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How to Become an Eyelash Extension Technician?


If you are a cosmetologist or a makeup artist and have not yet offered your clients eyelash extension procedure, it is time to think about extending the range of your services.

This procedure is in demand now because it saves time and allows to look nice and put together any time of day.

Of course, in order to become a professional in this sphere, you need to get appropriate education and to buy quality lash extension supplies.

Read more about it in our material.

Is It Hard to Become a Lash Technician?

Becoming a professional lashmaker requires:

  • An accredited course that includes a certain number of hours of practice;
  • Getting a certificate of completion.

High-quality courses are needed to become a certified professional. Depending on the program selected, it can take up to a couple of months to get the certificate.

TOP 3 reasons why it is important to complete a course:

  1. You will become a professional;
  2. No risk of lawsuits for work without a license;
  3. Financial benefits: eyelashes are booming now.

Must-Have Eyelash Extension Supplies and Tools

  • Eyelash shampoo

Cleans eyelashes and skin before further treatment.

  • Tweezers

Usually, lashmakers have at least two tweezers. One to separate the eyelashes so they don’t get messy in the process. The other one’s for grabbing and gluing false eyelashes.

  • Primer

It is used for degreasing. It improves the bonding between natural eyelashes and extensions.

  • Eyelashes

The assortment of a good lash technician should include products of different length, thickness and curls.

  • Glue

If you’re a beginner, choose a glue with bonding speed 3-5 seconds.

  • Booster

Accelerates the fixation process.

  • Remover for reapplication procedure or removal

There are two types: gel or cream.

The list is not exhaustive: do not forget disposable sheets and caps, cotton pads, sterilizer, eyelash brushes, hand and surface disinfectants.

If you want to buy top lash extension supplies, visit Canadian LashStorePro website. Here you can find all the required products.

Their quality speaks for itself: it is with these lash extension supplies that the best lash technicians of Canada work!

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Best Dip Powder Kit Advice

If you want to have great dip powder nails, then it’s a very good idea to try out some dip powder kits that are for sale. There are all kinds of options available, some of which are better than others of course. All you have to do is to give them a try for yourself, and you likely find the right kit for you which delivers great looking dip powder nails.

Are Dip Powder Nails Better Than Gel Nails?

In many ways, they are. You don’t have to worry about using a UV lamp that might damage your nails beyond repair. Not only that, but you will also notice the fact that dip powder nails tend to last for a lot longer than gel nails, which is extremely important. Granted, it does take a bit of time for dip powder nails to be applied correctly, but it’s always worth the extra effort. All you have to do is to test this method of nail application, and see if you like the results.

Applying Dip Powder Nails

  • First, you need to prepare your nails. Buff the plates, remove dead skin and file properly. This will give you a good, clean starting point, and you can go from there.
  • Once that is done, it’s imperative to cleanse the nails and remove all the dirt.
  • Add the bonder, this is designed to offer stability and guarantees a good set of results.
  • Then, you want to add the base coat, and as it’s wet, you can dip the nail right into the powder at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Take out the nail from the powder, brush the extra powder away, and then apply a topcoat and activator to finalize the process. Remember that you have to do this for each one of your nails.

What Dip Powder Kits Should You Buy?

That depends on a variety of factors. We recommend dip powder nail kits offered from FutureNailStore, which is known for offering high quality dip powder nail kits that contain all the tools that you might need. They have built up a reputation for having the best dip powder nail kits for sale online.

These kits are great for beginners.

Then you have the Nicole Diary kit, which is also well regarded. Lastly, you can buy the Morovan Dip Powder nail kit. But, in my opinion, the kits from FutureNailStore are better than these.

We always recommend you to try out different dip powder kits to see which one works best for you and your nails. All of these dip powder nail kits allow you to create great looking dip powder nails at home. Plus, the cool thing is that you can be really creative with the designs that you create. At the end of the day, dip powder nails look amazing, and if you take the time to do them right, you will certainly be impressed with the results.

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How to Replace the Metal Zippers in Your Jeans

Just because your favorite pair of jeans has a broken zipper beyond repair doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to it for good. With about 30 minutes of your time and some intermediate skills in sewing, you can replace your jean’s metal zipper with a whole new one.

The secret here is to find replacement metal zippers that are roughly the same style, color, and size as the one you want to replace although you can always make some minor adjustments as needed. After that, it will just be a matter of removing the old zipper with care then sewing the new one by following the steps below:

Remove the Old Broken Zipper

Many jeans have topstitching that can be almost hard to duplicate. This is why it is often best not to remove the topstitching. You can use a seam ripper instead to remove the old broken zipper through taking out only the stitches that holding the zipper in its place. You can then cut the zipper tape at the joining seams.

