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How to Become an Eyelash Extension Technician?


If you are a cosmetologist or a makeup artist and have not yet offered your clients eyelash extension procedure, it is time to think about extending the range of your services.

This procedure is in demand now because it saves time and allows to look nice and put together any time of day.

Of course, in order to become a professional in this sphere, you need to get appropriate education and to buy quality lash extension supplies.

Read more about it in our material.

Is It Hard to Become a Lash Technician?

Becoming a professional lashmaker requires:

  • An accredited course that includes a certain number of hours of practice;
  • Getting a certificate of completion.

High-quality courses are needed to become a certified professional. Depending on the program selected, it can take up to a couple of months to get the certificate.

TOP 3 reasons why it is important to complete a course:

  1. You will become a professional;
  2. No risk of lawsuits for work without a license;
  3. Financial benefits: eyelashes are booming now.

Must-Have Eyelash Extension Supplies and Tools

  • Eyelash shampoo

Cleans eyelashes and skin before further treatment.

  • Tweezers

Usually, lashmakers have at least two tweezers. One to separate the eyelashes so they don’t get messy in the process. The other one’s for grabbing and gluing false eyelashes.

  • Primer

It is used for degreasing. It improves the bonding between natural eyelashes and extensions.

  • Eyelashes

The assortment of a good lash technician should include products of different length, thickness and curls.

  • Glue

If you’re a beginner, choose a glue with bonding speed 3-5 seconds.

  • Booster

Accelerates the fixation process.

  • Remover for reapplication procedure or removal

There are two types: gel or cream.

The list is not exhaustive: do not forget disposable sheets and caps, cotton pads, sterilizer, eyelash brushes, hand and surface disinfectants.

If you want to buy top lash extension supplies, visit Canadian LashStorePro website. Here you can find all the required products.

Their quality speaks for itself: it is with these lash extension supplies that the best lash technicians of Canada work!

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Best Dip Powder Kit Advice

If you want to have great dip powder nails, then it’s a very good idea to try out some dip powder kits that are for sale. There are all kinds of options available, some of which are better than others of course. All you have to do is to give them a try for yourself, and you likely find the right kit for you which delivers great looking dip powder nails.

Are Dip Powder Nails Better Than Gel Nails?

In many ways, they are. You don’t have to worry about using a UV lamp that might damage your nails beyond repair. Not only that, but you will also notice the fact that dip powder nails tend to last for a lot longer than gel nails, which is extremely important. Granted, it does take a bit of time for dip powder nails to be applied correctly, but it’s always worth the extra effort. All you have to do is to test this method of nail application, and see if you like the results.

Applying Dip Powder Nails

  • First, you need to prepare your nails. Buff the plates, remove dead skin and file properly. This will give you a good, clean starting point, and you can go from there.
  • Once that is done, it’s imperative to cleanse the nails and remove all the dirt.
  • Add the bonder, this is designed to offer stability and guarantees a good set of results.
  • Then, you want to add the base coat, and as it’s wet, you can dip the nail right into the powder at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Take out the nail from the powder, brush the extra powder away, and then apply a topcoat and activator to finalize the process. Remember that you have to do this for each one of your nails.

What Dip Powder Kits Should You Buy?

That depends on a variety of factors. We recommend dip powder nail kits offered from FutureNailStore, which is known for offering high quality dip powder nail kits that contain all the tools that you might need. They have built up a reputation for having the best dip powder nail kits for sale online.

These kits are great for beginners.

Then you have the Nicole Diary kit, which is also well regarded. Lastly, you can buy the Morovan Dip Powder nail kit. But, in my opinion, the kits from FutureNailStore are better than these.

We always recommend you to try out different dip powder kits to see which one works best for you and your nails. All of these dip powder nail kits allow you to create great looking dip powder nails at home. Plus, the cool thing is that you can be really creative with the designs that you create. At the end of the day, dip powder nails look amazing, and if you take the time to do them right, you will certainly be impressed with the results.


The Fashionable Men Necklaces at Namshi

In the old times, let’s say a century back, it was very common for men to wear necklaces, especially those big chunky ones with heavy beads and stones around them. However, over time, this trend died down and now very rarely you will find men sporting necklaces. A necklace can be a great accessory for men; however, it should be delicate, not chunky. Namshi has a great collection of necklaces for men from different brands. You can get your hands on the Namshi promo code from and enjoy discounts at the Namshi website.

