthermore, their soft pillow-like look always works and is the first choice for any style-conscious person. They are the classic evening bag that you would carry which would personify your look and without distracting people’s attention from your outfit. Its reminiscent pointed shape and understated design that accentuates your look is the perfect accessory that is ideal for all occasions whether it is a casual party, a friend’s birthday or a business dinner.

And with a whole lot of designs and shades available including white, black, red, green and tan, you have a variety of options to choose and carry from

Wide Waist Belts

These wide styled belts tied to the middle of your waist is one of those items that can never go wrong. These belts are like an instant hourglass and they can make your look completely different within an instant. This multipurpose and versatile accessory works in any season and has the capability of enhancing your appearance. Not only these belts draw a lot of attention, but they also can make you stand out in the crowd.

If that is not enough, these belts allow you to experiment. With a wide range of variety and styles available, including heavy metal buckles, chains belts and, leather straps this allows trying different look for different occasions. And you can wear them with any kind of dress whether it is a formal and business wear or any kind of semi-formal or casual wear be it dresses, skirts or pants. There are no set rules. And it would likely remain so for another few years.

Headbands with Paddings

With Padded Headbands now you have the chance to goodbye to bad hair days. These headbands are one of those clever accessories which work for you every time. They started trending since last year and are still going hot as well. These puffed up headbands had such dominance over the previous year that even the Duchess of Cambridge fell in love with that and wore her black velvet version of the padded headband while attending a service at Westminster Abbey. If that doesn’t make an item a fashion icon, then nothing will.

And that’s not all, these radiating, ultra-luxury are the real deal-breakers. Their extra layer of padding really appeals to the audience and their comfort level is unchallenged. This retro hair accessory makes your entire intricate look simple, by keeping your locks out of your face, they give a chance to radiate and smile away.

Bucket Hats

We all know-how protecting yourself from the UVs is crucial and all and hence it highlights the importance of hats. However, your hat is not limited to this though. These hats have become a fashion icon and one of those includes the bucket hat which after dominating the 90s era, is now making a comeback. It has already started making its mark and has been trending items worn in the recent Fashion Week in Paris. What makes them so appealing is that they are an all-season item that complements your style and outfit.

Its features are characterized by a downward sloping top that covers your head and sits above your eye. And with a wide range of colors including pink, red, blue, white and charcoal gives you a lot of space to experiment and work out which suits you the best. You can also mix it by opting with a contrast or leopard skin print that complements your outfit.

So next time you go out, add a bucket hat to your list. Not only it will make you stand out, but it will also keep you protected.

Multicolor handbags

One thing that shines your outfit is these multi-colored handbags. This crossover of beautiful beads and pearl embedded side straps with brightly colored themed handbags are the things to look out for this summer. This simple accessory is making a lot of noise this year and has been the talk of the town. This classical accessory offers you a wide range of colors and choices and after being upgraded from last year, they are many colors to choose from.

Unlike the last time, the designers are now offering more than two shades which means you could go any three or four colors of your choice. And with colors like green, yellow and orange, you can set a mark and stand out amongst the crowd. And that is not all, these handbags are now quite functional and super convenient as well.

They are easy to go and make you look trendy and sophisticated. And with their sleek trendy design, bright colors, and novelty shapes it is no less than a piece of artwork


With the dawn of the New Year, there are many new accessories that have been making waves in the markets, while others have been around for a while now and are still going strong. It is a perfect time for you to upgrade your wardrobe with these new and trendy items which makes you stand out and radiate amongst the crowd.


Everything You Should Expect When Choosing a Personal Stylist

It does not matter if you wish to reboot your wardrobe or to change your entire appearance because the best way to do it is by finding a professional consultant that will help you along the way.

The first step includes some breaches in privacy since you have to find someone who will dive into your closet so that you can organize, catalog, and edit your entire wardrobe.

