Ways to remove body hair without pain

body hair without pain

Everyone wants to look beautiful, complete and flawless not just in events but in daily routine too. For this purpose, people follow skincare routines and healthy diets to control weight also. Sometimes getting after getting fairer complexion, smart figure people get another significant tension too. This tension is of hair that looks unpleasant on the skin and is unwanted because of being in excess. These hairs can grow because of genetics and irregular hormones too. Sometimes using the wrong product on any area can result in excess of hair when they are grown again. Therefore, products of any type should be used with extreme care. All parts of the body are sensitive and should never be compromised unless the quality of the product is concerned.

Hairs on the body are essential, but most of the time, an unwanted part. Most of the times, both males and females have been seen making efforts to remove unwanted body hair. Unwanted body hair grows underarms, under legs, on face, chest, back. Hence hairs all over the body are considered unwanted, especially in the fashion industry. Other then the fashion industry people from daily routine use different remedies to get relief from these hairs while making efforts to increase volume and length of hairs growing on head. To remove these hairs, different machines and home remedies are used. Mechanical instruments include epilators, shavers, teasers, dedicated threads to remove hair. Removing body hair is considered dreadful as most of the times, it is the process of pain. Other than pain, people get rashes, redness, pimples, and scars too. Many companies are specialized in their hair removal machines, including Braun, Phillips, Tanda, Tria, and silk & flash, etc.

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but the modern and widely recognized method is the laser hair removal treatment that can be done on any part of the body. The process works with a beam light that disables the growth of hair on the targeted area without affecting the surrounding area. The process is suitable for all skin types and all complexions. The instant after-effects of the laser treatment include redness and warmth of the area that is completely normal. These after-effects can be cured with the cool gel. The laser hair removal treatment is painless and speedy too. The precautions after getting the treatment include avoidance of the direct sun exposure, swimming, exfoliation, wax, and shaving of the area.

Below are certain hair removal ways that are painless.

  1. Shaving

Shavers now days are dedicated to removing body hairs from different parts of the body. For instance face shavers and shavers to remove hair from legs and arms, etc. are different. This is so because of the sensitivity of the body organs. Face skin as compared to the arms and legs are more sensitive due to which shaver type is different. The important point here to mention is that shaving hair results in hard and thickening of the hair when growing again. Thickening hair looks more unpleasant than the other natural hair.

  1. Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams dedicated to removing body hair are directly applied onto the skin for a maximum of 5 minutes written in the directions to use. After that, the cream is rinsed off with the water. This type of hair removal tip is painless. An important point to notice is that those creams should be tested first and then applied on to the desired area for r best results. Before buying these creams, skin type and expiry date should always be checked.

  1. Laser

Laser hair removal treatment is getting world-wide recognition because of its painless process. The laser treatment moreover, guarantees the best results for either longer or lifetime. Laser hair removal treatment is offered by many specialists and price; however, it varies according to its durability and results.

  1. Face-packs

Whenever skin care treatment is concerned, home remedies can never be ignored, that is painless and more reliable too. Amongst the famous and best home remedies mixing gram flour with salt in half amount of it and rubbing it into the face in a circular motion can give the desired results. The mixture first applied onto the skin and then when it gets half-dried, rubbing it against the direction of hair removes the hair. This can be twice or thrice a week. After doing this, motorization lotion should always be applied to the face. These face-packs work as hair removal masks too.

  1. Plucking

Plucking hair instantly and quickly is the best option if someone wants a painless hair removal process. Hairs are plucked with tweezers. Moreover, if hairs from eyebrows are needed to be plucked, then icing the area before starting the plucking process results in the numbing of skin for some time due to which removing hair is painless.

  1. Wax with numbing skin

Wax in modern times is the most effective and useful way of removing hair while getting neatness onto the skin. Wax not just results in instant hair removal, but skin gets rid of the unwanted hair for a longer period of time. Moreover waxing frequently results in the thinning of the hair too. The volume of the hair also is reduced if used regularly. Once the skin gets used to the wax, creams for hair removal should never be used.

Wax, however, is the painful process even if the skin is used to this process. It also results in rashes if not used properly. To get painless waxing, the numbing spray is the best option. This spray, as the name describes numbs the skin for a certain time in which a person can easily wax the targeted area for best results. An important point to mention is that lemon wax in this regard is best as it helps in lightening skin tone. After waxing applying baby oil on the skin should never be ignored. It helps in reducing redness after the waxing.


Getting off from the unwanted hair is the dream of many people because of the strange look they give. Unwanted hair can grow on the face and other parts of the body. Getting rid is the desire of many, but the priority is given to the reliable and painless processes. There are many ways introduced in the market to remove unwanted hairs, but sometimes the growth gets faster and results in rashes on the skin. Therefore methods that are reliable, guaranteed and authenticated should be used. Anything that is directly being applied on the skin should always be checked first even if it natural to avoid reactions that may last longer.