5 Summer Fashion Items You Need In Your Closet


There’s only 20 days left until the official start of summer! If you’ve haven’t already, you should begin planning and shopping for your summer wardrobe. The trends this summer are looking hotter than ever. Bold patterns such as stripes and animal print are expected to be popular and the swimsuits and heels are sexier than ever. Here are the five fashion items you need in your closet if you want to be the center of attention on the beach this summer!

1. Striped Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are always a summer fashion must. Women love maxi dresses because they give off a flirty and feminine vibe while keep them cool and comfortable. This summer stripes seem to be especially popular for maxi dresses. Choose a maxi dress with wide blue stripes for a nautical look. Or, try the more bold vertical striped look for a fun beach look. Either way you can never go wrong with the maxi dress — it’s a summer fashion classic.

2.  Monokini Swimsuit

Can’t decide whether you want to wear a one-piece or two-piece sexy swimsuit this summer? Then try the monkini — it’s the best of both worlds! The monokini is a one-piece bathing suit with fabric cut out to give off the same kind of look as a bikini. You can choose one with just a little bit of fabric cut off from the sides, or if you’re a bit more daring, go for one that is connected together by just  few strings. These are some of the sexiest swimsuits available this summer. You’ll be sure to be the center of attention wearing one of these!

3. Flirty Sun Hat

Sun hats are a must since they offer protection from the sun. However, they can also be a flirty and fun fashion statement. Opt for a flirty floppy style in bold colors. Try to a color and pattern that will match with your swimsuit. Or, you can choose a solid neutral color like black or tan that will match with all of your swimsuits.

4. Sexy Heels

Heels could easily be renamed the shoe of the summer. Sure, women still wear heels in the winter and year-round, but in the summer  heels really come to life with bold colors and patterns, straps, and open-toes. There are three basic styles of heels you should consider investing in this summer:

  • Animal print heels (cheetah print is especially sexy)
  • Neon colored heels (these look especially great on pleather heels)
  • Lace-up heels (these are incredibly sexy and look especially great with cut off shorts)

Take some time to play around with the various styles until you find the heels that work best for you.

5. Bright Beach Bag

You’ll need a beach bag to carry all of your belongings to and from the beach. While a beach bag serves a practical purpose, it can still be used as a fashion accessory. Straw bags with just a hint of neon colors are especially popular. However, you may also want to consider choosing a pattern beach bag. Floral prints and stripes are always a good and fashionable choice.

Have you started shopping for your summer wardrobe yet? What are your summer fashion musts? Are their any summer trends that you are especially excited about this year?