The Tags Style: 

The fashion of the men’s necklaces started back after people saw the armed forces wearing the dog tags in the combats which had their names and date of birth mentioned on them. The first famous and trendy design of the men’s necklace collection is the tag. These necklaces come in stainless steel and have a tag; most of these tags have the logo or name of the brands. Some famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Police, Diesel, Guess, and Call it Spring has these tag necklaces. Find the Namshi promo code to avail the best discount packages. 

Necklaces for Vacations: 

If you are looking for a necklace that can make you look cool then get your hands on the Mountainous Shard Necklace by Classics 77. The necklace is made of faux suede and has a faux stone with a lobster clasp on it. This necklace can be the perfect accessory when going on vacation. Another perfect vacation necklace can be the Ring Necklace from Fossil. Mad with a brown necklace with a silver lobster clasp this necklace is a must-have. Use the Namshi promo code to get a discount on these necklaces.

Necklaces which are a Little Extra: 

If you are someone who likes to go extra with accessories, then the multi-layered necklaces can be perfect for you. These necklaces are made with lightweight metal and are very thin chains, not chunky ones. Dual-layer chain by Seventy Five is one example of these chains. These chains have charms like a fish hook and a sun. Bar Pendant necklace by Trendyol is another layered necklace design that has one layer of metallic chain and other suede material with a bar hanging. You can get good discounts on this layered necklace with the use of the Namshi promo code from

Tommy Hilfiger Necklace for Men:

The Tommy Hilfiger necklace is also a very popular brand of necklace. It is mostly used by men. It is slightly costly in price due to its superior quality. This brand is available with many options like metallic chain. You can also visit the Namshi online store to view the presence of latest collection of necklaces for men. If you want to purchase this necklace at lower price then you can use the option of Namshi promo code. With this promo code, you can save a considerable amount with ease and comfort. 

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I Tried Out Oribe’s New Natural Hair Products With My Type Hair

I am a bit skeptical about trying new products for my hair. My hair is curly and it was natural all my life. Around a year ago I decided to change something in my appearance and began dyeing the hair blonde. One of the problems I faced is that since I have bleached my hair, it became dry on the ends. Now it needs extra moisturization every time I wash it. Another issue I would like to solve is the way that I get shrinkage just after the day I wash the hair which generally ends with my hair in twist.

I have been searching for appropriate treatment since I dyed my hair. I know it always takes time for everyone to find the best products for your hair type. For me it was a long process… To be honest, I do not have a lot of hair care products that could help me to manage my color and curls. I use L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Resveratrol Shampoo and Conditioner and L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Curl Contour after I shampoo and condition the hair I style my curls.

A few years ago a huge hair care company Oribe launched a line for  natural hair of all types “Highly Textured”. I was curious if this collection is as great as people say or is it a good advertising campaign. I decided to try out some products from the line so I ordered a few samples to see how it works with my hair type.

The product is quickly absorbed, does not stick the strands and does not leave grease and stickiness. The lotion softens and moisturizes the hair, facilitates combing and styling. Key ingredients of this detangler are complex of coconut, mango and cocoa oils, extracts of edelweiss, watermelon and lychee, which has a powerful antioxidant effect, prevents premature aging of the skin, the loss of keratin locks, eliminates flaking and inflammation. It was the first time in a while that the product fit really well with the hair and scalp.

Up next I applied Oribe’s Curl Gelee all over the hair. The product defines and smoothes curls without any waiting. Next step was Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme. I proceeded it throughout the hair and styled it as I wanted. This curl enhancing product instantly melts into hair and defines coily curls. It smells so good! A combination of shea butter and avocado oil makes the hair softer and manageable.

Usually the next day my hair did not look that great. For my big surprise the first time in a while the curls were spot-on and did not stick together. In the morning my hair was a bit damp which is good. With other products the hair was completely dry as I did not moisturize it at all! The color was golden and shiny as well.

Overall, I am happy with the effect Oribe Highly Textured collection has on my hair. So if you have curly hair and you struggle with its moisturization I highly recommend you this hair care line.

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How to Replace the Metal Zippers in Your Jeans

Just because your favorite pair of jeans has a broken zipper beyond repair doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to it for good. With about 30 minutes of your time and some intermediate skills in sewing, you can replace your jean’s metal zipper with a whole new one.

