Getting Your Dad the Perfect Gift


Gifting your dearest dad can be a confusing task. Be it for father’s day or his birthday, he deserves something special for all that he has done for the family. Fathers tend to get monotonous gifts throughout the year such as shirts or shoes. They rarely get expressive about what they want or need, making the gifting process even harder.

Fathers often sacrifice their hobbies and all their free time for their kids and family. So, on their special day, they deserve something that is well thought out and considerate. You can get your main man something extraordinary with the help of some tips provided in here.

The key is to keep the thought simple yet impactful. Fathers tend to love their children unconditionally and the best way to return some of that love is to make them feel irreplaceable in your life.

Dos and Don’ts

It is better to avoid stereotypical gifts like ties which do not carry any emotional value or symbolic reference to the relation that you have with your father. Creating something unique and original will prove to be a better gift to give your dearest father. However getting him expensive things like bespoke clothes are another story.

The classic attire combined with elegance is granted to put a smile on his face. The point is to show him how much he means to you. The choice is yours if you want to create your gift or choose something exclusive just for him. Here you can find some of the Dos and don’ts on gifting your father

Spending a day together

One of the best gifts you can give your dad is your time. Planning a day together hiking, fishing or even a movie together will be an opportunity to let him know how important he is in your life and also bond with the first man of your life. It is essential to choose an activity that he will love to guarantee he will have a great time with you.

Dreams do come true

If you want to go overboard and make him ecstatic, you can go for the option of an expensive gift. Something that he has always wanted to have but never could get his hands on. This could even be an adventure of a lifetime such as skydiving or a trip to an exotic land he has always dreamt of traveling to. Nobody can know your father better than you and hence it is essential to improvise on the gifts. You can also turn this into a family event by letting your siblings pitch in as well.

For the tech-savvy dad

While he might appreciate anything you get him with a smile, gifting a tech-savvy dad a pair of cufflinks or a designer tie will not cut it. Instead, you can choose to excite him with a brand new technology or gadget he can explore and test limits with. You can use your knowledge of him and the gadgets already in his possession to guess what gadget might excite him the most.

You can also introduce him to a new line of technology that he has not previously explored but is guaranteed to be interesting and useful to him, such as a pen that can read and digitally record handwritten notes. If he reads about technology, you can also consider gifting him a top-rated book on technology. A gift card that covers the cost of his favorite apps for a period of time is another way you can surprise your tech savvy dad.

The surprise element

You can make the day one that he will cherish for always by bringing someone he wouldn’t expect to be there. Be it your sibling who is abroad or a long lost friend of his, the sight of this person will bring tears of joy to his eyes. You can use social networking sites such as Facebook to reconnect and reunite his long-lost childhood friend or someone else who meant a lot to him once. Organizing a day for them together along with activities, accommodation, and travel will bring a smile to both their faces.

The monthly gift

Getting a membership in a monthly gift club for him under your name is a way to bring a smile to his face every month. Monthly gifts of his favorite chocolates, wine, cheese, gourmet delicacies or books are something he will appreciate very much. This also gives him something to look forward to every month. This isn’t something he will indulge in for himself, so gifting is a great idea to make this happen.

For the foodie father

A trip to the latest diner in town with the family or just you, is another way you can make his day. Letting him try all the exquisite food he likes without bothering about the cost will let him have the time of his life. You can even convert this into a once in a month treat to send him to a new restaurant every month. You can draw up a list of his favorite places and cuisines to help you create an itinerary. You can improvise the plan by letting him choose where he wants to go each month. All the costs can be billed to you or be added to your credit card each month. The duration of the gifting can vary depending upon you and your budget.

A more cost friendly version of this gift is to bake a fresh batch of homemade cookies or goodies in his favorite flavors and bring them over to him every month.

A letter from the heart

Sometimes, all parents want to hear are words of appreciation and love to make their day. Pouring all your intense feelings of happiness and gratitude towards him in a letter will be a great way to let him know how important he is to you.

It will also give you a moment to appreciate what your dad has brought you up to be. Mentioning all the events in your life that he has been a pillar of support and all the moments you will cherish forever will make the letter more heartfelt. It does not cost any money but will be a priceless possession to both of you.