When it comes to cataloging, it means that you should learn how to combine and match different outfits so that you can have wide array of possibilities. The organization is vital because it will be much more convenient for you to care and find your clothes when everything is perfect.

Some stylist does not think that much about organizing your closet, but they will edit your wardrobe so that you can determine which things are obsolete. Selecting your wardrobe means finding pieces that you should get rid of by throwing it in trash or donates it.

However, finding a personal stylist from New York is not that simple, and it requires a thorough understanding of what you will get in general.

Of course, everything depends on the stylist you decide to choose, because some of them will not focus on throwing away things you do not need, but more on how to wear all things you have so that you can reduce the expanses for new clothing.

On the other hand, some of them may want you to throw away 90% of your wardrobe, which depends on the philosophy that stylists share, as well as your budget capabilities and final requirements that you wish to achieve.

The stylist will also take your measurements and check out for your body type to see the kind of clothing, which is best for your specific needs. It can be highly personal depending on your comfort levels, but stylist in general, are people that will help you along the way.


In most cases, the stylist will require both of you to go in shopping, and that is something we recommend you as well since it is way better to avoid misinformation by being there and choosing accordingly.

However, people that have careers and other significant responsibilities that do not allow them to hang in the mall for hours to find specific attire, they can send a stylist to shop for them.

Most executives and business people do not have plenty of time to spare, which is why they do not consider wardrobe as a top priority. The best way to understand how to find a celebrity stylist for affordable price tag is by clicking here.

However, looking sharp is an essential part of your business appearance, which is why you should find a personal stylist that will do everything for you and help you make perfect decisions that will fit you and maximize your appearance for different occasions.

At the same time, a personal stylist can conduct shopping and bring you a selection so that you can try it in privacy and return afterward everything that you do not want.

Of course, you have to pay for extra work, but you will not have to lose precious time that you can spend doing things you have to.

2.Creating Appearance Possibilities

This particular step involves using your existing wardrobe and combining it with things that you purchased so that you can create various outfits for numerous occasions. Some stylists will use specific apps that you can download on your mobile device, while others will do it manually.

You can find these apps with ease on Google Play, and the idea is to list everything you have so that you can always have a perfect match before you even think of it.

Some apps can provide you outfits of the day, or you can state the occasion so that you can get the perfect combination based on things that you currently own.

We recommend you to watch this video: to learn how to become a personal stylist with ease.

Remember that not every stylist will be the same, which is an important consideration you have to remember. Some of them prefer specific ways of helping their clients, so you have to conduct thorough research before you make up your mind.

That way, you will reduce the possibility of finding someone that will not match your taste and wishes.


What make your enjoy your life best?

At present, many people wish to buy glasses through online stores and it is a most preferred ways to shop the eyeglasses due to its convenience, affordability and simplicity and quality assurance. When you are decided to buy prescription glasses online, then you get plenty of collections with different models. In these days, the online eyeglasses are selling for up to 70% less than their matching equivalents sold on offline. Compare the glasses with different sites to save your money and buy the one which is suitable for your face.

Today, the good news is that it is very much simple to purchase the eyeglasses on the internet at very reasonable costs. Now, many of the internet sellers are providing a vast array of products for you to select from as well as their costs are far lower than routine optician’s stores. In reality, the online industry is worth more billion dollars and also a share of the prescription eyeglasses, which have also developed three-fold in the previous few years. Before you really go out and purchase your glasses on the internet, first of all you must learn how to obtain the great deal on online site and try to buy your glasses on seasonal sale for better saving.