Size the Replacement Zipper

Although it is recommended to buy a new zipper with almost the same fit to the one you already had, it is often difficult to find a clothing zipper that has exactly the same length. This means that you need to alter the new zipper to make it work. Line up the tops of the new zipper and the broken zipper, and mark the old zipper teeth’s end of the on the replacement zipper.

Bar Tack the Replacement Zipper

You can bar tack the replacement zipper at the mark you made. Make a bar tack with the sewing machine’s zigzag function. Widen the width and reduce the stitch length of the zigzag for clearing the zipper teeth. Make repeated stitches to form a very strong stopping point for the pull. Cut the zipper right under the bar tack.

Pin or Baste the First Side

Fold the zipper tape’s top to the rear of the zipper. Insert the tape to the opening between the fabric layers right on the location of the old zipper. Pin or baste it in place.

Use the Zipper Foot to Sew the First Side

Use the zipper foot of your sewing machine with the foot set for holding the tape in place so you can sew the first side of the zipper. Be sure to stitch as close to the zipper’s bottom as possible.

Pin or Baste the Second Side

Straighten the jean’s waistband. Place the zipper tape’s other side in position on the spot where the old zipper was removed. Fold zipper tape’s top to the front side of the zipper. Baste or pin the tape in place.

Hand-Sew the Other Side

Hand-sew the other side with a sharp sewing needle and hide the knot below folded part of the zipper tape. Bring the needle through and catch only one fabric layer so that the stitches will be invisible on the outer part of the garment.

Keep the Zipper in Place with Backstitch

Hold the zipper in its place using a backstitch. To create a backstitch, bring the needle into the fabric at the back of the previous stitch. Don’t forget to stitch through one fabric layer. Use even and tight stitches so that the zipper will be more durable.

Manually Bar Tack the End for a Strong Anchor

Create a strong hold by bar tacking the zipper’s end. This part of the zipper will endure lots of pulling, so it needs a strong anchor. After you are done with this, your zipper will already be in its place and ready for you to wear your jeans again.

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Plazzo pants Kurti Online

Fashion is one thing which keeps on repeating itself. It never goes out of trend, it may be ignored for few years but it comes back with a full bang. The trend in 60s & 70s were women wore those baggy pants and now after such a long time the trend is back with new and refined name Palazzo Pants. Palazzo pants are extremely comfortable because of the wide legged and flowy pattern. They are comfortable, Stylish and classy all in one single package.

Team it up with just about anything

You can team up your palazzo pants with a long kurta. Go for a plain kurta and a printed palazzo pant with some dangles in your ears and it gives you a very pretty Indian look.

You can even team up your Palazzo pants with a tee for a very stylish look. Long hours at college are strain for you but with this look you will be comfortable throughout the day

Team it up with a short kurti with a pair of of high heels platform sandals and a choker on your neck and you are ready to go and shine.

Add new dimensions to your wide legged palazzo pants pair it with a long top with a leather belt on your waist and you will be making all those fashion frenzy friends to stop and take a look.

Palazzo pants gives the best of traditional and western look. It goes just about with anything, you just have to pair it correctly according to the occasion. It gives you comfort and style together.


Kurtis are loved by all women and it is the most go-to outfit for everyone. Be it a formal event, casual event or a wedding kurti is an all time hit. This is the piece of clothing which has been there since the mughal era, so yes it looks very traditional and royal.

It is for every Occasion

If it is your college day you can go for a cotton printed kuti and pair it with a palazzo or a jeans and it will give you a very charming traditional look.

If it is a wedding you can go for a one with heavy embroidery and a beautiful necklace and you are ready to turn heads at the wedding.

Office days, yes it is for your office days also pair a solid kurti online with an ankle length pant and you will be comfortable and shinning throughout the day

Why hop from shop to shop when you can sit at home and go through varieties of design and fabric and choose the best one for yourself for the given occasion. You get to know the detail description of the fabric and get to see the design and ideas for how to pair it up and all this while you are sitting and relaxing at home.

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Now buy thermal wear for kids at cost-effective rates online!

Since winters are almost at our doors, the only way to be prepared is to have a decent collection of thermal wear to protect ourselves from the cold. If you have kids, you will understand how important it is to take care of the little things and ensure warmth during winters. Immunity of children is lower in comparison to adults, which is why they need more care and support. If you agree with that thought, then you will find this article the most helpful. How can you purchase quality clothing for children, and where can you buy it from amidst this epidemic? Let us find the solution to these questions.