The secret here is to find replacement metal zippers that are roughly the same style, color, and size as the one you want to replace although you can always make some minor adjustments as needed. After that, it will just be a matter of removing the old zipper with care then sewing the new one by following the steps below:

Remove the Old Broken Zipper

Many jeans have topstitching that can be almost hard to duplicate. This is why it is often best not to remove the topstitching. You can use a seam ripper instead to remove the old broken zipper through taking out only the stitches that holding the zipper in its place. You can then cut the zipper tape at the joining seams.

Size the Replacement Zipper

Although it is recommended to buy a new zipper with almost the same fit to the one you already had, it is often difficult to find a clothing zipper that has exactly the same length. This means that you need to alter the new zipper to make it work. Line up the tops of the new zipper and the broken zipper, and mark the old zipper teeth’s end of the on the replacement zipper.

Bar Tack the Replacement Zipper

You can bar tack the replacement zipper at the mark you made. Make a bar tack with the sewing machine’s zigzag function. Widen the width and reduce the stitch length of the zigzag for clearing the zipper teeth. Make repeated stitches to form a very strong stopping point for the pull. Cut the zipper right under the bar tack.

Pin or Baste the First Side

Fold the zipper tape’s top to the rear of the zipper. Insert the tape to the opening between the fabric layers right on the location of the old zipper. Pin or baste it in place.

Use the Zipper Foot to Sew the First Side

Use the zipper foot of your sewing machine with the foot set for holding the tape in place so you can sew the first side of the zipper. Be sure to stitch as close to the zipper’s bottom as possible.

Pin or Baste the Second Side

Straighten the jean’s waistband. Place the zipper tape’s other side in position on the spot where the old zipper was removed. Fold zipper tape’s top to the front side of the zipper. Baste or pin the tape in place.

Hand-Sew the Other Side

Hand-sew the other side with a sharp sewing needle and hide the knot below folded part of the zipper tape. Bring the needle through and catch only one fabric layer so that the stitches will be invisible on the outer part of the garment.

Keep the Zipper in Place with Backstitch

Hold the zipper in its place using a backstitch. To create a backstitch, bring the needle into the fabric at the back of the previous stitch. Don’t forget to stitch through one fabric layer. Use even and tight stitches so that the zipper will be more durable.

Manually Bar Tack the End for a Strong Anchor

Create a strong hold by bar tacking the zipper’s end. This part of the zipper will endure lots of pulling, so it needs a strong anchor. After you are done with this, your zipper will already be in its place and ready for you to wear your jeans again.

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4 Top Trending Shoes For Women in 2021

Much like everyone else in the world, we have set great expectations set for 2021. While looking ahead with positivity into the New Year, our fashion trends for different seasons need to be on-point. We ladies are obsessed with getting our hands on the most stylish clothing items to stock up our wardrobe for all seasons.

Today, our plan includes the best shoe trends for 2021. We are aware that the majority of us are all set with our winter footwear right now. Nonetheless, there are some genuinely exciting shoe trends to follow this year.

Talking about boots, you might want to check in with Paris Texas Clothing at Harrolds and see their fantastic range of boots that will work perfectly for spring and summer paired with spring and summer dresses. Keep scrolling to see must-have shoes/ boots trends that you are going to love in 2021.

Cowboy Boots

2021 is the perfect year to live out our Western fantasy with a pair of funky cowboy boots. We recommend going for an ankle-length pair as these are massively trendy. You can, however, also opt for black and white cowboy boots that reach your shin.

Cowboy boots never fade from fashion, as these are timeless classics that keep resurfacing. The best part about funky black and white cowboy boots is that you can pair them with a skirt, blue denim, or monochromatic attire. Whatever you go for, the boots will certainly capture everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

Ornate Heels

Shhh! You don’t have to say anything as your feet will do the talking for you. All you need is a pair of ornate heels, and you are all set for spring and summer. Trust us when we tell you that nothing can go wrong with awesome statement shoes, irrespective of whether you go for crystal, silver, or gold.

A plain-designed shoe with ornate heels is all that it takes to make a statement without uttering a word. You will find plenty of designs with details covering the back of the heel.

