The Different Types of Curling Irons You Need to Know for the Love of Locks


No one is a born diva, our styling choices, and the way we carry out ourselves make us one. And when we are unfolding the myth of being a diva, we can’t miss out on our hair styling. From dead straight hair to wavy edges, curly hair never goes out of fashion. No matter you go with loose curls, hardcore curls or fused locks, you can rock the look if you really know how to play the game. And that’s where things get difficult because knowing the art of having desired locks is not easy. At least, not as easy as holding a curler and getting the curls within the next hour. You need to know about the right curling iron to solve the curling equation.

Don’t worry if it is your first entry in the world of classy curly hair look. We can help you successfully wade through your first attempt without letting you fall in the sorry zone. From barrel sizes, widths, and clamps, here is what you need to know for choosing the right curling iron:

Clamp Iron for Bouncy Look:

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential and sought-out TV personalities. People would have different reasons to admire Oprah, but for curly hair’s admirers, her voluminous curls speak the volume. If you know how to pull the bouncy curls, you can stun any event. That’s why big, hardcore curls are one of the most desirable catch in the world of curly hair. A clamp curling iron is the go-to styling gadget for lovers of the bouncy hair locks because it is not only time-efficient but also easy to use. In fact, it cuts your time to half as compared to a traditional roller.

Wand for Loose Curls:

If you want to stay a bit low-key with your curly hairstyle, bouncy curls might not be your type. You might be looking for a wavy, loose hair look to induce curls while not looking so obvious. For this, you need a wand without a clamp. Basically, a clamp restricts the motion of the curl, so a clampless wand gives you more freedom to give size and shape to your curls. For more variety, you can go with a tapered wand type.

3 Barrel Iron for Glamorous Touch:

Usually, curling irons come up with one barrel, but for an extra edge and oomph, 3 barrel curling iron is always there to help you. It is the best aid when you need to get a special glamorous hairstyle, like messy braids and buns. The good thing about them is that they stay winning because they are not only faster than the regular iron but also work for all types of curls. From Bohemian, bouncy, and loose to tousled curls, you can get every style from this triple edge curling iron. You just need to adjust the width of the barrel depending on the required type of curls. Like, increase the width if you want loose curls and decrease it for tight locks.