Where can you purchase quality clothing for kids?

Well, children are a little sensitive, and winter clothes are a tad bit rough; as such, you need something that can cover the winter cold and not be too hard on their skin. In such cases, the best option is to use thermal wear for kids. These apparels are made with soft wool to ensure that it does not cause skin rash or itchiness. Since these items are supposed to be warm, they are produced with 5 to 6 layers of wool and clothing to ensure that their body stays warm, they are free of irritation and rash, and they do not get bothered by sweat. Is that not the best?

If you want to purchase these apparel, then you do not need to go out. Why should you go out and risk your health when you can buy the same product at lower rates from the online stores? You can visit your favorite store on the net and look for thermal wear. Since the winter season is about to begin, you might get lucky, as there is a chance that you may get some offer as an early bird. So, why wait? Purchase woollen clothes for babies today!

How should you measure the size online?

People often get confused while purchasing clothes online. Size is always a problem, and sometimes, you have to wait for days for the product to get returned with the right size. So how do you choose the right size for a child? Well, people often say that you should always purchase one or two sizes of larger clothing for a baby. It is because initially, they grow at a higher pace, so when you buy the exact size, it will only work for a month or two, and then you will have to purchase more clothes. So, buy a few inches of higher thermal wear for your child. This way, you will not have to waste extra money every month or two. If your child is an adolescent or a teen, then go through the size chart that these sites have to offer. If you are confused, then always go for a size larger and not the smaller.

Buying thermal wear for kids is not a piece of cake, but you have to give it your best shot. Considering that under such circumstances, no one will step out, try the online portals today!

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A Fashion Expert’s Guide to Boost Immune Level to Fight with Allergies

Spring is official approaching and it is time to think about the warm days. On the other hand, ladies allergic to pollens and other things should consider precautionary measures. Fortunately, ladies have the opportunity to buy special apparels, shoes, and accessories to avoid allergic reactions. All they require is a 6th street coupon code 2020 to shop affordable outfits. assists buyers in a way to deal with affordable packages announced by online fashion stores, designers and brands.

Plan Ahead:

Our immune system can recognize the danger of pollen allergy. It happens when the flowers release chemicals. Immunologists recommend planning ahead for the spring season. “Spring season brings sneezing and itchy eyes for most people. It is important to wear large sunglasses to avoid pollens entering in eyes,” he added.

Take Antihistamine:

Don’t ignore it until the allergies strike. People allergic to seasonal allergies should take immediate precautionary measures. Buy some antihistamine in order to stop the infection. It is important if seasonal changes seriously affect your daily routines. Buy nasal sprays in March or April. Are these things out of your budget range? Consider applying a verified 6th street coupon code to shop all essential supplies.

Make Home A Safe Zone:

Pollens are sticky. These enter in our home with our clothes. Keep windows down to maintain a pollen free environment. Take off all the clothes when you enter home and wear cotton shirts and pants. Those who feel serious effects should wash their face and hands immediately. Keep cleaning the face with a wet tissue paper. Do you have pets? Well, cats and dogs can also be carrier of pollens. Bathe your pets regularly so they will also stay neat and clean.

Find Suitable Therapies:

While drugstore products are effective but there are several natural remedies that offer relief. According to experts, Acupuncture and Herbal treatments are also effective against pollen allergies. However, ladies should start taking these therapies at least 6 weeks before the spring season. This helps to prevent severe infection in the peak days.

Focus on Your Fashion And Style:

Do you love highly porous clothes? Apparels with variable thread counts may harbor the pollens. It is recommended to buy some plain stuff shirts and pants. Cover your mouth with a silk muffler rather than using wool based clothes. Find the latest fashion and style favorable for allergic people. Check 6th street coupon code offering big discounts on these products.

Evaluate Your Meals:

Surprisingly, diet plans have an impact on allergies. Choose fresh and sprouted foods in spring season. Avoid consuming mucus producing foods such as ice creams, dairy and more. Is it going for long? No, this meal change is expected for a short duration. You can return to normal favorite foods once the allergic season is gone. Be careful as little care can keep you safe. It is time to enjoy the festive of spring season. Enjoy the beautiful flowers, fresh green trees and calming nature.

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How to Style Socks with the Outfit – A Guide for Teen Girls

One piece of clothing which is often overlooked is socks. But, socks are an integral element of your wardrobe just like your outfits. As a teenager, first impressions are crucial to everyday life, and you want to look your best at all times. So, when you are deliberating your jeans, T-shirt, jacket, and accessories, why would you want to leave your socks? Your socks don’t have to be matte or dull anymore. Yes, gone are the days where a sock that matches your jean is the only option. Today, there is a range of colourful crazy socks that looks trendy and fashionable, especially for teen girls!