Kitten Heel Mules

Kitten heel miles enable all women to unleash their inner fashionistas. The accentuated toe and mini-heel of the kitten heel mules make a cute addition to any spring or summer outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a business suit or just casually hanging out with your friends wearing a loose summer dress; nothing can go wrong with this absolutely stunning footwear.

Chunky White Sneakers

A pair of chunky white sneakers take sporty trends to another new level. It doesn’t matter whether you chose to wear them for your comfort or because you are following the trend. This chunky footwear exhibits the perfect mixture of leisure and luxury.

The best part is that you can rock the chunky white sneakers with literally anything ranging from a long skirt to denim shorts and sweatpants. You can walk to a business meeting or shop grocery and run any other errand with a pair of white sneakers. All you need to do is get them on, and girl, you are ready to run the world!

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Here are 4 Reasons you want to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her

Have you been dreaming about proposing to your significant other but aren’t sure how to? Is the thought of buying an engagement ring popping up in your mind, and you are confused about whether it is essential or not? Here are four reasons you shouldn’t stop yourself from buying a diamond engagement ring when it is time to propose.

1)  Keeping up with Traditions

Engagements and rings go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly on toast. The tradition of getting a diamond ring for proposing to your fiancée has been around us for ages. According to anthropology, this tradition dates back to the Roman Age, where wives wore their rings to attach them to small keys to symbolize their husbands’ ownership. It wasn’t until 1477 that Austria’s Archduke introduced the first engagement ring of diamond for his fiancée. From that date onwards, a tradition was set for diamond engagement rings among the European elites. Our modern times are keeping up with the practice of presenting the brides-to-be with sparkling diamond rings. If you plan to propose to your significant other, we recommend checking unique engagement rings at Solitaire Jewellery.

2)  You want to show the world that you are financially Well-off.

By purchasing the engagement ring online, you can save loads of money. Did you know that going slightly below 1 carat could save you loads of cash? You can still buy a ring without breaking the bank. The trick is to choose a near-colorless diamond that will look as fancy and shiny as any other diamond. If you want to show off to the world and your significant other that you are financially savvy, going for a diamond engagement ring is perfect while you can stay within a budget. That won’t make you look like a loser when your fiancée tells her friends that she has gotten a diamond from you.

3)  Excellent Way to Show your Love

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to express your love to your significant other. And a diamond ring is an excellent way to do so. Yes, we know that kisses, flowers, and candlelight dinners are all nice. But nothing can beat that beautiful diamond glistering on her finger. Her eyes will shine bright with happiness, and love will exude from her soul by the sight of it. Nothing screams love louder than a diamond engagement ring. This pricey romantic gesture of love is likely to keep you bound for eternities.  And trust us when we tell you that women love showing off their sparkly rock to family, friends, and anyone who cares.  For some women, a diamond ring carries more sentimental worth than any other item in the world.

4)  Viewing the Diamond Ring as an Investment

You can also think of the diamond as a future investment. It can be an investment in your relationship. But, it can also be an investment like a car. Its value will never depreciate. In case you guys ever go bankrupt, you can sell it and pay off your debts. Everyone keeps hearing about the importance of engagement rings in a love relationship as they grow up. The standards have been set by society, and we follow suit.







Send Wedding Bouquet To Your Loved Ones And Express Your Feelings

Sending gifts to our dear ones has become very easy because there are hundreds of reputable flower delivery services available, and they also offer a full range of services. They can deliver flowers to your homes, office or wherever you want them to, anywhere in the city. Flowers are the best way to say that you care; flowers make your event and venue look more beautiful and offer much more. You can send a bouquet of a flower to your dear ones no matter you can reach them or not on their birthdays. Here online florist’s services can aid you in making this possible. They are also having a huge selection of beautiful flowers.

Online flower shops

There are many florists which you are going to find online. They also have an offline presence from where you can get customized bouquet for your loved ones. Choosing flowers and gifts online offers convenience and ease because you can book your choices online from your computers or smartphones. You have to place your orders, and they will reach the doorstep of your loved ones with your wishes. This is the best way to surprise them and put a beautiful smile on their faces. Online you are going to get many virtual flower shops to choose from.

Send gifts anytime

The best wedding bouquet florist is available 24×7, and you can order your gifts anytime you want. Timings of the floral gift are also important because they can deliver flowers in 24 hours. This service makes life very easy. Otherwise, you know that it is impossible to find a florist at night. What if you want to follow your romantic instincts and have an immense desire to send flowers to the woman you met at the club? Fresh blooming flowers are going to impress her.

