Things You Need To Know About Swift Verruca Treatment

Swift Verruca Treatment

Technology has affected all aspects of life, especially medicine. People are enabled to get their desired enhancement, fix almost all skin-related issues, facial adjustments, and removal of certain features of their body.

Since we talking about the entire body, many people have been dealing with foot problems for years and many of them went undetermined. Foot treatments have recently gained quite a significant attention from the patients since newer technologies are introduced. With the advent of better equipment and more efficient methods, warts and foot infections can easily be healed. We call this innovation as the Swift verruca treatment which was introduced in the UK but has swiftly spread worldwide. It has become a generally accepted licensed treatment for warts and verruca.

It is not only effective but also quick and less painful. This technology is indeed very smooth in healing verruca and all sorts of warts. With it, you no longer need to be embarrassed or hide your feet and hands. You can easily get rid of these contagious bodies without a hitch. But whenever you get any treatment done, you have researched it in detail. Similarly, before getting yourself the Swift Verruca treatment, you should know all about it. Experts from well-known organizations, such as Wart removal Sydney, have shed light on the essential details regarding the surgical treatment and relevant information for the patients. So here are 5 things you should know about this amazing advancement.


Swift verruca treatment involves microwave energy which is delivered through a specialized probe. The microwaves are applied to the skin’s affected area. They begin the healing process by generating heat in the tissue that homes the wart. The heat is produced because the waves love water. When they are combined with the electric field, the H2O dipoles attempt to arrange themselves with the field but fail to do so and cause collisions. This leads to heat generation and is very effective. The probe can focus up to a depth of 5mm and can target effective tissues with precision. According to studies it has proven to be very successful in the removal of all sorts of skin lesions.


Depending on the size and type of warts, the treatment duration will be decided. Usually, warts respond to 2-3 treatments. However, each Swift will resolve skin lesions at its own pace. Moreover, it is advisable to have at least 4-week gaps between each treatment. The time for each process ranges up to five seconds with a burst of microwaves. And the best part is that it heals large and multiple areas can be treated together. Moreover, the process doesn’t hurt even as it only requires shaving off dead skin gently and then minute discomfort that lasts only for seconds. The sensation does vary from person to person but usually, it feels like a needle-prick. It is far less painful than other procedures.


Anyone who suffers from verruca and stubborn warts and benefit from this treatment. It is recommended for all skin issues but you should consult your Podiatrist first. There are some precautions and limitations which are mentioned below. But apart from them, anyone can benefit from this effective treatment. Just let your Podiatrist carry out some essential assessment before treatment and he/she will be able to advise you accordingly. Mostly prescreening is done to identify whether the patient can undergo this treatment or not. Examination of the medical history and current drug intake is done to ensure safety.


Like all treatments Swift verruca treatment also has some limitations and restrictions which are listed below. If you fall under any of these categories you should consult an authentic medical practitioner before taking any further step.

  • If the patient has metal plates, pin and replacement joints placed in their foot or ankle.
  • If the patient has a pacemaker planted within their body.
  • If the patient suffers from poor peripheral circulation or neuropathy.
  • If the patient’s healing capacity is limited or poor.
  • If the patient suffers from Immune suppression.
  • If the patient is breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • If the patient has a low pain threshold.
  • If the patient is a young child, i.e. under ten years.

The foremost thing to acknowledge the fact that there will be no immediate changes after the treatment. The appearance of the verruca will remain the same for a few days as no physical process is done. The chemical process requires a few days to show its effect. The procedure will work gradually to prompt an immune response so time will be needed for the treatment to get its pace. Thus at least 2 weeks gap required in between the treatments mentioned above. Within a few days, the regression will be established and the verruca will begin shrinking from the edges. The thickness will also reduce simultaneously which is known as ‘debulking’. The fingerprints of the effected tissues will start re-establishing themselves slowly and the verruca will eventually resolve within a month. You will require a follow-up visit to your Podiatrists so that he/she can evaluate your progress and monitor the changes. This visit will decide whether you require another sitting or not. Most patients require three Swift application but more may be needed if the lesions are large or multiple.


All in all, swift treatments are very effective, efficient and economical as well. So instead of ignoring these skin conditions, you should opt for them immediately. Usually, after the treatments verruca and warts are usually gone for good. Thus, schedule your consultant’s visit and pamper your skin for a beautiful life.