Here are a few ideas to wear a pair of crazy socks that matches your outfit:-

Short skirts and colourful happy socks

You don’t have to be sceptical to wear crazy socks with your denim clothes as this where the trend kicks in. Those unique outfits’ trending in Twitter is not something created by professionals. It all starts when a girl like you wore something unusual. Yes, your outfit can be plain and can be styled with multifarious colourful socks. A short skirt will highlight the knee high sock that is completed with a cool pair of shoes.

Knee high socks

Both adult and kids knee high socksare trending. Your socks can be pulled off in a magical way for your casual outfits as well. Match your purple or blue or orange crazy socks with the same shade scarf for your ultimate look. In fact, you could choose your style and match it with whatever you think the most suitable for your dress. It doesn’t have to be the same colours throughout your outfit.

Coordinate with your friend

Coordinating your socks with your girl bestie can be fascinating, especially when you are going to girls’ day out or a birthday party. Keep a pair of the same set of socks for you and your friend. Wearing them with your simple clothes will highlight the power of your friendship goals.

Plain tee and knee high socks

Your colourful knee high socks with a plain tee and pants could be the most desirable look when you are partying with your friends. Try to wear the sock and the shirt of a similar colour theme.

Stand out

Wearing unmatched colours is trending. Be it tight pants or skirts; choose contrast colour socks to make all the eyes stick to your toes.

Sporty girl socks

You could match your outfit with the shade of your socks and shoes while playing outdoors and cycling.

Printed shirt and socks

Prints never go out of style! Flaunt your printed socks with your printed shirts and shorts. Wear a slipper or sandals to give a summer vibe.

Are you looking for crazy socks? Madmia’s sock collections are suitable for all the teen girls out there as it will distinguish your aesthetic style from the others and make you stand out of the crowd!

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What To Look Out While Purchasing Winter Jackets?

When the winter arrives around, everyone have to make some refreshment on your wardrobe with necessary winter wears and accessories. Of course, winter wears are available in a wide range but not all of them would possess enough sufficient warmth other than winter jackets. When the winter begins to provide cold, then it is the right time to stuff the wardrobe with unlimited collections of jackets since not everyone has the power to face the challenges in the winter months. In addition, even a strong man would fall ill since the cold is unpredictable and so having enough safe materials makes the winter so comfortable and enjoyable.

During the winter months, jackets are considered as the great additions to your wardrobe and also it has become one of the most essential wardrobe necessities. When compared to others, jackets will help you to defend the cold and enjoy the day with the utmost care. As in general, there are so many styles of online winter jackets so go with the one which offers a dashing look when you are heading out of the winter season. Some of the styles of winter jackets are leather, denim, quilted, parka and much more. Choose the one which meets your budget and style.

What are the Things to consider while purchasing winter jackets?

When you are ready to buy jacket for winter, then you need to keep many things in mind before choosing the one. Make use of the following tips and choose the one which offers sufficient warmth feeling while wearing it!

  • Choose right fabric!

When it comes to buying jackets, you have to consider the material at first. Since material is the one which decides the longevity of the jackets and so go with the one which has the ability to withstand even the temperature falls under zero. At the same time, fabrics are accessible in many types such as wool, cotton, polyester, nylon and much more. go with the one which offers enough warmth and comfy during the colder months. And also, try to pick a jacket which is soft and smooth and offers ease of movement to the wearers.

  • Check the quality:

And then, you have to pay attention on buying high quality jackets to beat the cold away. when you go with right and high quality material, then sure it will work for longer days and so check the quality of the fabric when you choosing the one. In addition, always try to pick the perfect fit jackets to make your more comfortable.

  • Be familiar with the price:

Of course, price of the winter jackets may vary due to its brand and quality and so go with the jackets which suit your budget. at the same time, when you go with the low quality jacket for winter and sure it will not able to offer enough warmth when you are heading during the winter period of time. So, always compare the price of the desired jackets with other online store and then choose the one.

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How Top Actors Dictate Fashion Trends

Fashion in itself has so many shades that it has always found to maintain ‘a hot topic’ of discussion everywhere. It is that part of the culture which catches the fancy of people belonging to all age groups. It is a world in itself that has very high competition with every category of designers vying to make a place at the top and make their respective designs the talk of the town.