Points need to know before you can begin purchasing online for your glasses

  1. The initial thing you need is your latest prescription that must not be more than two years old.
  2. The next thing you need to know what your pupillary spacesize is.
  3. The third thing is that you want to know for sure what type of lens is the best for your vision.
  4. The next thing you also need to know is what type of frame style matches your face the best. Now, you can find a lot of popular eyeglasses frames with different styles and colours.
  5. The fifth thing is you need to research your choices to find out, which online shops are completely safe to purchase them.
  6. The sixth thing is that before you begin purchasing eyeglasses on online, you want to learn a lot about the shipping charges as well as returns information of a seller.
  7. The next step is when you buy online for your glasses, you should be very careful that you do not permit yourself to be convinced in purchasing more add-ons, especially when it will charge you a little bit.
  8. At last, the final thing is you must spend a lot of time in finding out what you actually want and also you must verify a handful of internet sellers to know what you are charging for you the perfect same pair of eyeglasses.

What is the most essential information you need to know before ordering glasses?

In these days, the online optical shops can make shopping glasses very simple, but it is very supportive to know, if your face is well suited for small, medium or bigger faces. Presently, if you are wearing the glasses and look on the cat eye glasses frames for women, you may choose to have the one that meet your criteria. Before choosing the frames, it is must to go through the available models and then pick the one that perfectly suits you. If you do not wear the glasses, you just ask your doctor to measure you for wearing eyeglasses and also consider those measurements with you while purchasing on the internet.

At present, purchasing the glasses on online can really makes the life a lot more convenience; because you can easily buy from the comfort of your home at any time. When it comes to purchasing anything on the internet, you might already know that you will want to have either a PayPal account or a credit card readily available. When you are dealing with online eyeglasses, there is one main thing that you will want to have on handy is your prescription. When you are selecting to purchase glasses on the internet, you can also make sure you’re your newly selected frames is perfectly suitable for your face.

How do you purchase glasses on online?

Purchasing the glasses on online is really a very easy process and also it is an improvingly famous choice with people who are needed to wear the prescription glasses. Fortunately, the process to shop glasses on online is so simple and also no need to worry about it. The only thing you need to consider is that your online glass provider will ensure you to provide the clear instructions and also support you, when you want any help at any moment during the process. Before ordering glasses, you must also have a copy of your sight prescription that is more important for you. Let’s think before you shop and buy wisely.


3 Great Reasons To Hire a Mobile Disco, For Your Next Important Event In The UK.

There are a number of occasions in our lives when we want things to go off without any problems. Days like wedding days and birthdays are times when we want to provide the best day for our guests and we want them to talk about the event for many years to come. To keep guests happy, you need to provide them with entertainment that they will like and if possible allow them to be able to influence the proceedings a little. That is why a disco at any event is sure to win over the crowd and get them singing and dancing all night long.

There are a number of recommended mobile disco services in Kent, who will come to your location and set the whole thing up for you. They provide the following services to ensure that your event is remembered by all attending.

  1. They provide a wide range of music from the 60’s up to the current time and all the popular ones will be in there.
  2. They will bring along the sound system if there isn’t one available at the venue and their sound systems have to be heard to be believed. Everything sounds so much better coming out of their speakers.
  3. They also supply excellent disco lights which include strobes, spotlights and all the latest LED lighting that is kind to the environment.

For a day to remember, be sure to book a mobile disco for your guests on your big day and make sure the days ends with a bang.


Best Trampoline For Six Foot Adults: A Buying Guide

In this era of technology and chaotic work schedules, the lives of most people include being glued to the screens of their electronic gadgets or toil crazy hours in the workplace behind their desks. This leaves people with very little or no time for any outdoor activities or physical exercises. Trampolines are great for your health as well.

As is the popular saying, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! With little or no physical exercises, people are bound to become lazy and sluggish with a myriad of health problems. Thus, it is extremely important to stay fit to keep these impending ailments at bay. People today, despite the limited time, resort to gyms and dance classes to stay in shape. However, these places charge exorbitantly which may not be affordable for everybody. Also, when tiredness overpowers you at the end of a long day, you tend to give the gym a miss.

Here’s some good news. There are some, rather better and healthier alternatives that ensure your daily dose of physical exercise at the comfort of your home.

