5 Must-Read Beginner Workout Tips

Beginner Workout

The word ‘exercise’ is enough to frighten some people. Many people are searching for ways to escape from this phase of life. At the same time, some people are crazy about exercise and workouts. Well, they are labeled as fitness freaks. Usually, their excitement levels are touching the sky since they are crawling towards a healthy and fit life.

We are far past the time where ‘slim and skinny’ was considered to be fit. This is the 21st century, and ‘healthy’ is the new fit. Thus, you don’t have to be necessarily fat or bulky to hit the gym. It is an excellent option for all those underweight people who want to get going with a healthy lifestyle. What’s important is how much you look the part. This means you need to be dressed in proper gym attire like Men’s Tights, sports bra’s for women and comfortable shoes to have a productive workout session.

Many people back off since they don’t know the basics of workouts and prefer staying away from any sort of judgments. But life is a journey full of learning experiences. So, here are 5 must-read beginner workout tips that can help you get an idea.

  1. Don’t Go Extra with Gym Wear

Are you wondering what clothes to pull off at the gym? Just like every other place, you have to follow a proper workout attire. After all, you can casually walk in, flaunting your branded denim jeans. If you notice, you will often come across a whole bunch of rules of regulations poster outside or at gym doors. So, rather than ignoring it, make sure to have a look.

It is preferable to wear pertinent clothes even if you plan to kickoff a workout routine from home. Don’t you think jeans have poor comfort level? Thus, you have to pick up on clothes that are suitable and comfortable. Shirts and tights are the ideal gym wear, even for men. You can easily hunt for tights and pair them along with any shirt.

For the material, there is nothing better than polyester. It is super soft and sweat-resistant, closing doors for any bad odor. Women can also settle upon sports shorts and bra during the hot summer days. Besides, due to the increasing trend of fitness, many brands have come up with their range of gym wear. So, free feel to check them out to have an idea.

Similarly, investing in good footwear is key. The amazing pair of non-branded shoes may look breathtakingly beautiful, but you can’t judge its durability and comfort. Branded shoes do come with ritzy prices, but they are worth every penny. Brands like Nike, Adidas offer high quality, lightweight footwear, making you feel easy during the workout.

  1. Warm-Up & Take Breaks

Don’t even think about jumping on the weights right after stepping inside the gym. Your body temperature is not fit for the workout yet since its cold. People usually suffer from chronic pains since they don’t warm up their bodies before kicking off their workout routine.

Begin with a couple of jumping jacks since it helps in tuning up your whole body, stretching your muscles to eliminate any chances of pain and injuries. At the same time, it boosts the blood movement in your body, making the muscles flexible for exercise. So, the moment you witness heat building up in your body, you are ready to start.

Similarly, since you are new to this world of fitness, your body would take time to adapt it. Thus, it is imperative to give yourself breaks, rather than rushing over one equipment to another. For instance – after jogging on the treadmill for 20 minutes, have water, check your phone for important messages, and then move towards the elliptical. Also, post-workout stretching is super essential to keep yourself away from body pains.

  1. Stick to Healthy Diet

Are you wondering why you are not losing any pounds even after shedding so much sweat? Many people complain of not getting expected results even after months of workout. Do you think there is any point in running 40 minutes on a treadmill when you have to come back home to a plate of overloaded cheese pasta? Of course, not. It does nothing except for putting all your hard work in vain.

Thus, rather than munching on packets of Doritos in your free time, you need to exchange it with nuts and almonds. Similarly, you need to exchange all your junk food with something healthy that is full of nutrients.

Don’t forget to applaud yourself with weekly cheat meals to keep your motivation levels high. Losing weight is a combination of working hard and being selective with your diet. Once you get on with a healthy diet and routine workouts, results would automatically become evident.

  1. Learn the Basic Exercises First

If you are heading to the gym for a workout, then a lot of machines and equipment would catch your sight. Many people can’t wait to jump on these machines. After all, everyone likes trying out new stuff. Being a beginner, you can’t get hold of the high strength training workout machines. You have to stick to the treadmill, cycling, elliptical, etc. This is because learning the basics is primary.

Similarly, you need to get the hang of all basic workouts very well. This counts in the squats, lunges, pushups, planks, rows, etc. These are the most basic exercises which help you in progressing further with your workouts. So, make sure to become a master of all these exercises before moving towards strength training or other fancy equipment.

Also, don’t go extra with the basic ones. For instance, a set of twenty for each exercise while increasing it every week to forty, sixty, and so on. It would help your body adapt to the changes without causing muscle pains.

  1. Go Easy with Cardio & Weight Lifting

You might be in a hurry to shed some pounds, but you can’t spend three hours working out. You will end up on your bed the very next day due to immense body pain and sore muscles. It happens to all those over-excited fitness freaks who go extra with exercises. Since you just have begun working out, your body would take some time to get used to it. Thus, kickoff slowly and gradually.

Many people are enthusiastic about weight lifting as who doesn’t like flashing muscles and abs? Well, you can’t pull off ten kgs dumbbells on your first day of workout. Firstly, you won’t be able to lift it, and if you do, you will end up with sore muscles. Thus, you should take it slow, start with two kgs, and keep increasing the weight after every week. After a few weeks, you would see some oblique muscles.

Final Word

Some people are taking a step to work out because they want to follow a healthy lifestyle. While others are just being dragged into it as a compulsion to shed some pounds. Honestly, you can make workouts fun too with some music and friends but getting hold of the basics remains crucial. So, without any second thoughts, consider and implement the 5 must-read beginner workout tips.