Fashion is that entity that has ever-changing trends. There is never a stagnant trend followed by the common crowds. There is always a new designer designing new clothes that take the breath of the spectators away and then they decide to follow that trend until another trend takes its place.

The recent most trends

In the recent most years, the trend-setting has been hugely dominated by the trends followed by the actors and actresses. Let’s be honest here, actors and actresses always have a huge influence over the world. A very high percentage of the population is widely influenced by the actors and thus they tend to follow the trends that these actors have adopted. This is what helps in the set up of ‘a trend’. It is no secret that famous stars have a very huge role to play in the trend set in the fashion industry.

The few examples of the trendsetters and their clothing choice

While in the topic, we could set up the Brad Pitt leather jacket as an example. Brad Pitt without a doubt is one of the hottest male celebrities on TV and also one of the most well-appreciated actors. His fan-base is big which makes potential followers of the trend he adopts even bigger. Once Brad Pitt showed off his charm with his ever so sexy leather jacket, leather jackets became the soul of the fashion industry.

Even when Angeline Jolie sported her figure in her formal attire giving off the essence of a strong and well-received female celebrity in her women’s tuxedo, it was suddenly of the prime importance of half of the female population. This sexy feminine beauty had everything required to pull off the tuxedo which is part of the reason for the growing trend of women insisting on wearing tuxedos on formal parties.

When Katy Perry showed off her exquisite beauty with the log flowing green dress- the dress along with her beauty giving her the look of a Greek goddess, there was suddenly rise of women seen wearing the long flowing garment trying to pull off the exact same idol as their idol.

This Brad Pitt jacket, Angeline Jolie tuxedo, Katy Perry dress and other such apparels have had a very high sale in the fashion market right after they were introduced on TV. Other actors like Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds etc have had a very strong influence over the market in the fashion industry. Of course, it is not always the fashion industry that has been flourishing thanks to these stars; other trends are also at the rise due to these celebrities’ choices and their lifestyles.

The fashion industry and popular lingerie stores have gone through a number of changes in the past decades and it is destined to change even more in the next few years. In that, it is of absolute importance to mention the importance and the role of these celebrities since it is their choices that have the industry booming still. Now popular trends including wearing see through lingerie is very common in parties and special functions.

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The Right Lookout for Blazers for Women

It is customary to call a blazer a loose-fitting jacket with patch pockets, metal buttons and an emblem on the chest or sleeve. The jacket can be single-breasted or double-breasted. It gained popularity due to its free cut, which does not constrain movements. To be able to emphasize the merits of your figure, you should learn how to choose the right blazers for women.

Selection rules

The choice of a blazer begins with an assessment of the characteristics of your own physique. The farther your parameters are from ideal, the more attentive you should be to choosing a jacket. In particular, for women with lush hips, an elongated version is more suitable, but without voluminous pockets that visually increase the problem area.

For owners of aspen waist, a shortened model, emphasizing such an important dignity of the figure, is suitable. At the same time, slender ladies can wear options that tightly fit the figure.

Women who are proud of having a beautiful and lush bust are preferred to wear jackets that have a deep neckline, even with buttons fully buttoned. In the case when the chest is not very voluminous, it can be visually increased with the help of a large collar.

What should I look for when choosing a blazer? To enjoy your purchase, follow a few simple rules:

  • Check with the seller for the size range. The chosen jacket, to look good, should be fit.
  • The length of the jacket should reach the middle of the buttocks. So he looks better.
  • Pay attention to the inner seams. They should be stitched evenly and not have threads sticking out in different directions.
  • Remember that the shoulder pads visually increase the shape, adding more massiveness to it. For girls with an apple shape, this risk is completely useless.
  • For the convenience of wearing a jacket, try to fasten it on the middle button.
  • Lush ladies to soften their own forms should give preference to jackets with wide lapels.

Choosing a blazer kit

If the jacket was chosen correctly, then it goes well with almost any type of clothing. However, it is worth clarifying several points that help a woman look irresistible and at the same time constantly have a different look, surprising with its mystery.

A combination of a cardigan with tight black trousers is considered a classic of the genre. Pants can be made of leather or fabric. A white t-shirt or blouse with a simple cut fits easily into such a strict classical ensemble. The shoes matched by the color to match the trousers will look like a cherry on the cake.

Last Words

Blazers in combination with dresses or skirts look nice. The sets of a jacket and a skirt with a high waist look unusually feminine. And although it is now fashionable to wear colored models, do not forget that it is much more difficult to choose a kit for a bright little thing. And most importantly – remember the rule of three colors: try so that in the things and accessories worn with them there should be no more than three shades of colors.