Trampoline is one such alternative that is both fun and gives you the required daily exercise. Contrary to the popular notion, trampolining isn’t exclusively for the fun of your kids- adult trampolines exists too! Jumping on a trampoline can be both exhilarating as well as a great cardio workout to burn those extra calories. It also increases your bone density and relieves stress.

Now if it sounds fun to you and you are thinking of buying some best trampoline for your home, read on to know all the information that you need before you get home your very own rebounding wonderland!

What to look for in a trampoline for a six feet adult?

Following is a list of what you should be looking for while buying a trampoline:

The frame- superior quality and durable frame are extremely important, as it is this frame that will support and hold your trampoline together. The best material is galvanized steel as it is very sturdy and rust proof.

Springs- the springs give trampoline its characteristic bounce. The trampoline can pose a safety hazard if poor quality or rusted springs are used.

Jumping mat- to determine the quality of the most abused part of your trampoline, you need to carefully look into the number of stitches present and labels reading ‘waterproof.’

Weight limit- this should be determined by the user’s weight and how many people are going to jump at the same time. The usual trampolines available in market support 200 pounds, however, there are jumbo trampolines that have higher weight limits.

Safety enclosure- a must have in your trampoline, these prevent one from flying off of a trampoline or accidentally landing on the springs or the frame.

Padding- inadequate padding of the spring in a trampoline can lead to serious injuries by causing the arms or legs of the jumper to be caught in between the springs.

What type of trampoline to buy?

While there are various types of trampoline available in the market, it is important to choose the right one for yourself depending on your purpose.

Classic- these are the most popular kind of trampolines. They can be round or rectangular and is recommended for all-purpose usage.

Rebounder- ideal for exercise, this is small and crafted only for light bouncing. If you’re looking for a trampoline purely to boost your fitness, this is your lifeline!

Children’s- these are the best models for kids. They’re small with the low weight limit and can be conveniently placed in one’s living room.

Water trampoline- wrapped in an inflatable vinyl casing, this trampoline can float on water. It should be anchored to a spot that gives an adequate depth for jumping, and you’re good to have all the fun you want.

Springfree trampoline- a relatively new addition to the world of trampolines, this Springfree trampoline is devised with pliable composite rod beneath the surface of the frames. This prevents users from any injuries that may result from falling on the tough metal frame of a conventional trampoline.

What size of the trampoline to buy?

The size of your trampoline depends entirely on whether you are going to place it indoors or outdoors. Mini trampolines are for indoors and are excellent for rebound exercises, while outdoor trampolines require a large backyard and are mainly for entertainment.

What shape of the trampoline to buy?

The different shapes of trampoline come with distinct features that make it suitable for specific purposes.

Round- this is the favorite one for use at home. It is known to be safer than the rectangular shape as the bounce produced by the circular trampoline isn’t as strong, and it directs the jumper towards the center of the mat, reducing the chances of injury.

Oval- the oval shape is a mixture of both round and rectangular trampolines. Ideal for usage by multiple jumpers, it offers a greater surface area without the jumpers bumping into each other.

Rectangular- this is the most common shape in professional gymnastics and competitions. They have a large surface area and produce the most powerful bounce that gives the jumper a great height and length.

Square- this provides benefits of both the circular as well as the rectangular trampolines. With a large surface area, it gives strong bounce but takes lesser space than a rectangular one. These are perfect for backyards, which are mostly rectangular. Though the square and rectangular trampolines are easier to assemble and store, these are heavier because of their sturdier frames.

How much space will be needed?

This will depend on the shape of the trampoline you buy. Each shape comes with its pros about fitting into the available space. However, a 24 feet overhead clearance and 2-6 feet of ground clearance are recommended for outdoor trampolines to ensure the safety of the jumper especially for adults over 6ft. A rebound trampoline for home is mostly circular and gives a lesser bounce, thus eliminating the need for a larger space. However, adequate space should be reserved for installing a trampoline, regardless of the spot.

