7 Types of Boots Always Worth Buying

Boots Always Worth Buying

Just like your dress has a lot to say about your personality, in the same way, your footwear also play a huge role in revealing a lot about your looks. There are so many fashion experts who can tell about the person’s nature by looking at their footwear that either they are attention seeker or a go-getter. One should always look good from tip to toe as there are a lot of people who believe in making shoe contact first before eye contact as wearing stylish and elegant boots can add charm to your overall look and personality. Even there are so many celebrities who have shoe fetishism like Paris Hilton or Celine Dion, because of their amazing yet unique shoe sense they are quite famous and always in the limelight as one of the prominent stars. Several types of boots are there like high heeled boots, leather boots, or cowboy ankle boots available in different shades with beautiful designs. If you are a woman and want to gain the attention of people, then go for some classy stilettos as they tend to give a modern yet appealing look. These stilettos can go with your designer gowns as well as with your office attire but if you are someone who gives preference to comfort, then wedge heels are your best friends as they are not only stylish and cool but comfortable to wear all day long. So, if you are a shoe fetish and loves to buy classy and appealing boots for yourself, then this article is a must-read, as we are going to discuss all the latest, trendy and fashionable shoes that are worth to buy and will make you sexually appealing from head to toe and center of attention.

Types Of Boots That Are Worth The Money:

A wide range of classic boots for women and men are there according to the season and the latest trend from leather boots to chunky sneakers that give a whole new look. You can also pair your sneakers with some dress for a unique look to get the attention at your slim thin legs. While buying shoes, always go for reliable ones that are worth to invest money and suits your personality and clothes. Like classic school shoes of men for formal occasions for a wedding or christening ceremony and work-related events, similarly, ankle boots paired up with a mini-skirt or jeans for a chic look. Several types of boots are there to add in the collection, let’s have a look at them thoroughly.

  1. Leather Boots:

These types of boots are always a great idea to opt especially in winters as they are not just elegant but suitably stylish as well. Talking about the leather boots are not restricted to any specific gender, it is something that can be ideal for both men and women’s footwear. Pairing up your high heels or flat bottoms leather boots with some skinny jeans or mini skirt is one of the best options as they will give a smart appearance. While men can go for either brown or black leather boots as a must winter addition to their wardrobe with cuffed pants for an appreciative casual look. Well if you are fond of leather boots and want to get one for yourself then get them from a trustworthy store either online or in-person that are worth to buy and last longer for ages.

  1. Loafers To Look Natty:

Talking about the different types of footwear for men and women is almost the same with slightly varied designs and patterns like loafers that can be worn by men and women both. These loafers are always the talk of the town as they are one of the very few trendy shoes that have taken the world rapidly and are most favorite footwear for every type of occasion either going for a red carpet event or wedding, they can be paired up with men’s suits. Always choose the right outfit for the perfect pair of your shoes like channeling your inner street style with loafers with denim and casual midriff shirt. Several types of loafers can be added to your collection like tassel loafers or pump loafers.

  1. Over The Knee Boots:

These types of boots are also known as stretch boots or commonly long boots that look extra chic when women paired them with a short sensual dress as they give a very classy look from tip to toe. The trend of long boots has been famous for ages as the people in the early 1960s started wearing them as a symbol of fashion and style. Nowadays, colored long boots like suede and canvas are also very trendy and popular among women and they love to choose them for their belted sweater dress, maxi skirt or top and jeans.

  1. Stiletto Boots With Heels:

One of the most favorite kinds of boots for ladies in stiletto boots as they love to opt for high heels that are always in fashion. These classy shoes are all-time favorites when it comes to a modern look like stiletto boots with animal prints or multicolored that can go with a simple knee-length dress or denim with the top and overcoat. They are perfect for a glam look or casual look available in different shades like black, navy blue or brown. You can also pair your stiletto boots with cropped jeans with a colored sweater for a terrific winter look.

  1. Go For Some Weather Boots:

Ideally, these are the boots that are worthy to buy especially if you are living in such areas where the weather is very rough and snowfall occurs a lot. These types of boots are not only fashionable and stylish but are very helpful in winters with waterproof technology designed with wedges and block heels. These boots are also available in the market as snow or rain boots with modern and latest patterns to give you a smart look even in harsh weather or storm. These types of boots are of two categories one for the winters with the solid rubber lower shell called winter boots, specially designed to walk on the road or clean streets, while snow boots are made for the snow but they are not very much enduring and durable as they are made up of fashionable features like shearling linings, etc.

  1. Chukka Boots:

The name of these boots is quite strange as it is very unique and different, these boots were names on a very popular polo rider called chukker or chukka. None of the wardrobes of men is complete without a pair of chukka boots as they have their class and style, so go and invest in these boots for a versatile yet sharp look. These boots can be worn with casual office attire or as dress shoes, it is not about a man or woman both can bring their street look game by pairing these shoes with a simple tee-shirt with a jacket or women can also go with a scarf for extra charm. You can also rock your chukka boots with your casual office looks like pairing up with an elegant trousers along with a contrast blazer or sweater.

  1. Chelsea Boots:

Last but not least is Chelsea boots that are worthy to invest, they were first invented in England for men that were later on adopted by the women as well for fashion. These kinds of boots are always in trend and quite popular in both genders as they are easy, comfortable and chic too. Talking about the women, these boots can go along with a skirt or dress and you can also wear them on jeans or jackets. These boots for women are also available in various designs like covered with some stones and stacked heels and can also rock with a pair of colored leggings to highlight your legs with these trendy and contemporary boots. While men can wear these boots with a biker jacket with a skinny to channel their vintage vibes.


Everyone wants to look classy and stylish from head to toe, either men or women and this is the reason they opt for some fashionable and latest trend clothes for a glam look. But only clothes are not enough to give yourself a chic appearance, your overall attire is incomplete until and unless you pair your outfit with some cool, suitable and smart boots. Our shoes reflect a lot about our personality according to the study published in 2012, the journal of research in personality. So always be very picky and choosy when it comes to buying shoes for yourself and make sure to check their reliability and durability too along with comfort and design. Several types and designs of boots are available in the market but always invest on the boots that are worth to buy like weather and leather boots or over the knee and Chelsea boots for a classic yet trendy look.