Online florists are of great help

In any situation, you might need to send gifts or flowers to your loved ones. Thanks to their services because you can order flowers from anywhere. Whether you need to thank anyone, anniversary, birthday, weeding, or have another feeling you want to express or occasion calls for sending flowers. Just find a good florist online, and they are always ready to serve you anytime. You do not have to leave your location.

You can even send flowers online from abroad to your loved ones. Now sending wishes to your loved ones is not that hard.

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Start 2021 With Workout T-Shirts Womens For Your Gym

Athleisure is one of the longest-running trends in recent times. It has been proven that this fashion trend is not a phase. It has gained a cult following, and some people have started wearing athleisure as their regular clothing. You can see celebrities rocking this style and some of the biggest designer brands making it their showstopper outfit. The trend is here to stay, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So why not hop on the train why you still can.

What are the benefits of wearing workout clothing while exercising?

  • Stretchy fits and well-stitched clothes. These clothes are not tight-fitting, and even if they are, it is a stretchy fabric. That makes sure that you will be comfortable in it and not suffocate while in the gym. Your comfort is the top-most priority of any workout t shirts womens
  • They are made to stay cool. It is constructed in such a way that it has enough vents. You will not be sweaty and warm all the time in your workout clothes.
  • It is light-weight to make your body feel light and fresh while working out. It helps in maintaining your energy levels throughout the session.
  • Tough and durable. It is not as delicate as it is made considering that you will be practicing various kinds of sports in it. Hence they are long-lasting and tough inbuilt.

Easy workout  with best tshirt

You can wear this clothing for your workout sessions, at schools, to any decent location. Even party wear has adapted this fashion and integrated it in their designs. But first, let’s look at its original use. Athleisure was made to create ease while practicing sports or while exercising. That is why it is so comfortable yet stylish. It is created so that you can exercise comfortably and yet stay fashionable while you are at it. The fashion element is implemented in such a way that it does not hinder your physical movements. When you are wearing a workout t shirts womens, need to feel comfortable, and if it has any uncomfortable fits or stitching, the whole purpose of the outfit is missing. That is also why athleisure has become a part of regular wear. People realized that they are comfortable in this clothing and it is also fashionable and trendy. And people started accepting it outside the gym as well. It defines the development and evolution of working clothing to athleisure wear.

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Plazzo pants Kurti Online

Fashion is one thing which keeps on repeating itself. It never goes out of trend, it may be ignored for few years but it comes back with a full bang. The trend in 60s & 70s were women wore those baggy pants and now after such a long time the trend is back with new and refined name Palazzo Pants. Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable because of the wide legged and flowy pattern.  They are comfortable, Stylish and classy all in one single package.

Team it up with just about anything

You can team up your palazzo pants with a long kurta. Go for a plain kurta and a printed palazzo pant with some dangles in your ears and it gives you a very pretty Indian look.

You can even team up your Palazzo pants with a tee for a very stylish look. Long hours at college are strain for you but with this look you will be comfortable throughout the day

Team it up with a short kurti with a pair of of high heels platform sandals and a choker on your neck and you are ready to go and shine.

Add new dimensions to your wide legged palazzo pants pair it with a long top with a leather belt on your waist and you will be making all those fashion frenzy friends to stop and take a look.

Palazzo pants gives the best of traditional and western look. It goes just about with anything, you just have to pair it correctly according to the occasion. It gives you comfort and style together.


Kurtis are loved by all women and it is the most go-to outfit for everyone. Be it a formal event, casual event or a wedding kurti is an all time hit. This is the piece of clothing which has been there since the mughal era, so yes it looks very traditional and royal.

It is for every Occasion

If it is your college day you can go for a cotton printed kuti and pair it with a palazzo or a jeans and it will give you a very charming traditional look.

If it is a wedding you can go for a one with heavy embroidery and a beautiful necklace and you are ready to turn heads at the wedding.

Office days, yes it is for your office days also pair a solid kurti online with an ankle length pant and you will be comfortable and shinning throughout the day

Why hop from shop to shop when you can sit at home and go through varieties of design and fabric and  choose the best one for yourself for the given occasion. You get to know the detail description of the fabric and get to see the design and ideas for how to pair it up and all this while you are sitting and relaxing at home.