Trampoline safety

Though trampolines are much safer now, yet one cannot completely ignore the fact that it may pose a serious threat to the safety of the jumper. Therefore, it’s essential to abide by the instruction manual that comes with the product and to have someone watch over while trampolining.

If you’re looking for a fun way to distress and burn some calories in the process, invest in a trampoline today! However, read through the guidelines carefully and purchase the one that meets your needs.


Getting Your Dad the Perfect Gift

Gifting your dearest dad can be a confusing task. Be it for father’s day or his birthday, he deserves something special for all that he has done for the family. Fathers tend to get monotonous gifts throughout the year such as shirts or shoes. They rarely get expressive about what they want or need, making the gifting process even harder.

Fathers often sacrifice their hobbies and all their free time for their kids and family. So, on their special day, they deserve something that is well thought out and considerate. You can get your main man something extraordinary with the help of some tips provided in here.

The key is to keep the thought simple yet impactful. Fathers tend to love their children unconditionally and the best way to return some of that love is to make them feel irreplaceable in your life.

Dos and Don’ts

It is better to avoid stereotypical gifts like ties which do not carry any emotional value or symbolic reference to the relation that you have with your father. Creating something unique and original will prove to be a better gift to give your dearest father. However getting him expensive things like bespoke clothes are another story.

The classic attire combined with elegance is granted to put a smile on his face. The point is to show him how much he means to you. The choice is yours if you want to create your gift or choose something exclusive just for him. Here you can find some of the Dos and don’ts on gifting your father

Spending a day together

One of the best gifts you can give your dad is your time. Planning a day together hiking, fishing or even a movie together will be an opportunity to let him know how important he is in your life and also bond with the first man of your life. It is essential to choose an activity that he will love to guarantee he will have a great time with you.

Dreams do come true

If you want to go overboard and make him ecstatic, you can go for the option of an expensive gift. Something that he has always wanted to have but never could get his hands on. This could even be an adventure of a lifetime such as skydiving or a trip to an exotic land he has always dreamt of traveling to. Nobody can know your father better than you and hence it is essential to improvise on the gifts. You can also turn this into a family event by letting your siblings pitch in as well.

For the tech-savvy dad

While he might appreciate anything you get him with a smile, gifting a tech-savvy dad a pair of cufflinks or a designer tie will not cut it. Instead, you can choose to excite him with a brand new technology or gadget he can explore and test limits with. You can use your knowledge of him and the gadgets already in his possession to guess what gadget might excite him the most.

You can also introduce him to a new line of technology that he has not previously explored but is guaranteed to be interesting and useful to him, such as a pen that can read and digitally record handwritten notes. If he reads about technology, you can also consider gifting him a top-rated book on technology. A gift card that covers the cost of his favorite apps for a period of time is another way you can surprise your tech savvy dad.

The surprise element

You can make the day one that he will cherish for always by bringing someone he wouldn’t expect to be there. Be it your sibling who is abroad or a long lost friend of his, the sight of this person will bring tears of joy to his eyes. You can use social networking sites such as Facebook to reconnect and reunite his long-lost childhood friend or someone else who meant a lot to him once. Organizing a day for them together along with activities, accommodation, and travel will bring a smile to both their faces.

The monthly gift

Getting a membership in a monthly gift club for him under your name is a way to bring a smile to his face every month. Monthly gifts of his favorite chocolates, wine, cheese, gourmet delicacies or books are something he will appreciate very much. This also gives him something to look forward to every month. This isn’t something he will indulge in for himself, so gifting is a great idea to make this happen.

For the foodie father

A trip to the latest diner in town with the family or just you, is another way you can make his day. Letting him try all the exquisite food he likes without bothering about the cost will let him have the time of his life. You can even convert this into a once in a month treat to send him to a new restaurant every month. You can draw up a list of his favorite places and cuisines to help you create an itinerary. You can improvise the plan by letting him choose where he wants to go each month. All the costs can be billed to you or be added to your credit card each month. The duration of the gifting can vary depending upon you and your budget.

A more cost friendly version of this gift is to bake a fresh batch of homemade cookies or goodies in his favorite flavors and bring them over to him every month.

A letter from the heart

Sometimes, all parents want to hear are words of appreciation and love to make their day. Pouring all your intense feelings of happiness and gratitude towards him in a letter will be a great way to let him know how important he is to you.

It will also give you a moment to appreciate what your dad has brought you up to be. Mentioning all the events in your life that he has been a pillar of support and all the moments you will cherish forever will make the letter more heartfelt. It does not cost any money but will be a priceless possession to both of you.


10 Questions That Can Determine The Fate Of Your Relationship

Being in love is an amazing feeling that takes you to the top of the world. The world suddenly seems more beautiful and there are more reasons to smile. However, there are fears and apprehensions at the back of your mind even if you are into the most perfect-looking relationship. The biggest one is whether your bond will stand the tests of time and last for life. Probably, you would want it to if you have found your soulmate in your partner.

But there is no guarantee that even the best things in life will last forever. So you need to be realistic in your relationship and clearly know what to expect from them. You can ask some questions to evaluate it and determine whether it is likely to last or not. Here are the major relationship questions that can help you in understanding its fate and preparing for what lies ahead.

Does your Significant Other make you a better person?

A true relationship is one that brings out the best in you. Your SO can help you to understand the shortcomings you have without being critical and suggest all that can be done to overcome If you want to assess the value of your bond with your partner, ask if they make you a better person.

How comfortable are you with your partner?

Comfort is the most significant aspect of a lasting relationship with a person. If you feel that you share an immense comfort level with them, can share your deepest feelings and rely on each other, this is probably going to last for a lifetime.

Do you accept each other the way you are?

True soulmates are able to accept each other as they are, with their shortcomings, oddities and eccentricities. Yes, you may try to change each other for better but acceptance is the measure of lasting love and understanding.

Are you able to communicate effectively?

Effective communication is the mainstay of a healthy and successful relationship. If you are able to speak up your feelings without the fear of losing what you have, it is an indication that you have one that will grow only stronger with time.

Does “we” matter more than “I”?

The relationship between two people is strong and lasting if they think and act as a team rather than two different people. Ask whether “we” matters more than “I” with the other person; if the answer is yes, this person is there to stay.

Do you really trust each other?

A relationship needs to be founded on trust for being a lasting one. If you feel that there are no secrets between you and your partner, love will come naturally and stay forever too. However, if you need to think twice about their fidelity, the fate of your relationship is probably doomed.

Are the two of you equal in relationship?

True relationships are based on equality and the ones in which one partner tries to control the other are neither healthy and nor likely to survive. Both of you should be equal and take decisions jointly to be together.

Are you physically and emotionally compatible?

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is compatibility, physical and emotional. Evaluate the compatibility that you have with the other on all levels because being physically attracted to each other keeps the spark alive. At the same time, someone who is a true friend makes a great lover as well.

Do you share the same values?

Couples that share the same values and come from similar backgrounds are more likely to be in steadfast relationships. Consider your perspectives related to marriage, parenting, religion and more. Of course, opposites do attract but attraction may not last forever while bonding stays for a lifetime.

How much time and effort are you willing to invest?

Another question that determines the fate of your relationship is about the time and effort that you are willing to invest into it. Whether you would want to change and make sacrifices for the other says a lot about how deeply you feel for them.

While asking these questions can be a good way to evaluate relationships, you can also seek divine guidance to know more about their fate. For instance, horoscopes and tarot cards can tell you a lot. Finding answers to these questions can be life changing as they help you to understand whether a relationship is truly worth putting your time and efforts. It can also save you the pain and distress of failed relationships.


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